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(A selection of drabbles that state what the Twins shouldn't do in their spare time aboard the ARK... Enjoy! Other Multichapter fics will be updated soon!)

Let's Not …

(1) Prank Skyfire-

He can be surprisingly dangerous and downright lethal to those who declare (and paint) him as a Taxi…

"Shouldn't we help them?" Jazz asked worriedly as he watched the large shuttle form of Skyfire rumble overhead as the giant mech's tormentors sped by the amused Officers, breaking the local speed limit screaming at the top of their vocalisers.

"I think Skyfire has it covered," Prowl replied blandly taking a sip of his morning energon which he just remembered was in his hand. He and the rest of the command staff having rushed from the ARK weapons drawn at the first screams. "Permission to point and laugh, Sir?" the SIC asked the amused Optimus standing with his arms folded across his chest plates watching the scene.

"Granted" the Matrix barer grinned behind his mask as Ratchet's optics were lit with a carnal glee, freely laughing at the two fleeing red and gold Lamborghini's under the shadow of the giant shuttle that bore down on them like a living Apocalypse.

Prowl promptly let a broad smile spread across his faceplate as he shut off his logic and battle computer, before he too dissolved into laughter as the agitated form of his friend fretted beside him. "Optimus!" Jazz chided wringing his servos as Skyfire buzzed the two Lamborghini's before swinging around for another run at them, the distinct cry of 'I'm too pretty to die!' heard from Sunstreaker in the distance. "Skyfire is going to kill them! They painted him up like a New York Taxi!"

"Skyfire is a peaceful mech by nature Jazz" Optimus reassured waving off his TIC as Red Alert snorted his own amusement by the giggling Inferno and Ironhide. "He won't do too much damage…"

The nearby abandoned outpost built by the human military went up in a mushroom cloud of fire and smoke.

"I'm retracting that statement" Optimus said with a flinch as an old, out mode helicopter rotor speared the ground next to him, the other parts of the abandoned aircraft that had been left on the base two miles away falling like lethal shooting stars around the gathered officers.

"I didn't know Skyfire packed that much fire power" Ironhide whistled impressed nodding his helm in approval as Wheeljack silently held up his laminated card scoring set with a perfect Cybertronian equivalent of a ten drawn across the front. "I agree 'Jack, definitely a ten"

"I'll get Bluestreak to call Elita and Ultra Magnus to send replacement front liners" Prowl said stoically dodging a flaming piece of helicopter armour taking out his spare data-pad and making a memo. "I'm sure as hell not explaining to them why we suddenly lost two of our most lethal warriors to their own stupidity"

"Autobots" Optimus rumbled pointing towards the horizon where Skyfire and his quarry were seen going in the direction of the Nemesis. "Roll out and save those Lamborghini's!"

===A mile from the Nemesis===

"Get back here you single cell brained …" Skyfire ranted down at the Twins fleeing from his shadow, both siblings thanking Primus the giant shuttle could only go so fast out of zero gravity.

"I hate you Sides," Sunstreaker groaned as they avoided another laser blast barely missing their hoods and throwing up grit, dust and sand over their windshields. "I demand a better death, than deactivation by enraged pacifist"

"I'm sorry!" the ruby twin whined swerving dangerously as they came across the coastal road, their luck seeming to run out as Starscream and his Trine rose to confront them from lounging on the cliff, null rays charged and glowing with energy.

"What are you doing here Autob…" Starscream never got to finish his exclamation as Skyfire dropped from the glare of the sun, a startling bright yellow chequered with white and black squares, diving down onto the two cars that were gunning their engines past the bewildered trine.

"Back off Starscream! These pit spawns are MINE!" the shuttle practically roared as the lambos sped by, whimpering over the comm. link for somebody, anybody, to save them from the usually kind and gentle mech.

The SIC of the Decepticon's watched Skyfire harass the two troublesome front liners before grinning to his stupefied trine mates as an Autobot squad rolled down the road after the faint forms of the shuttle and his targets in the distance "Skyfire's gone evil? I think I'm in love!"