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Farid lay in bed- breathing, waiting, thinking… picturing things he probably shouldn't, but couldn't help it. It had been days since he and Meggies last, uh, encounter- 4 in fact, and the two had said little, if nothing about it. She had avoided his eyes, while he had avoided hers… along with Silvertongues, and Risas, and Eleanors, and anyone who might suspect that anything had gone on between them.

Farid had heard his companions back in Egypt talk; he knew the mechanics of it. This goes in there, while if you touch here, she'll do this, and…

But he hadn't thought that… I mean, he knew that it would have had to have been pleasant for all of them to talk about it so much , but he never imagined…


Meggie, Meggie, Meggie. That's all he could think about. She's all he could think about- all hair, and words, and skin, and… and-

Tension. Farid was so uncomfortable; constantly fidgeting, tossing back and forth each night, hands skimming over bed sheets, skin sweltering. Meggie was just across the hall, probably not thinking about him at all. She was probably just sitting in a chair reading or something, completely oblivious to him squirming in his bed from thoughts of her.

Farid needed… he needed…

He heard footsteps in the other room- pacing back and forth. She was awake. It was almost 2 am, but she was awake, and pacing furiously around the room.

That was it for Farid. He slipped soundlessly out of his room, cautiously checked for the light underneath her bedroom door, and then cracked it open, slowly- just a little. He wasn't going to make a fool out of himself any more than he has already done by bursting into the room with a serious boner, and jumping her right then and now.

But oh, it was so tempting.

It had suddenly gone quiet within- the pacing had stopped. And, for a moment, Farid swore he could've heard something along the lines of…

Then he saw it.

Farid could make out Meggie sitting on her bed, back against the head board, and hand between her legs, fingers curling in and out of the little juncture of her thighs, the only sound in the room her little desperate pants and gasps of breath. Her expression was twisted into one of pleasure, mouth half open, toes slightly curling.

Farid blinked once, twice, then three times. The image had not disappeared after a few moments, of sitting there outside her door, shell shocked, listening to her small whimpers, and feeling immensely jealous of her fingers.

Farid wondered if he had accidentaly fallen asleep, and this all was just some cruel dream, and he would wake up alone , and have to go back to avoiding all and any possible contact with Meggie.

But, then he heard it.

Meggie. A small, strangled groan escaped from her throat, and, sitting there, Farid could've sworn it sounded a little like:

"Ohhh, Farid…"

His name. Meggie had said his name. The girl he had been thinking about nonstop for days now had just groaned out his name. So, Farid, holding his breath, and seeking out whatever existing courage he had left, opened the door the rest of the way, and stepped inside. Meggie immediately sat up in bed, hands clutching at her night dress, and eyes going wide.

"Farid!" she gasped, face impossibly red. "Wha… what are you doing here?" Her voice steadily rising, and shaking slightly.

He walked over to her, sat down on the bed, never leaving eye contact. Neither one of them moved. Meggie couldn't breathe; her whole body flushed bright red from embarrassment, heart pounding, as comforting warmth settled between them, heads slowly starting to close the distance, bodies gradually moving closer.

Then, with their noses nearly touching, Farid nearly purred, " Meggie, I… uh, very much want to touch you right now, but…" he closed his eyes, gulped, grazed his nose against hers. He was shaking. She was shaking, hands moving to grasp onto his forearms.

He was the one who pushed her away the last time, and so Farid should be the one to rebuild the bridge between them by making the first move now. But Meggie was scared- scared that if she wasn't the one to make it, the move would never come, and she wanted this too badly to just keep waiting for the rest of her life.

So she kissed him- hard, and on the mouth.

Their last kiss had started out slower, but there was too much hesitance and uncertainty coming from him this time, and Meggie needed that gone. She needed the old Faird back- the flirty, teasing Farid who constantly touched her arms, and her face, and hardly ever stopped talking. But he was the nervous one now, and it made Meggie grow a little antsy. She needed him to touch her, and feel her, and kiss her all over, and she needed it now.

So Meggie grasped his arms tighter, and pulled him back onto the mattress, mouth never leaving his.

His hands came down on either side of her head, and he pulled back slowly, eyes locking with hers. His eyes looked glazed over, skin unnaturally warm, expression unsure. Farid breathed out unsteadily, "Meggie, I…" She kissed him again, gentler this time, but she was tired of talking.

"Shhh…" Meggie said, cooing slightly. She rolled them over, so she was on top. "Relax," she breathed, when Fenris tensed. Her expression softened, eyes pleading with him to just give in. Her legs were on either side of his thighs, and she rolled her hips against his.

Farids eyes rolled into the back of his head.

"Just relax," Meggie said again softly, comfortingly. "Just relax, Faird…" voice trailing off slightly as she leaned down and began to kiss his neck, sucking delicately, leaving little hickeys that would probably be visible later- darkening bruises scattered across olive toned skin.

He sighed, and Meggie could hear him start to pant slightly, hips rising up to meet hers. Meggie could feel his pulse rising through the skin of his neck.

"You're not relaxing," Meggie said, smirking slightly as she began to unbutton his shirt- kissing the skin of his chest as more and more of it was revealed.

