This is my first fanfiction so please go easy. Okay so here goes nothing…

Ages - Max/Fang/Iggy- 14, Nudge-11, Gazzy-8, Angel-6

Max P.O.V

"Everyone up and at em" I yelled. I walked around affectionately kicking my flock awake. I heard a series of groans and whining but in a matter of minutes my flock was sitting in a circle rubbing sleep from their eyes.

I took a look around. There was Fang my right wing man. His obsidian eyes were alert as usual. He felt my gaze and looked up at me, giving me one of his killer half smiles that made my world spin faster.

Then there was Iggy, the jokster. He was half asleep and trying his hardest to make breakfast while muttering something about not getting a good night's sleep.

Nudge had her head in her hands. She looked she was about to doze off. Gazzy was sitting near Iggy looking mischievous. I should probably go deal with that.

Then there was Angel, my baby. She was sitting next to Fang. I'm pretty sure she was reading someones mind. Word to the wise, keep your private thoughts to yourself when you are around her.

Suddenly Angel stiffened up. "Erasers." She said, "In that direction" she pointed to a clearing in the forest. We were all fully awake and ready to fight in a moments. Lovely. (note sarcasm)

Two, four, seven, ten erasers came through the clearing. And guess who was leading the group. Ladies and gentlemen, put your hands together for my half brother Ari Batchelder. Jeb had quit a few months ago claiming to be "good" but Ari remained.

I immediately launched myself at Ari. I kicked him in the ribs. He stumbled back but immediately launched a punch at my stomach. I doubled over. Since when had he become so powerful?

"Flock! U and A! Now!" I managed to say. I heard wings whip out. Good I thought. Atleast the flock will be safe. I was pushed to the ground by Ari. He had a horrifying smile on his face. "Good bye Maxie" he sneered.

I was preparing myself for death when I saw a streak of black charge at Ari. Taken by surprise, Ari was thrown off of me. I turned my head to find Ari and Fang locked in combat.

Ari pulled out a gun and fired a dart. It hit Fang in the arm. Fang immediately fell unconscious. I yelled his name but nothing happened. I couldn't get up. I looked around and saw that Nudge was also unconscious.

Ari loaded Fang in a black bag while another eraser loaded Nudge into a similar black bag. They simply walked away with Fang and Nudge and there was nothing I could do about it. "I will get you back" I whispered.

Then everything went black.

How was it. I'll try to update soon.