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The rain was pouring down on Sakura. It made her hair, face and clothing wet.

-Come in Sakura. This is your new home! – her step mother said when they stopped in front of the huge Haruno mansion on the outskirts of Tokyo.

1 week ago

Slap! Hiroshi's hand landed on his 16 year old daughters face. Sakura tried to protect her face with her hands. She knew that her father would stop soon and go for a drink. It was their usual evening ritual. But this nigh Hiroshi decided that his daughter was old enough for something more. He started to rip her clothing of her body. Hiroshi unbuckled his pants. Only then Sakura realized what awaits her. Hiroshi hit his daugther one more time and pulled her hair to get her closer. Sakura passed out after he took her innocence.

Sakura woke up in the cold little house which she used to love. She was laying in the corner, half naked and thinking about those bright and happy moments when her mother was still alive. When they sat in the garden and looked at the sunset over Konoha. When Sakura was 12 her mother suddenly got sick and died in the matter of days. Her father started drinking and few months after death of his wife, he decided to take out his anger on his daughter. It continued for 4 years until he decided that he could finally take something more from Sakura.

Sakura stood up despite the pain. Dressed up and left the house. It was raining which was very unusual for late August. She got wet fast. When Sakura reached telephone booth she took out her last money that was supposed to be used for her school lunch for the upcoming first semester. Sakura dialed the only number she knew by heart.

-Hello, you have dialed child abuse help center, how can we help you? – an old woman's soft voice asked.

-I have to get away from him... – Sakura slowly started and then told the old lady her whole story. After listening to the crying girl, old lady asked for Sakura's adress.

-Someone will come over in few days. Stay put. – The old lady said and ended the call.

-A few days. – Sakura said herself,

-I can bear that!

Next 3 days were hell for Sakura. Her father was in a bad mood and beat her up more than usually. After the first sexual intercourse he realized that his daughter is sexually very appealing. Sakura could stand his beating, but the constant raping was too much for her. The pain her body and soul were put trough was too much for her to bear. On the evening of the third day Sakura decided to end everyting. She knew that the Help center wouldn't come anymore and she would die out of despair.

Sakure went into her room and put her table in front of the door. Before that she got the large cooking knife from the kitchen. Sakure layed in her bed for some time, tears pouring down her cheeks. The blade was sharp, it cut a line vertically down her arm. The blood was warm and started to flow out quickly. Sakura closed her eyes and thought about her mother.

When Sakura opened her eyes sudden whiteness shocked her. She wasn't dead. She was in hospital.

-Hello, dear. How are we feeling? – a smiling nurse asked Sakura.

-Why am I in hospital? – Sakura knew exactly why was she in this place, but she needed to know what happened when she passed out from bloodloss.

-Darling, you didn't think that your daddy would let you die so easily, did you? – the nurse asked with the same smile.

-When can I leave? – Sakura knew what awaited her home, but she could always run away.

-First our therapist will talk to you about your problems, and why such a beautiful girl like you wanted to end her life. – The nurse said and left Sakura.

-Hello Sakura. I am Shizune-sama, and I will help you. Would you be so kind and tell something about yourself? – Shizune-sama, a professional therapist asked.

-I had to end the pain - Sakura said, closed her eyes and didn't answer any of the questions Shizune asked her.

-She has scars and blemishes that are quite old, some scars indicate years of abuse. Also she has been raped for several times, and quite roughly, cause her stomach and inner thighs are all blue. She has had broken ribs, but they have healed correctly, and her whole body is badly scratched. I say that the only thing she did herself was the suicide attempt. This is one of the worst child abuse cases I have ever seen. – Lady Tsunade, head doctor said to Shizune.

-Should we call the police? – Shizune asked.

-Yes, do that, we will get that monster behind rails, I'll call the head of child abuse cases. Maybe we can find Sakura, a new home. – Lady Tsunade said and went for the phone.

4 days later, Shizune went into Sakura's room.

-Sakura, the Haruno's are here. They consider adopting you. They are wealthy and live in Tokyo. Their own daughter passed away 5 years ago in a car accident. If you give them a chance, they will love you and you will be happy again. – Shizune told Sakura. The only two things Sakura heard clearly were adopt and happy.

The Haruno's were very nice people, Tamiko Haruno was a beautiful woman with reddish brown hair and deep brown eyes. Those brown eyes knew pain, as good as her husband Saburo's blue ones. At first they were unsecure, but after Sakura brushed her bubble gum pink hair away from her face and gave them an emerald green look filled with pain despair, thir hearts melted and they talked to Sakura about her interests, books, movies and a bit about school and her gradēs, which were by the way excellent.

3 days late Sakura sat in the big black car of Haruno's. Their driver started the car and they began the long way home. Home. Sakura did not know the eaning of this word anymore. It could be in a diferent language. After some time spent in silence Sakura fell asleep and her head lowered on the lap of Tamiko and made her the happiest person aive, once again after her daughter's tragedy.

Rain drops washed down the windows of the car and washed away the tragic past of Sakura who fell asleep soundly on her new mothers lap.