disclaimer: I own nothing in this fan-fiction except the two OC (or more to come) greed, remember it is all for fun and nothing else. I take responsibility for putting these already existing series together and nothing else so pleas no one be mad at me. So lets see how these two work together. Sort of takes place after the series with a younger Eiji, and has the orange combo along with the other special combos eventually. I will also add my own two combos and corresponding greed… OOO+Vampire starts right now!

Eiji was in his bed, the sun in his face and birds chirping out side. In a few Eiji would get up but there was a problem with that plan. Well two problems his arms and his whole body effectively where pinned by Kurumu and Mizore sleeping in his arms. Apparently after fighting in the house and cleaning it all up. The two snuck into his room, and slept with him. So now Eiji is unable to move. "Eiji-kun time to wake up!" Moka said coming into his room. She then gasped as she saw Eiji, Kurumu and Mizore all sleeping in the same bed. "What is this!" she shouted.

"What?" Eiji said waking up, he tried to get up but like I said pinned. "Wait why can't I…" he started as he looked down to see why he was stuck. "AH!" he shouted shocked. "Moka-san its not what you think!" he said "I swear I don't even know how they got here," he then relished how that sounded. "No wait I mean I never remember them coming in here with me… wait that sounds bad too." he sighed.

"What's with all the racket?" Kurumu said.

"Yeah can't we just sleep?" Mizore said as the two girls then noticed the other was there.

"YOU WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?-!" they said simultaneously. "NO YOU! NO YOU! STOP THAT!" they went on, Moka still looking on angry.

"Why me?" Eiji sighed falling back.

After that invigorating wake up Eiji and the girls went down to breakfast. "So what was all the racket up there?" Chiyoko asked.

"Nothing…" Eiji said flustered.

"Yeah nothing." Moka agreed trying to help.

"Okay." she said in a sing song voice.

"Eiji-kun how did you sleep?" Yukari asked.

"Some what okay." he said with a fake smile.

"Well I hope your feeling better?" Date said eating at a table.

"Ah Eiji-kun can you tell me something what kind of a restaurant is this I found all sorts of costumes back there." Kurumu said.

"Well…" he started as he remembered all the different outfits he had to where ranging from a Samurai costume to a Bull costume.

"This is my restaurant the Cous-Coussier a top notch restaurant with that is specialized for international cuisine." Chiyoko said as she had several costumes in hand. "And to add a special flavor to it we dress up according to the theme we are using." she finished.

"So it's a cosplay restaurant?" The girls all asked.

"Pretty much." Eiji said.

"Cool can we help." Kurumu said.

"It sounds like fun." Moka agreed

"Yeah." Yukari cheered as Mizore only nodded in agreement.

"Well this should be fun." Date said as he got his stuff together. "Hino-kun make sure you take it easy." he warned. "Doctors orders!" he said as he left "See you guys around I have things to do."

"Okay bye Date-san." Eiji waved as he took a broom and started sweeping.

"Great now I have more help, but if only I had someone as strong as Hina-chan to help me." she said Then Moka noticed that the door to the kitchen was blocked by several large milk tanks.

"Oh my here I'll just move these." she said lifting them and moving them aside, Her actions of course didn't go unnoticed. Chiyoko was watching with a glint in her eyes.

"I've found a new pair of mussel to help me around here." she said as she hugged Moka.

"Eh?" she said confused.

"Yes now you will help with the things I cant." she said pushing her and the others into the kitchen.

"Looks like she found her new mussel." Eiji said as he kept sweeping.

Kira, and Zin where walking in a cemetery, much to the annoyance of the latter. "What the hell are we doing here I cant get any internet here this sucks." Zin complained.

"Shut up you mutt." Kira said as he turned into his Greeed form. "Now here we are." he said looking at a tomb stone.

"This is a famous murder he was said to just kill and kill." he laughed as he took out a cell medal. "This is how I make my yummy." he said as he tossed it into the tombstone like a slot machine, The ground then started to shake as a Yummy burst out of the ground with a lowed zombie like moan "Now rise my servant and act on the lost desire you where born from." he said as the yummy walked away.

"That's just creepy!" Zin said trying to get service for his I-pod touch.

"Hah we'll see soon enough." Kira laughed. "Lets test the powers of OOO against the desire to kill."

