In the coming nights, they found that pajamas were no longer needed as their intimacy reached a new height. Their naked bodies climbed into bed together, their curious hands running over the hot skin, the cool sensation lighting their nerves on fire. His length rubbed against her clit, at half-mast after merely feeling her melt into him as he sucked on her neck, bringing a fading hickey back to life.

He massaged the soft globes of her butt as she relaxed further into him. Her arms wrapped around his torso, her body pressed tightly against his. He sat up against the headboard so she came up onto his lap, her legs following her arms lead by clutching him around the waist.
He pried her ass-cheeks open, his fingers brushing against her anus. He imagined how wonderfully tight she would clamp over his dick, the thought sending shivers down his spine. Before he could ask for entry into her rear, she kissed him hard and full on the lips, her hands pressing his head into her.

"Yes," she mumbled sensually against his closed lips.

That was all the permission he needed.

For her own comfort, he gently massaged the area, feeling the opening slowly loosen up and widen. After a couple minutes of this, he could fit two fingers into her, withdrawing a sharp gasp from her. She unraveled herself from his lap, letting him come around to lick the area around his fingers, both knuckle deep. Soon, she was wide enough for his dick. He thrust it in quickly, giving the newly-opened hole no time to close up. She squirmed in discomfort, a pained moan coming from her. He rubbed her back in assurance that he wouldn't do anything if it hurt her.

It clamped tight over his length, making him throb with heat. After a few moments to let them both get used to the new sensation, he began to slowly pump into her. It was such a tight fit for his thick dick that he had to consciously make an effort for his release to wait.
Kisara shuddered and groaned. "So good..."

Seto took this as a sign to say the pain was no longer so harsh, and began to speed up.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck," Seto groaned along with her, the single word becoming his mantra. It felt so good.

Kisara was sobbing on the floor, in a frenzied combination of pain and pleasure as she fingered her pussy, the double penetration making her hotter by the second. She told her husband to keep going. Neither of them could take this kind of pressure build-up, and their release soon came. The feeling of his seed in her ass was unlike anything she'd ever felt, but it was a welcome feeling that made her orgasm twice as hard.

They would be repeating that experience soon.