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Zach's POV:

Cody caught me between classes, as I replaced my books in my locker.

I watched her approach, snatching a couple of jelly babies from a bag in the hand of someone nearby. The person turned, frowning, but upon seeing who it was, let it slide.

"You're coming back to the estate with me after school," she informed, mouth full.

"I am? Oh right, I am."

She rolled her eyes at my apparent ignorance. "Thought you might wanna meet my family, but if you can't express the appropriate enthusiasm . . ."

Cody looked off to the side, eyebrows raised, feigning nonchalance. One of the much-feared gangsta-wannabes just happened to be passing. He stopped and they pulled off some kind of ultra-complicated handshake.

She turned to me, hands on non-existent hips.

"I'll go, sounds like fun." My tone was "brimming" with fervor.

"Now," she said. "Once more with feeling."

"I'll go."

We arrived at the estate lot around four.

Cody hopped out of my new porsche, and walked straight to a pint-sized, pig-tailed version of herself.

"COOODEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" The girl shrieked gleefully, lunging to hug Cody's legs tightly.

"Hey gorgeous." Grinning easily back at her, Cody hoisted the girl to her hip, and turned to me. "Zach, this is Fee. She's five and lives next door," she told me.

"Five and a quarter," Fee corrected, obviously wounded.

I smiled at their antics, and Fee smiled blindingly back.

"I thought we were meeting family," I said to Cody as we watched Fee run of to play with her friends.

"She is family," Cody insisted stubbornly. "And I never said we were meeting legitimate family, did I?"

"No, I suppose not."

Just as I spoke, an over-filled waterballoon struck Cody full on the head. We turned to see several small, retreating figures rush into an open apartment.

"I'll get you back, boys!" She yelled, as we mounted the stairwell.

Dripping wet, she showed me into her living room. "Wanna hug?" She suggested.

I politely declined. Cody, however, took a rather alternative approach to getting dry regardless, latching on to me. A few seconds later I was released, and found her penetrating gaze on mine.

She went on tip-toes and planted a chaste kiss on my lips.

Smirking, she padded off barefoot in search of a towel, leaving me a little bewildered.

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