Back at the Cous-Coussier Eiji and the girls where getting ready to work the Theme was Spain. Eiji had dressed up in a bull costume, with the girls all dressed up in Spanish dresses, except Yukari and Hikari who where dressed up as Matador's.

"Isn't this fun?" Chiyoko said.

"Yup." Eiji said as he carried Yukari on his shoulders.

"Sure is." Kurumu said as she twirled in her dress.

"Well this seems like a lot of fun." Moka agreed, As Kurumu and Yukari where glaring at each other.

"Ole!" Hikari said hyped up.

"Now you guys will take orders while me and Mizore-chan cook back here." Chiyoko said as Mizore pooped her head out of the back of the kitchen with a chef's uniform on.

"Hai." she agreed. The group seemed to have a productive day the girls brought in all sorts of customers. Not that Chiyoko was complaining, as she cooked food and Mizore prepared food that did not involve getting near the flame or finished food, and helping with ingredients.

Around lunch time everyone was taking a break as they where mostly empty. "Well this feel like the good old days." Eiji said as he took the Bull head off.

"Really?" Moka asked.

"Sort of." he responded. "I have to fight Greeed, I'm working at my aunts restaurant and well I'm still me, only now I have incredible friends here with me." he said making Moka blush.

"Ah now no need to be so shy you can say you love me." Kurumu said as she hugged him from behind. She was then hit by a washbasin. "You little brat!" she hissed.

"Well sorry I saw a bug." she said with the red cape hiding her wand.

"Guys stop Chiyoko will see you." Moka said worried.

"Again thanks for the help Mizore-chan besides your fear of flames you where a great help." Chiyoko said as she came out with treats for everyone. "Eat up Shaved Ice for the summer breakers." she said as everyone sat down to eat."

"Arigato Chiyoko-Ba-chan" Eiji said sitting down at the rounded booth with the girls fighting for the spots next to him. The winners was ultimately Yukari who snuck in under the table, and Mizore who just snuck in. "This is good." Eiji said as he ate the shaved ice.

"Thank you Mizore-chan made it she is good at making cold treats." she said as the others all ate and had to admit it was really good. "But that's just granted seeing as she hates fire childhood trauma?" she asked. Eiji than gave her sign to go along with it.

"Yup…" she said as Eiji gave a sigh of relief.

"Eiji-kun you sure your up for working today?" Chiyoko asked as she checked his head for a fever.

"Yes I'm fine." he said putting up his hands to get her to stop.

"Okay, but if you girls see at any time that he looks sick tell me and I'll send him off to rest." she said as all the girls nodded in a agreement.

"Yes Chiyoko-san." they all said as they all scouted closer to Eiji.

"Come on I'm sure if Eiji-kun where feeling bad he would tell us." Hikari said as she ate her shaved ice.

"I'm just glad to see Eiji-kun has so many girl friends oh how he's grown from being a shy little boy who just played around a lot. I swear after your trip to Africa you changed a lot." she said as Eiji got a down look and Moka looked worried.

"Yeah I guess you could say that." he said. As Moka looked up at him with a worried face. "I'll go do the dishes." he said as he slipped out to the kitchen, Chiyoko then followed, as Moka gave off a sad sigh.

"What's wrong Moka-sama?" Yukari asked.

"Oh nothing just about what happened to Eiji in Africa… ah but I'm not suppose to know that so don't tell." she said flustered. As all the girls looked at her wanting to know.

"If your not suppose to know then how do you know?" Kurumu asked as Mizore was looking at her just as accusingly.

"Akira-sensei told me that time Gin-sempai tried to frame Eiji." she admitted. "But still I shouldn't even know I feel like I'm betraying Eiji-kun's trust just by knowing it with him telling me." she said "And lord knows I've betrayed him already once before by not believing him that time." she said sad. "Still I guess you deserve to know about it also." Moka said. As she whispered them the whole story.

Eiji was up in his room getting changed for his time out with the girls. "Ah man it still gets to me, but I need to cheer up for the girls." he said as he took his shirt off to put on a new one. He sniffed one but put it on the floor as it wasn't very clean "Oh well looks like I need to wash this one." he said tossing it to the side.

"No way!" Kurumu said after hearing the story from Moka. "That happened to Eiji-kun?" she asked. As the others where still shocked.

