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Let's Not…

(5) Put a Hologram on Omega Supreme…

The Human Military doesn't appreciate the scare…

"Sideswipe!" the roar echoed through the base, the source of the particularly loud scream that had made Bluestreak jump in the Rec-Room, tossing his energon all over Sunstreaker's lap and faceplate as the golden mech leaned in for a kiss, emanated from the one and only SIC's beloved office. "Get in here this instant!"

The red and ebony warrior, named Sideswipe cringed and sunk lower in his seat in the Rec-Room beside his brother, "Do you think he's mad?"

"Wouldn't you be if the human military were camping outside because of your prank?" Smokescreen snickered from his table where an irate Ratchet and a charred looking Wheeljack were bickering over whether the engineer come inventor would be able to hold the playing cards in his hands without them blowing up.

"Indeed." Ironhide grunted pointing at the door with a cannon, "Hell is in that direction. Have a good day."

"What?" the prankster wailed as an energon covered Sunstreaker shoved him off his chair and towards the door. "But Prowl wouldn't kill me! He likes me! I keep the base happy cheery!"

"No that's what Jazz is for. You're an added annoyance." Mirage said casually as he sipped a cube of energon beside a chattering Hound and Trailbreaker, both nature enthusiasts trying to decode the basic language of the native squirrel population.

"Sideswipe!" Prowl's enraged holler echoed once more, ringing and echoing along the orange corridors as well as down the public tannoy system, "Where are you, you useless piece of cannon fodder?"

"My point exactly." The Noble mech said smugly as the warrior Twin's faceplates paled as his sibling finally shoved him out into the corridor.

"Mech up and go see what he wants." Sunstreaker grunted as his twin clung to him like a limpet, finally managing to pry his brother off him after Bluestreak intervened with a crowbar. "Look, if it makes you feel any better, we'll have a nice funeral for you afterwards."

His helm hanging low and looking pathetically dejected, Sideswipe trotted off to his doom.

The corridor that held the Officer's offices was empty. Not a sound blossomed in the corridor as the frontline warrior crept towards the fabled 'Door of Hell' that resided innocently to the left of the Command Hub. Coincidently, Optimus' door was on the right and was nicknamed 'Door of Forgiveness' by the resident pranksters of the ARK, Optimus was a pushover when you hit him with a good impersonation of Bluestreak's puppy optics.

Meching up like his brother recommended, Sideswipe knocked on the 'Door of Hell' and plastered his trademark grin on his faceplate as the door ominously hissed open.

"Get in here and wipe that goofy smile off your face." The icy hiss came from within the almost pitch black office which was lit by a desk lamp that illuminated a data-pad, a discarded stylus and the clenched fists of one very pissed off Praxian SIC.

Entering hell, Sideswipe resigned himself to his fate.

==A week Later==

"Do I really need to say it?" Sunstreaker asked as he handed his brother another tool as he dug around in a scowling Omega Supreme's ankle innards searching for a little irritation that had started the whole fiasco. "And don't be sarcastic. I'm helping out of the goodness of my own spark you know." He said with a glower as his Twin cockily opened his mouth.

"Yeah, yeah, kick a mech while he's down." Sideswipe grumbled back, withdrawing half a sapling with a look of disgust from the ankle joint on his quest to find his hologram emitter. "So making a hologram of Godzilla and putting it on Omega wasn't the best idea I've ever had. To be fair, you should have seen the human's reactions, it was fragging funny."

Dutifully smacking his twin over the helm with the tool he was holding, Sunstreaker sighed, "But the human military nearly marched on the ARK had Prowl not convinced them that it was a hologram and our 'Godzilla' meant no harm."

"How was I supposed to know humans freak out if their Science fiction movies come to life?" the red and ebony twin pouted sulkily as he finally fished out his holo-transmitter. "How's that feel Omega?" he called up to the gargantuan Autobot as the Godzilla appearance that glowered down at them fizzled out back into the familiar shape of the mech's helm.

"Much better." The Space faring mech said with a scowl, "Sideswipe. Return to duties now per Officer Prowl's orders."

"Yep." Sideswipe sighed picking up what once was one of Sunstreaker's detail brushes and dipped it into the yellowish/orange paint bucket that his brother held up for him and picking up where he left off, repainting the entirety of the giant Autobot pede to helm…