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Trunks and Goten are walking down the hallway of Capsule Corp. on their way to Trunks's room. Trunks is regretting that he didn't just take the elevator. "Hey Goten you wanna see something cool?"


The boys went inside Trunks's room and Goten's mouth dropped. "It's…BEAUTIFUL!"

"That's right my friend a 100 inch flat screen TV made especially for me by no other than my mom."

"100 INCHES!"

"Not just that, walk this way please." Trunks led Goten by the TV and then pointed at a box. "This, my half brained friend, is what is called the awesomest game system ever! I call it… well…ummm… my mom said I can name it but I haven't found a name yet.

"Trunks! I know a name! How about the XGoten"

Trunks glared at Goten. "NO! If its gonna be named after someone it's gonna be me!"

"Ok Trunks. So when do we get to go to my house!"

Trunks jaw opened wide. "After all you just saw you still wanna leave?"

Goten nodded. "Yeah Videl is gonna be there. Gohan says they are not boyfriend and kirlfriend but I think they are besides-"

Trunks interrupted Goten. "Wait did you just say boyfriend and kirlfriend?"

Goten was confused. "Yes… is that bad?"

Trunks began to laugh. "It's not boyfriend and kirlfriend, its boyfriend and Girlfriend."

Goten was getting it. "OH! That makes a lot more sense now! But can we still go."

Trunks smirked. Which made him look way too much like his father. "How about we mess with Gohan and Videl?"

Goten was confused once again. "What? But I like Videl."

Trunks shook his head. "Goten, Goten, Goten, when I say mess with them I mean have a little fun. We can show Gohan's baby pictures, and make them feel really uncomfortable around each other. So no harm done!"

Goten still didn't get it but he played it off. "Oh yea! I get… it…?

"Goten." Trunks sighed. "Just leave all the lying to me."

"Trunks, remember my mom doesn't like me going places without an adult, so can your dad take us?"

"This is my dad we're talking about. We can ask him but when that doesn't work we can call Gohan and ask him to pick us up."

Goten and Trunks started to walk towards the Gravity Room (GR). "Trunks don't you mean if asking your dad doesn't work, not when asking your dad doesn't work."

Trunks kept walking. "I mean what I say."

They both walked inside the GR. Trunks didn't see his dad inside. Then he and Goten looked up at the screen and screamed. They saw Bulma and Vegeta making out on the screen. Trunks quickly turned away. "EWWWWWWW! MOM, DAD GET A ROOM!"

Bulma and Vegeta pulled away from each other. "Insolent child this is my room and the one you sleep in with that TV I can easily take away!"

Trunks got down on his knees. "NOO! I DIDN'T MEAN IT! I'M SORRY!"

Vegeta smiled. "That's more like it."

Bulma wiped her lips. "Vegeta you eat way too much barbeque."

Goten started to roll around on the floor. "NO! I'M GONNA HAVE NIGHT MARES!"

Bulma glared at Goten. "And What Is THAT Supposed To Mean!

Goten was suddenly scared. Trunks got in front of his best friend to protect him. "Mom we just came to ask dad if he can take us to Goten's house."

Vegeta smiled. "Oh that's easy No."

Goten got up. "Why not!"

"Cause that means I would have to see Kakkarot's first mistake's mate. Since she has no life so she spend all her days with the guy who is supposedly not her boyfriend."

Trunks stomped his foot. "Dad!"

Vegeta looked at Bulma. "Hey Bulma, where in our room do you think we should put Trunks's TV?"

Trunks grabbed Goten's hand and walked away. "FINE!"

~At Gohan's House~

"Gohan do you know the answer to number 15." Videl was really annoyed. "I can't believe there are 60 questions and its homework."

Gohan looked at Videl. "Uh…Videl? I already finished half an hour ago."

"AND YOU ARE JUST NOW TELLING ME! Now I feel like an idiot when we both started at the same time and you are done when I'm only on number 15."

Gohan began to get worried. "You're not an idiot you are very smart. I just studied really hard."

