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Oct. 4, 2011

Dear Diary,

I said yes!

It was perfect, and totally unexpected. I panicked when I saw that Edward had packed up my books. I think our conversation went something like this:

Me (calling to him from our home office): Did you pack all my books?

E: (yells) Yeah.

Me: (really panicking) All of them?


Me: Edward?

E: Hey, can you come here for a sec?

So, I drop what I'm doing (which was packing up his medical journals) and make my way to the living room.

He had lit a dozen candles, placing them in a heart-shaped circle, and in the middle of the circle was you.

"Edward," I whispered. "What is this?"

"Take a look," he said, so I moved forward and stepped over the candles. I dropped to my knees and picked up the book, just barely able to read the entry. You know, the one he made yesterday?

Of course, by now, I'm a big sobbing mess, and he comes to me with a ring on the tip of his finger. A DIAMOND RING. Just for me.

Needless to say, packing was forgotten the remainder of the night.

We just barely finished boxing the rest of our stuff this morning before the movers arrived a little bit ago. Good thing they weren't early! ;)

I can't wait to start our new life together!



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