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This chapter is them being sent back.


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Vanille's POV

I held Konan's and Alexis's hand as we stood side by side in a circle on the ground. I closed my eyes, breathing deeply.

We were going home.

We were surrounded by blinding green and blue light. My vision went blurry and I then passed out.


When I woke up, I was laying on the floor of my living room... back in North Carolina.

I spit black fuzzies out of my mouth and slowly stood. The place looked foriegn now; and I didn't blame my mind for assuming I had never been here since I had been gone for almost a year.

I heard a goan and I looked over at the leather couch. Lexi slid off, rubbing her forehead. I glanced around the room and saw Konan examining a toaster on the counter that started the kitchen.

I nearly screamed bloody murder when my house phone rang. Konan jumped away, staring at the phone like it was a mutation that might eat her.

I walked over to it and picked it up. "Hello?" Rose jumped off of my shoulder and to the ground to explore the house. She was joined by Ninja.

"Vanny? Is that you?"

"Yes mom."

"You haven't spoken to me in a full year! Are you at home? How are you? Why heven't you called? Are you pegnant? Who is the father? Is it a boy or a girl? What di-"

"Mom." I cut her off. "Sorry, I couldn't reach you from Texas. Yes I am at home, this is the house phone... I am fine, thanks for asking. I haven't called because I couldn't get through to you. No I am not preggo, therefore there is no father and no gender to the 'baby'."

I heard her sigh in relief. "Is it okay if I drop of Elli? I'm going out of town for a month and I need you to watch her."

I glared at the phone, "Of course."

I've been gone for a year and she didn't even ask if I was alright. She only wanted me to watch Elli so she could go out and party. Lovely. So typical of her.

I hung up the phone and trudged into the kitchen and opened the fridge. "Well. We need to restock."