Videl closed her book. "Gohan we always study together. Whenever we need to study or we have homework for any subject we always do it together."


Gohan's face turned bright red. "MOM WE ARE DOING HOMEWORK AND NOTHING MORE!"

Videl started to blush. She took Gohan's homework. "Videl what are you doing?"

Videl began to write down his answers. "I am copying your homework."

Gohan opened her book. "Videl you will never get it if you keep doing that."

"Gohan I am sooo bored. We've been doing homework for an hour now; I just wanna take a break." Videl kept copying. "Ok I'm done! Hey Gohan you have a cell phone now right?"

Gohan took his homework back. "Yeah, how do you know?"

"Kevin told James, who told, Conner, who called Jenna, who told Caitlinn, who told Catherine, who texted Robin, who told Becca, who told Hannah, who paged Beth, who called Francis, who wrote to Nicky, who told Gary, who told Hunter, who texted Katie, who told Paige, who told Becky, who told Danny, who told Ed, who slept with Josie, and woops you never heard that, where was I oh ya who texted Erasa who told me." Videl hit Gohan. "Why didn't You tell me? It would've been a lot easier. I was like the last person to know when I see you every day!"

Gohan looked at Videl. "I'm sorry I guess."

Videl was waiting. "Let me see it."

"Ok." Gohan reached into his pocket.


"MOM! She wants to see my CELL PHONE!"

ChiChi was disappointed. "Oh. I guess you want me to leave now."

Gohan put his hand on his head. "Yeah that would be nice!"

ChiChi left defeated. Videl put her focus back to Gohan. "What kind of phone is it?"

Gohan pulled it out. "It's an EVO 3D."

Videl grabbed it. "Really? Wow I have the same phone."

Gohan watched Videl. "What are you doing?"

Videl gave it back to Gohan. "I put my number in it."


Gohan picked up his phone. "It's Capsule Corp."

*Phone Conversation*

Gohan put the phone to his ear. "Hello?"



"Yep! You need to come pick us up now Trunks and I wanna go to our house."

"Goten can't Vegeta take you I'm with Videl and-"


"Goten we're not kissing!We are doing home work."

*Paused Phone Conversation*

Videl was staring at Gohan. "Put it on speaker."

Gohan knew he was going to regret this decision. "Ok."

*Continued Phone Conversation*

Goten was confused. "Gohan I though you already finished this weeks homework?"


Videl raised her head to look at Gohan. "What did he say?"

Goten was surprised. "Uh oh… Videl can hear me? I wasn't supposed to tell her was I. GOHAN IT'S NOT MY FAULT!"

Videl was waiting for an explanation. "You jerk! Why did you do that!"

Gohan dropped the phone. "Videl it's not what you think!" Gohan began to whisper because he didn't want Goten to hear him. "Didn't you see me do my homework just now? You even said it yourself. We do home work and study together."

Videl calmed down. "I guess your right? But why did you tell Goten that you did?"

Gohan signaled Videl to whisper. "The other day he was mad at me because he said I don't play with him anymore because of school. So I told him I finished all my home work for the week so I can play with him and he won't feel guilty.

Videl was embarrassed that she got mad for nothing. "Oh I'm sorry."

Goten was frustrated that he can't hear anything. "HELLO! Gohan? Did you put me on mute? I wanna go home! Gohan can you and Videl pick us up. I'M TELLIN' MOMMY!"

Gohan picked the phone back up but kept it on speaker. "Goten are you still there?"


"Videl and I will be right there."

"Yay! Thanks Gohan! Love you bye!

*End Phone Conversation*

ChiChi came in the room. "Gohan who was that?"

Gohan got up. "It was Goten; Videl and I are going to go pick him up. If you want to come?" Gohan looked at Videl and their eyes met.

Videl got up. "Where ever you go I go."

They both smiled at each other. ChiChi was enduring the sweet moment. Goku came in and stood by ChiChi. "What did I miss?"

Gohan and Videl left. ChiChi turned to Goku. "Gohan ask Videl if she wanted to go pick up Goten with him she said anywhere he goes she goes. It was so ROMANTIC! Goku why weren't you like that with me?"

