Short attention span

'CADET!' All of a sudden, Sentinel's enormous chin is in his face and he immediately stands at attention. 'Tell me what I just said!'

'Well, uh, sir, you, um, said…' Bumblebee struggles to remember something Sentinel just said. Better take a wild guess. 'You said to do whatever you told us to do!'

'…Very good! For a minute there I thought you weren't paying attention.'

'Oh, I wouldn't dream of it…'


Often when Blurr speaks, other 'bots look at him with blank expressions and he realizes that he's doing it again.

Cliffjumper didn't do that. Long ago – when they first started training for Intel – they were thrust together due to unfortunate circumstance and Blurr suddenly began to talk about something stupid; he couldn't really recall what it had been about, but it wasn't exactly appropriate for their dire situation and the danger they were in. Most 'bots would've politely tolerated his rambling.

Not Cliffjumper, though, who rolled his eyes, turned, and told him to stuff it.

Blurr never thought that being told to shut up would be a good way to start a friendship.


'I did it because it was right!' Cliffjumper stated.

That's what he keeps telling 'bots when they ask him why he did it.

Yet, no matter how many times he defends his actions, there's a part of him that doesn't believe what he says.


Optimus has spent the better part of his academy career hearing 'bots talking about his skill and winning personality, about himself, Sentinel, and Elita, about how they were the next generation of heroes. Now Elita is dead, Sentinel has been promoted without his two lifelong comrades, and Optimus…

Well. Now 'bots don't talk about his skill and winning personality.

They talk about how he killed Elita.


Optimus waits for Sentinel outside the combat simulator, but when his old friend emerges and spots him, he immediately turns his back and takes off.

'Sentinel – ' Optimus pursues him.

'Don't talk to me,' Sentinel waves his servo.


'That's all I'm going to say to you. In my position, I don't think I should be associating with 'bots like you. In fact…you're not even supposed to be here, so you better leave before I call security.'

'I wanted to say "sorry."'

Sentinel stops. 'It's too late to say "sorry." Or anything else. Goodbye, Optimus.'

Optimus raises his servo, prepared to try and stop him and try to convince him to talk to him. Only then does he realize that it's hopeless and if Sentinel knows how to do something, it's how to hold a grudge.

He hasn't just lost Elita. He's lost his best friend.


'I was supposed to get into the Elite Guard!' Bumblebee shouts. 'I was supposed to mean something!'

'You do mean something, Bumblebee,' Bulkhead says, looking a little surprised. 'You stuck up for me back there. That means a lot.'


'Is that all you have to report?'

Those are Highbrow's last words. Shockwave remembers them well.

He'd told Highbrow that he had one last thing to report and that was to report that his time was up.


'I don't like the idea of this.'

Ultra Magnus isn't surprised to hear Ratchet say that. 'The Orion needs to get back in action; he doesn't deserve to rot away in a warehouse like this. After all, the Steelhaven is now our flagship.'

'The Orion is known by another name,' Ratchet points out. 'He can't be captained by some random Autobot!'

Ultra Magnus smirks. 'I don't have a random Autobot in mind.'


A/N: I'm going to end the series here; I had planned to do more, but at this point I've finished venting and I'm satisfied with what I've done.

…This makes this drabble series one of the few things I have ever completed. :3