"So… Eiji-chan was stuck in a war zone and saw a lot of bad stuff and he can still laugh and smile." Hikari said amazed. "He sure is strong."

"Desu." Yukari said in agreement.

"I though I was alone but I don't think anybody can feel more alone than that." Mizore said a little sad that something like that can happen to some one like Eiji he was sweet and kind.

"I think we should try and make Eiji-kun feel better." Yukari said.

"But he has moved on from that already." Hikari said. "And I have to say I'm not to shocked his dad would do that." Hikari explained.

"what do you mean?" Moka asked.

"Eiji's dad was never a nice guy, he kept trying to make Eiji in to some high class snob but every attempt failed to Eiji-chan's kind heat." she explained. "Plus he was a lot meaner after Eiji took his moms name not his dads after the divorced."

"His parents are divorced?" the girls echoed.

"Yup his mom got tired of his dad, so she divorced, but Eiji's dad has some good layers so he got joint custody, until Eiji moved with his mom full time, but as for why he is here, his mom works over seas so she gave up guardian ship to her sister Chiyoko." she explained as the girls looked on in astonishment.

"Well at least its all good now." Kurumu said. "I'm going to check on Eiji-kun." she said leaving.

"Not without me." Mizore said.

"Me too." Yukari followed.

"hey wait." Moka said as she followed. The girls all walked up the stairs to his bed room door. "Eiji-kun are in there?" Moka asked.

"No answer." Yukari said.

"Then lets see maybe he fell asleep." Kurumu said as she tossed open the door to see Eiji standing there in his boxers, with head phones in his head as he was cleaning his room. The girls all had red blush decorate there face's as Eiji was oblivious.

Eiji then had a feeling he was being watched and turned around to see the girls at his door. "Uh?" he started as he noticed his boxers state. "Oh sorry!" he said as he covered his boxers with his hands he then closed the door the girls all standing there in disbelief. They just saw Eiji in his shorts.

"Today must be a good day." Kurumu said wishing she could see more.

"Same here." Mizore said.

"Wow." Yukari said still in shock.

"I…I…I…" Moka rambled on, "your pathetic you know that." her inner self said from her mind.

"We saw him half naked." Outer Moka said in her mind.

"I must admit his physic is quit admirable." Inner Moka countered.

"See even you where staring." Moka shot back to her other self.

Eiji then walked out dressed in black shorts, a white T-shirt and a black vest. "Sorry I was cleaning my room, and I was going to change but things sort of happened." he tried defending, but the girls still looked at him in amassment. "Look I'm sorry." he said trying to snap them back to normal.

"No where sorry right." Moka said as she elbowed Kurumu.

"Right we shouldn't have barged in like that." Kurumu said regaining her self. "Not like I would say that when these guys aren't here." she said to her self.

"Sorry Eiji-kun." Yukari said.

"Yes we are sorry." Mizore agreed as she and Yukari had their fingers crossed behind their backs.

"Well no harm done." Eiji said as he walked down the stairs with the girls. "Come on we cant spend all break working, bye aunt Chiyoko we'll be back after our break."

"Kay!" she said holding two lobsters.

Eiji and the girls where walking down the streets to the mall or where ever until they heard screaming. Eiji then ran of in the direction it came from with the girls following, They then came upon a yummy smashing cars and attacking people. It then knocked a man down and several more people. As it did its body seemed to shed as it turned into a new form. It was now pitch black, with fur around its chest and neck, its hands where smoothed with claws at the end, his head looked like a mix between a mans and a bats, with a scrunched up wrinkled nose, and large ears paired with blank white eyes. It then put its hands up and opened its palms to show a second set of eyes on the palm of his hands.

"Bat Yummy?" Eiji questioned as the yummy looked at them. The yummy then fired several blasts of sound at them. Eiji then ran for cover along with the girls. "No time to question it." he said as he attached his belt and took out the Medal holder. "Here lets try this one." he said as he slotted his choices. "Henshin!" he said as he canned the medals and out it to his heart.




OOO stood in his new form as he took out the whips and hit the Yummy in the face making him twitch from the electric shock, He then aimed his head forward as he fired a bolt of green lighting at him. "Yeah!" he said as he smacked the whips to the monster making more medals and electricity fly.