Goku had to be smart about his answer, but this is Goku we are talking about. "What I'm romantic!"

ChiChi rolled her eyes. "Really HOW!"

"Don't we have two kids? And with Goten it was hard, so well you know the rest."

ChiChi started to cook. "Fine you win."

~At Capsule Corp. ~

Trunks was on the couch in the Main building watching Degrassi: NOW or NEVER. Goten was beside him. "Trunks I don't get what's happening? Who's pregnant?"

Trunks was into the show. "Shhh…"

*The door bell rang*

Bulma walked by the boys to go answer the door. The boys were about 20 feet away from the door. "Oh mom can you get that."

Bulma rolled her eyes. "Whatever."She opened the door. "Hey you guys. Come in, make yourself at home, you know where everything is, blah, blah, blah. Goten! Trunks! Gohan and Videl are here!"

Goten ran up to them and jumped on Gohan. "Hi!"

Gohan had to step back. "Hey kiddo. You guys ready to go?"

Goten got off of Gohan. "Well I am, but that one is in La La Land."

Videl sat next to Trunks. "Oh my god I love this show!"

Gohan and Goten sat next to Videl. Goten looked at Videl. "I tried to watch it but I didn't get it."

Gohan eyes opened wide. "Is this Degrassi: NOW or NEVER! This is a great show!"

Goten was in shock. "I never seen you watch this show before."

Gohan was being sucked into a trance. "I watch it when you're asleep."

Goten was insulted. "That's not fair. Well I wanna go home."

Gohan stood up. "I guess we should get going."

Trunks got up. "Yah I already seen this one before." Trunks leaned toward Goten to whisper in his ear. "And plus the faster we leave the faster we get to mess with Gohan and Videl.

Videl was still sitting down. Gohan nudged her. "Videl, Videl, can you hear me. If you don't come now I will…umm…"

Trunks poked Goten. "He he watch this, Gohan how about you carry her all the way back to your house." Goten snickered.

Gohan didn't really think about it. "Ok Trunks, Videl if you don't come now I will carry you all the way back to my house."

Videl pushed Gohan away. "Shhh…"

Gohan walked back to Videl. "Fine, you've given me no choice." Gohan picked up Videl and put her over his shoulder. "GOHAN SON! PUT ME DOWN RIGHT NOW! Let me at least finish the show! DEGRASSI!"

Gohan was walking out the door. "Bye Bulma!"

Videl started to kick Gohan. "GOHAN PUT ME DOWN!"

Goten and Trunks were giggling. Videl glared at them. "Why are You Guys laughing I'm the one who gets a free ride!"

The two demi-Saiyans got jealous. "Gohan why can't you carry us!" Trunks and Goten kept speaking in unison, which was really scary. "It's not fair!"

Gohan laughed. "Nope, sorry guys only Videl."

Videl was still struggling to get out of Gohan's hold they were about 1 hour away from the house at the speed they are going. Videl can't even stand 1 minute, how is she gonna go to go through a whole hour. She had an idea. "Gohan put me down. I have to use the restroom and you holding me like this isn't helping."

Gohan suddenly believed her. "Oh right sorry."

Trunks interrupted. "Don't believe her she's faking!"

Videl was about to slap Trunks into the next century. "I now see Vegeta in you."

Trunks laughed. Goten was looking at Videl. "Videl does that hurt?"

Everybody was confused, especially Videl. "What do you mean?"

"Well, Gohan is squeezing your butt really hard it would hurt me."

Gohan all of the sudden dropped Videl. Trunks was laughing. "Goten you might not know it, but you are a genius! That was hilarious!

Videl flew back up. Gohan was freaking out. How can he be touching her like that the whole time and not notice? And how could he drop her like that? "Oh my god Videl I am sooo sorry! For dropping you and for…touching. I am sooo sorry! I don't know what I was thinking! Are you ok?"

Videl was blushing deeply. "I'm fine and it's ok."

