"Hi." Naomi sat in the chair by Emily's bedside, warily smiling at the other girl as her eyes slowly opened, her thumb gently brushing the back of her hand. She had been in and out of consciousness all night after first waking up, but the Doctors had only allowed the Fitches in to see her. It was the early hours of the morning and as Emily's eyes blinked and adjusted to the room around her it was the first chance Naomi had had to speak to her. She wasn't sure what, if anything, Emily would remember of her time outside her body. Few outer body experiences were ever remembered and with the head trauma and oxygen deprivation there was a good chance Emily's mind would try and protect her from the ordeal she had suffered by blocking it all out.

"Naomi?" Her name came out more like a question than an acknowledgement she was there. She pulled her hand away from the blonde's and stared blankly at her for a few moments, furrowing her brow as though she was trying to piece something together. "What are you doing here?"
"I…I…I wanted to make sure you were alright." Naomi felt her heart breaking as Emily looked at her like she was a stranger. She guessed that was what they were again. As far as Emily was concerned she was still playing the part of Effy's doting girlfriend while hiding her crush on the blonde sitting by her side. "You've had us all worried Fitch." A small smile crept on to Emily's face at the other girl's concern. How had she ever missed the way Emily smiled at her? It lit her whole face up, even with the bruising under her eyes and her pale skin, she seemed to glow as she realised the girl she was crushing on was finally paying attention to her.

"I should go. You need your rest…I'll come back tomorrow…if that's ok with you?" Emily nodded her head, her throat still sore from the tube that had been shoved down it to help her breath.
"I'd like that." Her voice was a hoarse whisper as she replied, her smile following Naomi to the door. The other girl paused with her hand on the doorknob. After a beat she turned back around to face her, biting her lip as she struggled to find the right words. Throwing caution to the wind she decided to go with the truth. She had come too close to losing Emily to just walk away.
"Ems, I need to tell you some things, and you'll probably think I'm crazy but it's all true. Katie and Effy, they'll back me up…but I guess it can wait till morning. I just…I need you to know something now, ok?"
"I love you."

She waited for the other girl's reaction. Emily just lay there, staring up at her with those big brown eyes of hers. Slowly the corners of her mouth lifted in to a genuine smile. "Thought you'd given up on me Campbell." Emily seemed to visibly relax; she looked more like the Emily Naomi had grown to know.
"You remember?" Naomi decided to tread lightly in case she'd picked things up wrong, but as Emily held out her hand for her she felt a flood of relief spread through her. "Why didn't you say?" She let out a heavy sigh as she took the offered hand in her own. Emily's skin was reassuringly warm and soft to the touch. The youngest twin was very much alive.

"I wanted to give you a chance." Emily replied like it should have been obvious. "If you thought I didn't remember then you wouldn't have any obligations…I guess I just wanted to know you still wanted me."
"Of course I want you!" Naomi protested. She carefully manoeuvred so she was lying beside the smaller girl on top of the hospital bed; it was a much easier task without the multitude of wires and pipes. She softly pressed her lips against Emily's, kissing them for the first time. "You're all I've ever wanted my whole life; even if I didn't always know it. I love you."

Emily seemed pleased by her response and cuddled in to her side, resting her cheek on Naomi's chest. "I love you too."

As Naomi lay on a tartan picnic blanket, with the glow of the warm sun shining down on her face, the scent of the woods and the soft body pressed against her side were all assaulting her senses. It was a moment she had shared with Emily a dozen times before, the only difference being that they were finally physically at Emily's lake. It was even better than she had imagined. "This is perfect." Emily mumbled beside her, echoing her thoughts. They had been planning the trip for a few weeks, but they'd had to wait until Emily was well enough. She'd only been out of hospital for a few days and Naomi had had to endure an hour long lecture from Jenna before she'd been allowed to take her out for the day. "Company could be better-"
"Oi!" Naomi gasped. She giggled as she tried to sit up and Emily rolled on top of her, silencing her with a kiss. Their lips lingered, the awkwardness of their first kiss long gone. When Emily finally pulled away she settled back beside her, keeping an arm wrapped around Naomi's waist and her head on her chest.

Naomi's eyes lingered on her bright yellow hairband, which was hiding the patch of hair that had been shaved when Emily's head wound had been stitched. The hair was slowly growing back, but it was a constant reminder of what had happened. Emily was lucky to be alive. The Doctors hadn't been able to explain her recovery, but after a few weeks of observation and physiotherapy she had been let out of the hospital with a clean bill of health. The only side effect of her experience was something the doctors would never be able to understand. "It's quiet here. It's nice." Emily smiled up at her absently. "Who would have known there were so many ghosts in Bristol?"
"You'll get used to it…just avoid hospitals for a while."
"I never plan on being in another hospital again in my life." Emily wasn't joking. She had become sick of the sight of the four walls of her hospital room.

"Good." Naomi smiled as she laced their hands together. "I don't want to lose you again Ems. I love you." Emily couldn't hide the smile that spread across her face as she leant over to kiss her girlfriend again.
"I know."

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