"Yatta!" Kurumu cheered along with the others as OOO was beating the yummy. Till OOO was hounded by several Hound yummy. "No fair!" she said as she slashed at one with he claws, making hit fall with medals and sparks flying. OOO then hit them in a spinning motion with his whips making them all fall back so he could zap them again with the thunder from his helmet. Mizore then helped as she slashed away at them also, along with Kurumu.

OOO was fairing well against the hound yummy's but he was then slashed from behind by the Bat yummy making him fall. As The yummy stalked closer it was hit by several Icicles that hit its chest courtesy of Mizore making it stagger back with medals falling. "Oh arigato Mizore-san." he said as he picked him self up. He then took his whips and wrapped up the yummy shocking him with its electric discharge, as he discharged more electric energy from his helmet, making the monster cry in pain from the shock. The green and blue electricity running up and down its person. "Finisher time!" he said as he took the scanner, but before he could do the deed. He was hit by a crescent shape of energy.

"OOO!" Zin said looking down from a light post.

"You!" OOO said as he got up. He was then slashed from behind by the bat yummy and hit again by Zin's attack.

"I'll be taking my medals back now!" he commanded as he jumped down and strode over to the weakened OOO. He was then hit by several icicles making him look over to Mizore. "Okay you die first." he said but he was then hit by thunder that made him twitch from the electric shock. He was then slashed by Kurumu and was whipped in the face by OOO whips.

"Come on this way dog boy." Kurumu said as Zin followed with OOO behind him his speed not so good with the Elephant themed legs he had.

"Wait Kurumu-san!" he said as he followed best he could. As Zin rounded the turn to catch her he was shocked to find himself face to face with a large slab of ice.

"Oh no…" he said as it tipped over and crushed him. OOO then came in and saw what happened.

"Oh good idea!" he said as he jumped over the ice and walked over to the girls. All the while they heard what sounded like "Ouch!" as OOO walked over it. "Nice plan hitting him with this giant block of ice." he commented "But how did you make it so fast?"

"We broke open this water fountain and froze all the water with Mizore-san freezing powers." Yukari explained "That stupid mutt didn't even see it coming."

"I can hear you, you know!" he said muffled under the ice.

"Wait the yummy!" OOO said remembering as the Bat yummy was flying away. He then went to a ride vendor and pulled out a Taka Can-Droid. "Taka-chan follow the yummy." he ordered as it did as it was told and flew off. But it was shot out of the sky by Kira.

"Sorry but not today." he said as he descended on the ice, as another "Ouch" was heard. He then broke open the ice and let Zin out.

"T-Took y-you l-long enough…." he said his voice shivering. "I didn't think we could f-feel cold." he said as he and Kira disappeared.

"Ah man they got away." Kurumu wined as OOO turned back to Eiji.

"We have to find the yummy." he said as he took out a Tako can droid and made a whole swarm come out of the ride vendor. "I need you to go find the Yummy." he said to it as it flew of with his brothers.

After that failure of a day they all returned to the Cous-Coussier. "welcome back everyone!" Chiyoko said still in her dress.

"Hi Chiyoko-san ." the girls all said.

"Hi Chiyoko-Ba-chan." Eiji said as he hugged her.

"So how was you day out on the town?" she asked.

"Ah okay I guess." Eiji said trying to hide being OOO.

"alright!" she said as she went off to do something. "Oh Hikari-san said she'd be back late she had a meeting of some kind?" she said not knowing exactly what happened.

Hikari was walked in to Kougami's office by Satonaka. It was a large room with a grand view of the city and the view looked spectacular at night with all the light of the city shinning, the office it self had a beautiful décor the furniture was all plush and expensive, it had the sweet smell of a bakery mainly because at the moment he was frosting a cake, and had a old record player blasting the Happy Birthday song. Kougami had a frosting horn and had a apron over his expensive Armani Suit. "Welcome Hikari Sakayama-san!" he said as he kept frosting away. "I hope your drive here was a nice one." he said as he tasted the frosting himself.

"Yes Eiji-chan has told me about you." she said taking a seat.

"Oh he has what does he say of me?" he asked as he hummed along to the Birthday song.

"That you're a bit eccentric." she said as he looked up. "But a good man deep down its just you seem to get a little carried away at times." she explained further.