Trunks and Goten were laughing. "Ah that was funny Goten; you need to do that more often."

Gohan stared at Goten. Goten's laughing started to fade. "GOTEN!"

"AHHHHH! I DIDN'T MEAN IT, all the way!"

They all made it to The Son's house in only 15 minutes. Goten was still running from Gohan. Trunks and Videl were watching. Trunks was starting to get worried if Gohan caught Goten will he actually hurt him. "Videl, do you think we should stop them."

Videl was actually enjoying it. "Nah. We can let ChiChi take care of it."


Goten stopped. "Gohan you said why DID I stop you, not why DIDN'T I stop you. YOU DIDN'T WANT ME TO STOP YOU!"

Gohan was in trouble now. "Goten that's not what I meant, it was on accident."

Goten ran up to Videl before Gohan could say anything else. "Gohan loves you he said it himself!"

Gohan put Goten in a headlock. "AHHHHH!"

Gohan held on tight. "Don't believe anything he said."

Goten felt Gohan squeeze tighter. "He's gonna kill me!"

Videl never seen this side of Gohan or Goten. Trunks poked Videl. "Don't worry this isn't the first time stuff like this happen. It is just stuff brothers do. And they won't really hurt each other either, I hope."

Goten was flreaking out. "GOHAN LET GO! Videl before I go I just want to say… look in Gohan's room on the third shelf in Gohan's closet!"


Trunks ran inside of the house. "Hi ChiChi!"

ChiChi didn't even turn around. "Hello Trunks."

Trunks ran into Gohan's room and looked at the third shelf in his closet and found something rather interesting. Trunks walked outside laughing. "Hahaha! Yep that's hilarious."

Videl was confused so she started to walk to Gohan's room. Gohan let go of Goten ran after her. "No Videl! It's nothing bad. Just really embarrassing."

Goten was relieved that he finally had air. "Let me just tell you what it is. It's just a picture of Gohan."

Videl kept walking toward the house. "Oh, Gohan that's it, everyone has one of those. What, is it of you naked?"

Trunks giggled and let out his evil side. "Yeah of him like ten."

Gohan was about to fall apart but he had too much pride. "Goten, Trunks you have 3 seconds left to live, do whatever you want for your last 3 seconds. 3…2…1…0."

Trunks and Goten ran inside. "Mommy! Gohan's gonna kill us!"

"Videl I am so sorry but excuse me for a second." Gohan ran after Goten. "GET BACK HERE!"

Videl was breathless. She didn't want to admit it but, part of her really wanted to see the picture. "Gohan…"

Gohan stopped. "Yes Videl."

Videl took a deep breath. "Do you like me?"

Gohan stood up straight. "Of course!"

"Then forget your brother and his friend. I don't care if you have a picture like that." Videl walked up to Gohan. "You're nice, funny, smart, and a dork; the cutest dork I have ever seen." Gohan was leaning towards Videl and Videl was rising up to Gohan. "I think your family is hilarious, I think your family's friends, even Vegeta, are nice and funny. I just want to say-"

Videl was interrupted by Gohan's lips. This was not a light kiss. This is how they do it back in France. Gohan's hand are on Videl's lower back and Videl's arms are wrapped around Gohan's neck. After thirty seconds they finally pulled away from each other.

Videl decided to finish her sentence. "I love you."

Gohan stared at Videl. "You have the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen." Videl laughed. "I'm not kidding. I swear of all the eyes I've seen yours are my personal favorite."

Videl laughed. "Whatever."

Gohan needed to ask Videl a question, but he doesn't know how to ask it. Oh well here goes nothing. "Videl?"

Videl looked up at Gohan. "Yes?"

Gohan took a really deep breath. "Will…you…ummm…my…no wait…ummm…wanna…wait hold on let me start over…?"

Videl laughed. "Here is a perfect example of the cute dork. Are you trying to ask me to be your girlfriend?"

Gohan smiled. "Yes please."

Videl hugged Gohan then whispered in his ear, "Yes."

Gohan shot up. "YES!"


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