Author's Note:
Yeah. No, we're not dead, just been busy.
Well, here you are, the one-shot I promised due to my late update of TWO WORDS: Gohan and Videl. I worked very hard on this story, rewriting it several times, and wanting to make it perfect. I still think it needs some revision. .
There's something about this one-shot that makse it one of my favorite stories that I've written. I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Thanks.

'Ever since I first laid eyes on her, I knew that she wasn't just some girl.

And…when I looked straight into those beautiful, yet angry, azure eyes, a feeling passed through me. One that was…hard to describe.

Like…the wind was knocked out of me.

But, in a good way. A very good way.

It was breathtaking.

'Were all city girls this beautiful?' I had wondered to myself, incredulously. But, I had seen plenty of city girls that first morning in Satan City, and none of them had quite caught my attention like her…the girl in the pigtails.

My first run-in with her followed my defeat of a few crooks while Super Saiyan, in which she angrily interrogated me on what had happened. Wanting to keep my identity a secret, I had merely told I must have missed what happened, and quickly left. I had dejectedly thought that I would never see the beautiful girl again.

How wrong I was.

After finally managing to calm myself down with my little run in with the crooks, and more importantly my run in with the mystery girl, I made my way over to Orange Star High School, the hell that my mother was sending me to. I made my way over to the classroom, and after the teacher introduced me to the class as pretty much the "genius new kid", I had looked around, trying to find somewhere that I could sit.

That was when I locked eyes with the girl in the pigtails.

And what beautiful blue eyes they were.

Her ditzy blonde friend, whom I later found out was named Erasa, called out to me, pointing to a seat next to her where I could sit. I had been grateful for the bit of friendliness in the room full of strangers, and although incredibly nervous, a part of me was excited about being able to sit near the girl who had captured my attention so completely.

Introductions were soon made, and I found out her name.


Apparently, Videl Satan, daughter of the "World Champ" who had saved the world from Cell 7 seven years ago. Turns out this girl was the daughter of the guy who took credit for my victory.


Let's just say, things got interesting after I met the girl who would later become the love of my life. Right off the bat, she was suspicious, accusing me of being the Gold Fighter. Realizing that if I wanted to keep my identity a secret and continue to fight crime, I decided to wear a costume and rid the streets of crime under the name of The Great Saiyaman.

And let's face it…the poses that went along with it were pretty awesome.

Although Videl still tells me they're pretty lame…heh.

Soon, however, Videl found out my secret. The once hostile girl now expected me to teach her how to fly.


But, I couldn't say no to her, seeing how whenever I was around her, I had that feeling I described earlier.

Whenever I was around her…it was breathtaking.

Watching her fight crime was breathtaking as it is, seeing how she was as graceful as a gazelle, yet so powerful and agile at the same time.

So, to me, watching her, and being near her as I taught her how to fly, was… amazing.

Okay, sure, she snapped at me from time to time, (or should I say most of the time), and was very stubborn as it is, not to mention all the little quips my mother made about grandchildren were pretty embarrassing, but, it was all worth it when she finally kicked off the ground, and was able to stay in the air. The first time was hard on her, and took quite its toll on the object of my affections, but once she was able to stay in the air for longer amounts of time without feeling drained, the look on her face…that look right there, the mixture of joy, and determination, along with amazement…that look made it all worth it.

The joy bubbling forth with her laughter, though…that made me sure that she was something special.

I remember telling her that short hair would make flying easier, and so the next day I saw her, she had chopped those beautiful pigtails off, and surprised the hell out of me. I definitely hadn't expected that.

Soon, Videl, whom I began to get closer to through school and flying lessons, turned into my best friend. Previously, she had blackmailed me into joining the World Martial Arts tournament as Saiyaman, and, believe it or not, that day was when my feelings for her were confirmed.

The day I saw Spopovich crush her.

The day I saw her cry out in pain, tears stinging her eyes, blood covering her face, sweat matting her hair…

That day was when I knew I loved her.

Because, if I didn't love her, I doubt I would ever be as enraged as I was at that moment.

Seeing her in so much pain infuriated me. As soon as I could, I ran to her aid, giving her a senzu bean, and while I was calm on the inside, anger pounded within me at Spopovich, the guy who had made my Videl feel pain.

Right after this, the whole Buu incident occurred, and it wasn't until after I had come back to the lookout, Buu having been defeated and everyone safe on Earth that we declared our love.

Seeing her again after so long, holding her in my arms after she pounded her fists against me, yelling at me for scaring her half to death filled me with a joy like no other.


It was breathtaking.

We finished high school together. Me being Valedictorian at our graduation, I remember her cheering for my speech the loudest, clapping the loudest, and I, not caring the slightest of the entire graduating student body's eyes on us, embraced her, and kissed her, murmuring my thanks of always being there for me. She had clung to me, her beautiful azure eyes staring up into mine, and that feeling passed through me.

She had taken my breath away, yet again.

During college, I could wait no longer, and proposed to her in our favorite spot in a forest nearby my mountain home. Her eyes sparkled and shined with happy tears, as she vigorously nodded her head yes, embracing me.

Would this woman ever fail to leave me awestruck?

I honestly doubted it.

Our wedding day…that day was one of the happiest days of my life. I remember standing at the front of the aisle, nervously shifting back and forth, wondering whether she would regret agreeing to marry the nerdy kid who had somehow caught her attention, but, when she took her first step down that aisle…

My worries were left, forgotten.

I sucked in a deep breath, and stared, awestruck, at her.

She was gorgeous, holding that bouquet of flowers, smiling shyly from under that white veil. The white dress looked perfect on her, made my Videl Satan look like a complete angel.

My angel.

My Videl.

She was beautiful.

She was awe-inspiring.

She was breathtaking.

And when we said 'I Do,'…well, I kind of lost it, my saiyan side kicking in as I kissed her with a passion that would surprise anyone.

I wouldn't have noticed.

And after we were married, when she told me she was pregnant with Pan…

The news shocked me.

I…Son Gohan…was going to be…a father?

The news hit me hard, yet…in a good way. A very good way.

And seeing that newborn baby open her eyes for the first time, looking straight up at me, giggling softly and reaching for my glasses, as Videl smiled at us, exhaustion taking over her…well…

I can't explain it any other way, but…

It was absolutely breathtaking.

There's no other way to explain this journey I've had with my Videl. She's continued to amaze me every single day we've been together, starting with the first time I laid eyes on her.

Videl Satan, my friend, my best friend, my partner, my wife…

She was absolutely breathtaking.

Our journey together has been, is, and will be absolutely breathtaking.

And so it will continue to be.'

Gohan smiled to himself, putting his favorite ink pen down as he removed his glasses and leaned back in his chair. He looked over his musings that he had felt compelled to write down and stood up, walking out of the room, smiling widely, in thought.

Oh, how he loved his Videl.