He then chuckled a bit as he got some orange slices and decorated the cake with it, "Hino is a good boy, and he is not one to talk about a person behind there back, he is a kind person, and if I where his father I would be so proud of him, he has a great power in him, and he has and Infinite Desire." he chuckled as he put a few slices of lime on the white cake. "I called you here not to talk about Hino-kun but another matter." he said as he took a Icing horn with purple icing.

"Then why?" she asked.

"To strike a deal Trinity!" he said as he frosted the cake he made thin purple lines around the side and the slices of fruit. "You see since your arrival into Hino-kun's world. I have been watching you and I knew the day might come where the one chosen to defend the earth from OOO would come." he said. As he put the last touch of icing on the cake. "I know that the power you hold was meant to combat OOO, but yet you use it to help him. Now that I find most interesting. I know that you have powers OOO can use and I know OOO has powers you can use, but yet your belts are still the same in there abilities and so forth." he said as he took out a sign to put on the cake a large cookie shaped like a dove, and frosted white. "So I have thought it over and I have two ideas. One you relinquish your belt to me and I give its powers over to someone I find fit to be by his side or…" he paused,

"Or?" Hikari asked.

"Or I let you keep the belt with the condition you help me with something I wish to accomplish." he said as he took of his apron and cleaned up the table.

"What is this thing you want my help with?" she asked him not so sure she could trust him.

"Simple to help me make Hino-kun into the one and true perfect OOO, a living god." he said excited.

"What?" she asked shocked.

"Yes its what OOO was made for." he said as he walked around the table. "You see the first OOO tried to become a living god, but he failed as his desire was to selfish and petty. But Hino has a desire that is selfless and powerful not to mention unlimited, So he has what it takes to become the Ultimate OOO!" he said "And I want you to help by helping Hino-kun reach his full potential, you are the perfect partner to fight along side OOO in his war with the Greeed." he said as he turned around so his back faced her. "If you help me I will help you also by giving you full access to my recourses like Hino."

"Wait what about Birth?" she asked.

"Ah yes Birth has his role in helping OOO also but in a different manner, as his power is not as sufficient to fight off Greeed." he explained. "He has a easy time with Yummy, but the Greeed are normally a challenge. So I have a proposition help Hino reach his fullest and I will reward you with what ever your hearts desire is." he said with a big smile. "No secret devil deal needed as I can tell you desire is a simple but strong one none the less." he said as he took the cake, and waited for her answer.

"I'll help but only because its for Eiji-chan." she said as Kougami had a large grin on his face.

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" he shouted as he turned to face her with a cake that was white with light purple lines and slices of orange and lime on it. The cookie dove read 'Welcome Trinity' in black cursive. "Welcome to the Kougami Foundation!" he said, as he put the cake down in front of her. "Eat up tell me how it taste I worked extra hard to make it your liking." he said as he had another white cake on table. "Satonaka be sure to deliver this cake to Hino-kun and his friends along with the special present for him." he said as he packed the cake into a box and put a smaller white satin box on top.

"Hai." she said as she put down her magazine and took the two boxes to her car.

"So is this all you do, bake cakes?" Hikari asked.

"Why yes actually it is." he said as he had another cake roll in. "Now eat up my friend you have a big job ahead of you." he said as he got out his ingredients again. Hikari then took the Cookie dove and bit off its head. The whole time in the next room over a young man with strawberry blonde hair was watching TV, he was flipping a cell medal in his hand. As he ate a Ice Pop.

Eiji was sitting down to dinner with the girls, "Eiji-kun are you all right?" Moka asked.

"Yeah its just the yummy." he said as he ate his soup. "I t got away and I don't even know how it works or what its desire is." he said, the girls all looked at him confused.

"How it works? What do you mean?" Yukari asked.

"I mean the yummy is different for each greed." he said. "Some yummy just work on the desire of there host, while others, act like a parasite and trap the host in a desire fulfilling frenzy." he explained.

"Wow so these yummy act like a monkeys paw granting your wish but not in the way you want." Mizore surmised.

"Yup pretty much." he said as he sat back. The door then opened as Satonaka came in. "Satonaka-san?" Eiji questioned as the girls all looked at her.

"Hino-kun I have a present for from Kougami-san." she explained.

"Present." the girls said. As she put down the big box that Eiji opened to see a white cake. It had frosting decorated into the appearance of a panda.

