A/N: First Wingin It story. Watching Best Before Date, and got an idea for this. I don't own anything

Carl sat at the table, with his best friends Jane, Porter and Brittany. He could help but feel jealous as Jane had brought Porter instead of him, while he was struck with Brittany who was focused on getting her big singing break.

"Alright, let's get this party started." Denise's voice caught Carl's attention. His dark eyes studied her as she belted out a song, he heard Brittany talking but he was concentrated on the small AIT on stage. Carl had to admit he hadn't stopped thinking of Denise since their 'date' to free Porter.

A small blush crept up to his cheeks as he locked eyes with the brunette's clear blue eyes. But he had to ask himself who did he really like; Denise or Jane?

Carl ventured back from back stage, his finger running tracks in his now messy brown hair, he had came to the party to woo Jane but instead he kissed Brittany and could stop thinking of Denise. When did life get so complicated?

Making his waythrough the dancing crowd he looked for the red head Jane, the frown on his face becoming deeper as he didn't see Jane anywhere. He continued onwards; too busy looking over people's head, to notice the body he knocked over.

Carl propelled towards the ground in a flash; his brown eyes widened as he saw Denise on the ground under him. She flashed him one of the heart-warming smiles, as they both blushed colour of a fire truck.

"Sorry Denise." Carl nervously scraped the back of his neck as he pulled her up off the ground.

"Don't worry about it Carl. Ouch." Denise gasped as a pain shot up her lower leg.

"What is it?" A surprised and concerned Carl asked as she awkwardly balanced on her right leg.

"It's my ankle, must have twisted it in the fall." She said in a stained voice as she pulled herself from Carl's arms. How embarrassing, an angel who is easily injured in a fall.

"Well no wonder." He pointed at her black heels. She bit on her lower lip as she tried to walk toward one of the tables, seeing she was having trouble, Carl pulled her arm over her shoulder, having carrying her there.

"Good night?" She nervously asked as she saw him scan the dance floor. She felt like a third wheel, guessing Carl didn't want to be with her.

"Yeah, oh you were amazing early."

"I know." She flashed him another smile. Since their date, Denise hadn't stop thinking of Carl, she had thought he was cute but was she Denise Simmons developing feeling for the human boy.

When did life get so complicated?