Chapter One.

Rating: T

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto or Akatsuki. I do however own Vanille and Lexi

Couples: Deidara/OC and Itachi/OC

Title: Breaking the Rules

Summary: Two girls are preparing to go on a road trip but something always happens. It's another one of thos'girls get sucked into the Naruto world and are caputrd by Akatsuki.' things.

A/N: I just wanted to try one of these things. I might not even keep it going for long. I'll try if I get good reviews!


Vanille's POV~Third Person

"Are you sure this is a good idea?" Vanille asked Lexi for the third time in 20 minutes.

Lexi rolled her eyes and picked up her light blue bookbag and stuffing her ipod and charger in it. "Yes. Nothing wrong with going on a little trip."

Vanille scoffed, also putting her ipod and charger in her light purple bag along with her change of clothes and sketch pad. "More like running away."

Lexi smirked and picked up her list. It said:

Clothes: x

Ipod and charger: x

Cell phone and charger: x

Money: x

Laptop: x

Akatsuki jacket:

Zelda bracelet:

Other: x

"Have you seen my jacket?" the blonde said, Lexi, as she looked up at her best friend.

"Yeah it's on the dresser." the other replied. She had black hair with emo style bangs. The bansg were blue on the tips and the tips of her hair in the back was green and yellow with purple streaks all through her hair.

Lexi nodded and walked over to the dresser. Her hair was curly and beach blonde. It had a few blue streaks running through it. Said girl picked up the jacket. It was all black and had Pein, Konan, Tobi, Itachi, Deidara, Kisame, Sasori, Zetsu, Hidan and Kakuzu on it. Tiny red clouds were printed all over it except over the picture and it had a hood.

Lexi put it on, leaving the hood down, and walked back over to her list and put an 'x' by the Akatsuki jacket.

"You seen my bracelet?" she asked, frowning at the list.

Vanille chuckled, "You took it off before you took a shower. It's in the bathroom."

She nodded and walked out, emerging a few seconds later with a thick, light pink bracelet. It had Zelda from Twilight Princess and Midna in imp form as well as Link. There were standing all beside each other and all the way around was the triforce.

Vanille looked down at her own list. It said:

Clothes: x

Ipod and charge: x

Cellphone and charge: x

$: x

Laptop: x

Bracelets: x

Locket: x

The dark haired girl nodded and picked up her bag, swinging it to rest on her back. "Let's get going."

Lexi nodded and looked around, "I'm gonna miss this place."

"How long till you think our parents will notice?" Vanille asked casually, walking out her bedroom door and down the hallway to the living room.

The other girl was right behind her, "I'm not sure. A week or two?"

Vanille rolled her eyes, "They're not that dense."

"No but they doesn't care enough about me to care where I go."

Suddenly there was a bang, a scream, and smoke and then the girls were gone.

Oh shit.


Dear Jashin,

You took away my favorite sensei, Asuma.

You took away my favorite bad guys, the Akatsuki

You took away my favorite hero, Pervy-sage

You took away my favorite Uchiha, Itachi

You took away my favorite old lady, Chiyo

Just to let you know,

Sakura Haruno is my favorite character.