"A cake?" the girls said as they looked at the panda.

"Ah well this is nice and all but why would he send just a cake?" Eiji asked

"There is also this something he just learned how to make." she said as she placed the smaller satin box. Eiji opened it to see a white Panda Medal.

"A Panda Medal?" he said. "Wait you said he made this?" he asked her she nodded in agreement. "So Kougami has learned to make Medals." he said, as Satonaka walked away.

"A new medal." Moka said looking at it. "It looks cute." she said as Eiji looked at it confused.

"What can a panda medal do exactly, I know there cute but, what great feet can it do?" he said. "I mean all the other medals have some neat power. So what does a Panda have?" he asked.

"Maybe claws." Kurumu said but wait he had the Tora claws.

"Strength." Mizore suggested. But he had the Gorilla medal and that was plenty strong.

"it's a mystery." Moka said, as Yukari was looking at her tarot cards. "What you doing Yukari?" she asked.

"I'm trying to see what the Panda medal is good for." she said as she put several card down on the table.

"Yeah right squirt like you could really find out what it does from that." Kurumu said in a sarcastic tone, she then had one of the cards hit her head, making blood squirt out.

"wow these things are sharp." Eiji said as he pulled it out and bandaged Kurumu's head.

"You little brat you could have killed me." she hissed as Eiji held her back.

"Well it says the medal is both strong but sharp." she said confused. "Maybe I didn't do it right." she said.

"Its alright Yukari-san." Eiji said as he flipped the medal into the air, he then caught it and said "I think when I have the time to train I'll use it." he put it in one of the blank spots of his medal holder. "Well I'm going to sleep." he said as he went up to his room. He then got in and closed the door behind him and this time he locked it something he never does but he didn't feel like a repeat of what had happened today. On both occasions. "Huh…" he sighed as he got in bed. He then looked over the panda medal. "Strong but sharp, " he said as he looked at it. It was just a panda what could it do a normal bear could slash with his powerful clawed hands. Or crush a person. But Panda's are adorable little fuss balls. "Well I hope it has some neat trick." he said as he laid the medal over the medal holder at his bed side.

The next morning Eiji came down stairs for breakfast and found the girls all eating the cake from yesterday. "Ohayo!" he said as he went to the kitchen for a drink.

"Ohayo Eiji-kun!" the girls said all at once.

"How did you sleep?" Moka asked as she ate a piece of cake.

"fine just stayed up late trying to figure out what this guy does." he said holding the Panda medal that shone in the light.

"Any luck." Mizore said her head popping up from the kitchen.

"So far none." he said hanging his head in shame. "I think the only way to find out is to test it." he said as he put it away.

"Why not?" Kurumu asked.

"Huh?" Eiji and the others all said.

"Think about it if you go and test it we'll find out what it does and we get in some training." she said pumping her fists for emphasis.

"That does sound like a good idea." Eiji said. "why not I know this lot where I use to practice my powers but since school I haven't had time to train so my body lost its resilience to the combo's." he said.

"See that's like three birds with on stone, You find out what the medal doe, get some training and get use to using combos." she explained.

"Alright lets do it." Eiji said likening the idea.

Eiji took the girls to the lot where he trained before. It was pretty bare and far from where anyone would see them so they could use there powers if need be, there was some old junk lying around that looked beat up. "this is it its perfect there's no one here to disturb us." he said as he took out his belt.

"Well it's a good a place." Yukari said

"Really out there." Mizore said as there where not place for her to hid out here.

"Well its good for why where here." Moka said as Eiji placed his medlas in.








OOO stood there as he then took out his new medal. "Alright here we go." he said as he flipped the medal into the air, he then grabbed in the air and slotted the medal and scanned it.





OOO stood as his arms where now white and his chest had a panda on it. "Huh?" he said as he saw his arms where still the same only white. "Nothing changed." he said as he unfolded the claws.

"that's it?" Kurumu said as OOO swung his arms around and felt the same. "what a rip off some present. That Kougami should stick to making cakes, and even still I'm better at it than him." she complained. As OOO just sat there holding his head.

