Chapter Three: Aftermath

Remus slowly walked up the front steps and back inside the house. After his talk with Harry, he had gone outside for a couple of hours in order to clear his head. Already, he was regretting what he had said to Harry. As he walked through the hall and up the stairs,
a feeling of cold dread gripped his heart.

Suddenly, Ron Weasley came out of his room. "Remus, have you seen Harry?", he asked.
"No, why?", Remus replied, confused. "Well, nobody's seen him for about an hour, and I just have this really bad feeling that something bad has happened to him," explained Ron. Remus's dread grew.
"Well, I haven't seen him, but I'll tell you if I find him", Remus said.
"Thanks", said Ron as he went downstairs.

Remus went into his room and closed the door. As he walked over to his bed, he stumbled over something lying on the floor. Now filled with dread, Remus looked down .
There, facedown on the floor, lay Harry. Remus's words from earlier ran through his mind. "I wish you would go kill yourself! I certainly won't miss you!"

"HARRY!", Remus screamed in panic. He immediately dropped to his knees beside the still boy and rolled him onto his back. Remus shook Harry's shoulder. "Harry, please answer me!",
he begged. "Come on, Cub, please wake up!" Laying his ear next to Harry's mouth to check for breath, Remus was horrified when none came. "No", stuttered Remus,
his voice shaking. He lifted Harry's hand and swore when he felt how cold the boy's skin was. Placing two shaking fingers to Harry's wrist, Remus desperately searched for a pulse. Nothing. Picking up Harry's wand, he cast Priori Incantatem on it and saw the green light of the Killing Curse.

Cradling Harry's lifeless body in his arms, Remus started sobbing as he stood up,
walked over to his bed and sat down. He noticed a piece of parchment on his pillow and picked it up. As he read, Remus sobbed even harder. "Well done, Moony!",he thought bitterly.
"You told him to kill himself and he did!" Hugging the dead boy tighter, Remus buried his face in Harry's hair as he wept.
Suddenly, Remus's sobs stopped. An eerie silence filled the room.
Then, Remus threw back his head and howled.
Everyone within hearing distance shivered.
They all knew what that howl meant.
It was the howl of a wolf who had lost his cub.