Farid brushed her hands away, and peeled the rest of it off- swiftly, quickly, not even taking another breath before Meggies lips had resumed their steady trail downwards. She unbuttoned his jeans, and he groaned.

"How am I supposed to relax when you're…?"

Meggie unzipped his pants, and pulled him out of his jeans in one swift movement.

Farid lost all ability to think- with her fingers wrapped around him, pumping gently, and then nearly stopping, before building up speed again. Her touch was hot and cold at the same time- melting through his skin, and freezing him to the bone.

She squeezed, which caused him to grunt, and thrust up into her hand- breaths becoming strangled, and heart beat quickening, if not already stopped. Meggie groaned.

"So good…" he thought he heard her mumble. His fingers began to creep up the hem of her shirt, caressing the smooth skin of her stomach, and coming to a stop just below her breasts.

Meggie sighed and arched into his touch; his fingers unhooked the clasps of her bra, and eased both it and her shirt over her head. Meggie was so ready for this- for him.

His hands inched the rest of the way upwards, gliding onto her breasts, and fingers ghosting over one nipple. Meggie whimpered, and arched further into his hands, while thrusting down onto him once more.

Farid squeezed, and rolled her nipples between his fingers. Meggie began to grind down on him at a furious pace, hands clutching at his bare chest, while he plucked, and squeezed, and teased her creamy colored mounds. His hands traveled lower, leaving her chest to pull the night gown up and off of her, leaving Meggie in nothing but her floral patterned underwear (she didn't exactly have the time to plan out a sexy outfit for him).

He rolled them over- Farid on top, with Meggie below him, squirming deliciously, wetness seeping through the silky material of her underwear. Her warmth made his member throb against her. His hands then pried away her underwear, leaving her completely bare beneath him.

There was a little blonde patch of hair between her legs that he couldn't take his eyes off of. Farid wasn't exactly what some would call 'experienced' but he knew what was going on, knew what he was feeling. He wanted to kiss, and lick, and suck at her juices down there. But, most of all, he wanted to claim. To claim her, claim this. God, he wanted her so badly. He needed to be inside her, or his head felt like it would explode.

Farid leaned down, kissed her chest, and then hungrily took a nipple into his mouth and began to suck. Meggie cried out. He was milking her like a babe, and it felt absolutely fucking amazing. He sucked hard again, cheeks hallowing and eyes closing, lost in the euphoria of the moment.

Meggie wrapped her legs around his waist, his member throbbing at her dripping entrance.

"Farid, please," Meggie ground out; voice desperate and breathy. So he thrusted- once, hard, and all the way into her body.

He felt something inside his little Meggie break, and guilt crept up his spine at the sight of tears in her eyes. He began to pull away, but Meggie threw her arms around his neck and held him to her. "No, please don't, Farid. I'm fine, I promise…" she pleaded. "Please, just… just keep moving."

And so he did, after a moment. After he was sure that she was still okay, and breathing, and all in one piece. And oh, it felt incredible- so unbelievably good. To move inside her, to see her face scrunch up from pleasure, and to feel her walls experimentally clench around him at the intrusion, and her arms tighten around his neck. It was like a sensory overload- her heat, and smell, and just the feel of everything- it was intense and wonderful all at the same time.

It was incredible- so wet, and smooth, and tight… so extremely tight, and warm. He began to thrust slowly- pulling out, and then pushing back in, deeper each time. After a while, Meggie began to loosen back up, muscles unclenching, mouth opening slightly, and making delicious little whimpering noises. So, Farid began to quicken their pace.

He was grunting with each time, breaths coming out in short little gasps, as he thrust into her- harder and faster, while underneath him, Meggies noises increased, and her hips matched his pace. She began to chant his name softly, over and over, as his thrusts became desperate, the bed rocking beneath them.

Then, her walls tightened and clenched around him- she threw her head back, and he lost it- Meggie right behind him. His body became encased in that delicious warmth, muscles twitching, skin tingling, and pulse nearly stopping as his vision blurred, and he spilled himself inside her.

White light danced in front of his eyes for a few moments- blinding his vision, his whole body feeling nearly numb. He came to a few seconds later- the breath refilling his lungs, and feeling returning to his body. Farid found himself on top of Meggie, still inside of her, and chuckled.

"What?" Meggie asked, smiling slightly.

"You look beautiful," Farid chuckled. And she did- blonde hair spanned wildly on the pillow, limbs curled around his form, skin flushed, and mouth swollen.

Meggie laughed breathlessly. "That… that was… amazing," she said. And she was right. They'd probably be smiling for days. Farid smirked and rolled off of her, only for her to curl up against his side.

"You expected any different? My dear Meggie, you should know better," he said.

Meggie snuggled her face onto his chest. "Finally," she mumbled. "It's about goddamn time you changed back to normal."

He caressed her cheek with the back of his hand. "Only temporary, my Meggie. I apologize," Farid said, voice soft, expression thoughtful. Meggie grumbled something unintelligible in response.

"Good night, my Meggie. Sleep well. I am not the sort of man that makes the same mistake twice, and I can promise you that neither of us will be leaving this bed anytime soon." Or well, at least until morning. They had to explain all the noise somehow- either that, or learn how to be more quiet. But Farid immensely enjoyed the sound of her screaming his name.

Meggie just smiled.

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