"Ah that's is a pallet swap!" he said as he looked them over again. "well I guess it was just his first try at it." he said as he put hit head in his white hands. "Maybe his next one will be useful." he said as he got back up. "Well lets not just sit here moping." he said as he took out the medal holder. He then took out Shauta Combo and slotted it. "Alright here we go." he said as a Batta can-droid was watching him.

Back at Kougami's office him Date and Hikari where watching Eiji train.

"So a pallet swap boss?" Date asked as Goto and Satonaka came in.

"Well not exactly." he said as OOO was swinging his whips around hitting metal barrels knocking them over. "It has a little more to it then that." he said as OOO was hitting targets with his water shooting powers. "You see Hino was right as a first try I wanted to make sure it worked but I was afraid is I gave him one with a more complicated power it might blow up in his face." he said as OOO was testing his strength by lifting things with his tentacles. "So I went with a simple one, but its not that simple as it can also do a little more then the normal Tora medal." he said as OOO now use his Octo Banish on a target.

"If you say so." Date said as he ate some cake. "I still say something like a needle shooter would be cool, or a helmet that can breath fire!" he said roaring for emphasis "You know something he can use in a fight that will be new." he said.

"Yes I suppose fire breath or needle shooters would be useful but this is only my trail run." he said as he then opened a box showing several medals. "I still have this… Special Birthday Present! New Medals!" Kougami shouted. As Date saw all the new medals. He was going to touch one when Kougami closed it on his finger. He put his finger in his mouth to sooth the pain.

OOO was just finishing his training in Shauta Combo. He canceled his armor and only stumbled a little. "Well its progress." Kurumu said as he wasn't totally passed out.

"Yup he was in his combo longer then when he first used it on the mermaids." Yukari said as she wrote down his time.

"And the time with that annoying spider girl, what was here name, Huh must have forgotten by now." Kurumu said. "Guess using that red flying form built up his combo resistance by a little." she said.

"Maybe Eiji said it was a super combo." Moka said as he was taking a breather. "Eiji-kun are you alright!-?" she called out to him.

"Fine!" he said as he came up to them. "I think I'm getting use to Shauta combo" he said "But I still think I could use more practice." he said as he sat down.

"Hey maybe one day you can use that red super combo without getting tired." Kurumu suggested.

"Maybe?" he said as Mizore then gave him some shaved ice. "Oh thank you Mizore-san." he said as he ate it. "Um good!" he said eating it. A gorilla can droid then came up and started calling them to attention. "Yummy?" he said as the can-droid jumped up and won telling him yes. Eiji then ran with the ape giving him directions.

The bat yummy was attacking random people in the streets, and knocked them down and clawed at more. It let our a scream as it changed again it seemed to evolve. It now had a bulkier build and had wings on its back. Rather then making its hands wings like before.

"Interesting Kira it evolves the more it indulges in the desire its born from." Zin said as he played with his phone.

"Yes I know." he said sitting on the railing of the building they where on. "Come on OOO." he said as OOO TaToBa came into view

"Haaaa!" he said as he slashed the yummy with his Medajaribur. But it seemed to have little affect. He kept slashing but still little affect. "Its like its built up since last time." he said as he switched to his claws and slashed at him but still little damage as sparks still flashed but it seemed to shrug the attack off. The yummy then hit him in the chest with its claws making him fall back. It then fired several shots of sound at him making him fly through the air. OOO landed on the ground a few feet away.

"Eiji-kun!" Moka shouted as she came into view. The yummy was hit by several medal bullets from Goto and Satonaka to distract it. Birth then rammed his bike into the yummy making him fly to the ground.

"Hino get up." Date said.

"Right!" OOO said as he got up. "Lets try this." he said as he took out Gorilla




OOO stood with the Gori Bagon on his arms, He then hit the yummy with them making hi stumble back with each hit. Birth then shot more shots with his aids, making the yummy fall back.

"Not this time OOO." Kira said as he got between the two. OOO punched him regardless of his position making him stumble back. "Not bad." he said as the two kept trading blows with one another.

Birth fired at the yummy but he was attacked by Zin. "We got a score to settle Birth boy." he said as he tackled him to the ground, "So you want to die slow and painfully or quick and painlessly." he laughed as he pinned him down.

"How about I strip you medal by medal!" Birth said as he twisted the knob on his belt.

Drill Arm!

He then slammed his arm into his chest making medals fly and stick to his magnetic limb. "How's that?" he joked as he kicked him off.

