Hello everyone! So I updated weeks ago, and the site didn't register the update. what the fuck? Anyways, This will be the chapter one, and the whole thing, 12000 words and all will be chapter two!

Um, I have a fun little side note, however, that involves all you wonderful reviewers!

If anyone has a suggestion for a fourth one shot, Please by all means message me. The guidelines are as such:

The title must have 'Sex' in it, following my original pattern.
It must be different from the other three, and not a simple continuation.
It doesn't have to be the same modern time scheme, it can be set in feudal Japan, or wherever. :)
It can involve anything you damn well have a fetish for. :) I aim to please.

Other than that, you pretty much have free reign of your creativity... so let loose!

Im totally serious about this too! Im extremely open about writing another one, per request, granted it follws the pattern and its original - so think away!\

and then message me!


I dont normally break rules like this [since i know AN's are technically forbidden as a chapter themselves] but i just wanted everyone to see my update! it really improved - no joke.

onto the steamyness!

Much Obliged,
Hana Hikaru