"I'm goping to get you for that." he said but he was then hit by several white shots of enrgy from Trinity's Diva bow.

"Hikaru-san." OOO said as he had Kira and the bat yummy in head locks. He then pushed them back and back handed them with his large fist.

"Eiji-kun I got them take care of the yummy." she said as she got off the bike.

"Rally a little girl and a washed out combat medic that's who we have to fight?" Zin joked.

"I'm going to enjoy making you eat those words." Birth said as he wringed his hands. "Lets start earning!" he said as he charged forward.

Caterpillar legs

Birth rammed Zin with his increased speed making him fly into a building when Zin looked up to see Birth smash his foot to his chest the treads spinning full speed making medals fly from his body.

"Looks like its just you and me now I can kill OOO and take you medals" Kira said as he swung his cape over his shoulders.

"Well see." Trinity said as she circled with Kira. The two then charged at each other, Kira came in with a kick to her head but she ducked under the attack and she aimed a kick to his back that sent him stumbling forward. She then came in and punched him straight in the face while she fired her bow point blank making him fall back with medals flying from his face. As he cursed from the pain Trinity jumped into the air and delivered a tornado kick to his head that sent him tumbling across the floor. As he got up he was bombarded by more shots from Trinity's bow that made him bleed medals. "So what happen to beating me?" she asked as she put her leg up on a bench.

"RAGH!" he shouted as he tried to attack again but Trinity just leaned out of the way and kicked him in the chest, with a side kick that made him double over in pain she then spun around and slammed her foot into his face making him fall back. Zin was still being ripped apart by, birth as eventually he could take no more pain, and his body shot out a core medal. That rolled to Kurumu,

"And we got another one from the half wits." she said picking it up.

"Kira!" Zin cried as he held his chest in pain.

"Next time!" he said as he made a black wind cover there escape.

Mean while OOO was still fighting the Yummy who he was beating left and right with his fist. But the yummy ducked under several shots. The two then hit each other square in the chest sending each other tumbling back, "Wow this guy got stronger!" OOO said as he griped his chest. He then had an Idea and flash back 'its both strong and sharp.' he recalled Yukari said.

"That's it you not just claws but also some mussel." he said as he took out the Panda medal.

"Wait Hino it's a dud!" Birth said.

"He's right it wont change anything." Trinity said.

"No it will!" he said as he slotted it and scanned it,





"Lets end this!" OOO TakaPanBa said as he looked at the yummy (inset song Anything Goes). The yummy tried to hit him but he blocked it and slammed his hand into its face sending it back. He then hit it several times making it stumble back each time. OOO the unfolded the claws and slashed at the yummy leaving white claw marks in the air. He then stabbed them into his chest making him fall back again. "Owari!" he said as he scanned the belt.


OOO then jumped into the air and flipped over into a body slam the eyes of the panda glinted for a second before he slammed into the yummy. He then got up and unfolded his claws. "Hah!" he said as he hefted the yummy into the air and started to spin him around in the air. "SEE-YAH!" he said as he tossed him up into the air and caught the yummy by his armand leg and rested him behind his neck, he then performed a back breaker with energy pumping into his arms, and to finish it he tossed the yummy back and made it crash into the ground with a large explosion. OOO then walked away in a really cool nonchalant way as the explosion died down and medals fell around him. (end song)

"WOW!" everyone said.

"that's one tough panda!" Kurumu said as OOO walked up to them.

"Yukari was right Sharp but strong." he said unfolding his new claws. "Neat huh!" he said as he refolded them and lifted Yukari on his shoulders.

"See I was right you stupid cow." she said sticking her tongue at Kurumu.

"Why you little!" Kurumu said as she tried to reach for Yukari.

"Kurumu-san calm down." OOO said as he canceled his armor. The scene then closed on Eiji as he tried to calm down Kurumu.

Count the medals! How many medals does OOO have available?

Taka 1





















Next time on OOO+Vampire!

"Well what's your idea?" Kira asked Maki.

"Lets see if Hino can handle a new set of medals." Maki said holding five core medals.

"Huh a summer festival?" Eiji asked.

"Eiji-kun what happening." Yukari asked as Eiji's eyes flashed purple.

"Next time Summer Festival, Purple medals, and the Kyouryu Greeed!