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The Glamour

He was dying, that much was clear from the sweat coating his pale body and messy, black locks. His eyes had lost their oceanic glow, becoming a more ashen grey. Bonnie did not know why she had been enlisted by Stefan to watch him. It was open knowledge she and Damon detested each others presence. So why, why had Stefan given this responsibility to her? She doubted that in Damon's last dying moments he would want to be around her anyways. She huffed as she approached the bed. She knew this would be like pulling teeth for the both of them. Of course she felt bad he was dying though and ran to the bed when she saw that his slim, muscular form had stopped moving. His long, black eyelashes had closed and his bee stung lips had stopped quivering. Bonnie jumped on the bed practically straddling him. She placed her curly head to his chest to hear the rise and fall of his breathing. She sighed in relief, noting he was still alive. He murmured once in a while and his body contracted, accentuating his already well defined abs. She stroked his face gently but carefully, moving his wet hair from his eyes. Bonnie frantically went to the bathroom, getting a cloth and filing a bowl with cold water. She began to undress him, running the cold cloth over his face, chest and slim hips. She removed his trousers and rolled her eyes at his silk red boxers. She cleaned the sweat off him which seemed to offer him comfort. Elena should have been here though, not her. It felt wrong to share this moment with him. To see him so weak because she knew he would hate to share that with anyone but Elena. Elena had not forgiven him for feeding her his blood and had refused to give him any sympathy. She had also gotten complacent. She figured they'd always find a way out of the sticky situations they got into. In her head, she could remain stubborn because he was not going to die, after all Stefan or Bonnie would always find a bail out for them all.

Damon slowly opened his eyes. He could see a small feminine, blurry figure with curly hair above him. He gasped as the contracting pain in his arm shot through to all his major organs. He grabbed the figure, holding her tiny waist tight and burying his head in the crook of her smooth neck. He inhaled and exhaled her scent which soothed him. She smelt different to how Elena usually smelt. This scent was fresher and uniquely exquisite, something special and indefinable.

"This is the end Elena." he stroked her cheek, gently tracing her lips with his slender finger tip. He then coughed up blood on her face as the reddish purple fluid came out of his eyes, nose and mouth.

Bonnie cupped the back of his neck in her hands and tried to stop him choking on his own tongue. She then placed her hands on either side of his face, drawing his attention to her emerald eyes. She was not bothered by the blood he had accidentally sprayed on her. He was in need. She took her cloth again and cleaned him gently, tracing patterns on his forehead with her fingers to sooth him and ease his nausea. When she spoke, Damon however heard only white nose like he was in a tunnel.

"Damon it's me, its Bonnie." He could finally hear the words.

He snorted at the realisation Elena had not come.

"Is this a sick joke? You?" he said in a groggy and broken voice. The words he said he instantly regretted when he realised she'd been taking care of him. She did not care he was a mess. She was with him in sickness and in health as it were. Most women were only around him because he looked good.

"Yeah well I ain't chuffed to be here either. Think your brothers finally lost it asking me to keep you company."

Damon giggled like a little boy, shaking his head as he looked at his moral compass. He was drifting in and out of boyish day dreams and hallucinations of his youth.

"Look I know Elena is who you'd rather have here. Believe me I feel the same way. I'm just gonna try make this bearable for the both of us and keep you comfortable. No one deserves to be alone when when..."

"They meet their maker?"

"Maybe Stefan will find a cure?"

"Haha you of all people are smarter than that. Elena yeah she's away with the fairies, just like Stefan but you are a realist."

"I'm a witch dick so a realist I think not especially considering I can make fire appear out my pinky."

He laughed, clasping his heart that was beating like the base in a rave. "I thought you were meant to make me feel better. FYI laughing hurts witch. You know you always make me laugh."

"And you always make me gag so I think we're even."

"Thank you"

"For what?" she frowned in confusion.

"For being you and letting me be my abnormal self."

"Errr okay. Your welcome I guess." She said still puzzled.

"Hey did you get me naked?" he asked bracing himself up on his pale hands and looking around at his naked form in wonderment. An amused yet coy look graced his features.

"Yeah you were sweating and you looked uncomfortable. I rinsed you with water is all."

"Awww witch by day and naughty nurse by night. What couldn't bear for me to die without copping a feel?"

"A) Stefan's finding a way to save you, so we both know your gonna make it. Hell you'll probably still be alive and annoying for many more centuries to come. You'll find some princess of darkness, who is equally as mental as you and you'll both bugger off to annoy a big city or something. However once in a while you'll causally drop in on Stefan and Elena to make sure their faces become ever more broody and wrinkled because of you. But whatever you do in the future, don't even think of coming back here and harassing me when I'm an old lady. I can just see it now. I'd be baking me grandkids Oreo cookies and suddenly you'd pop out, fangs bared, ready to give my brittle frame a heart attack. Oh and B) you ain't that fine honey. Give me Dean Winchester any day."

"Wow you want that old boring life? You're a witch. You're made for more than that. And duh I will be your shadow little witch. I will need someone to help me do my evil biddings and to get rid of any woman if she gets too clingy to me. You know some woman, when they get a taste of me they can't have enough. You can voodoo them away right? Hmmm I'll probably have to turn you when your around 24, make sure your always around." He joked, smiling as he sensed he was getting a fiery rise out of her. And B) you're either lying or blind if you think I'm not the shit. Who's Dean anyway?"

"He's this buff, built, cheese burger guzzling guy on TV."

"Wow he sounds divine." Damon mocked. "Seriously cheese burger guzzling guy. That's your Mr. Right? Someone has very low expectations. Hmmm in that case why you never hit on me?"

Bonnie rolled her eyes as Damon continued, pretending he didn't notice he was irritating the hell out of her.

"And there's no cure witchy woo. Stefan's just trying to be a hero for Elena and right old wrongs. yada yada"

"Okay Elena, Alaric and Stefan may stand for your I feel sorry for myself ranting, but since these are your last moments breathing the same air as me and annoying the shit out of me, I will impart some wisdom on your annoying self."

Damon just smiled as she talked to him the way she always did. There was never any pity in her voice. It was almost like they respected each other's personalities.

"Impart away judgey. I just hope Lucifer doesn't take me before you enlighten me with the meaning of life. That would be a real shame." He nodded eagerly, pretending to be really interested in her life lesson, but his tone still held that dry and sarcastic edge.

"Look I get it Stefan made you turn and your angry because you miss it don't you? You miss being human. I mean you like being a pest and killing but you miss aspects like being able to wear your emotions on your sleeve, rather than being hard all the time and you miss love. And you have every right to be mad at Stefan for that night, the night he stole your Life. But isn't that what you tried to do to Elena? To turn her? Ask yourself why you did it. Was it because you hated her? No it was because you love her. Also you made all your own choices after that night. You can't seriously think Stefan tries to help you all the time just to ease a guilty conscience. He wants to save you because for some unknown reason to me, he actually loves you. I mean its crazy but he luuurves you. More than he loves Elena too as he yelled at her today for not forgiving you and coming to see you."

Damon's heart lifted at that and at the whole speech.

"You both screwed up but you'd both die for each other. I refuse to believe if it were Stefan in your shoes you'd just let him die to have a shot at Elena."

"Well then you have higher expectations of me than others do."

"Nope just real expectations. Even psychopaths have standards and codes of honour am I right? My expectations are only ones I know you're capable of and I am your moral compass for a reason." she said kicking her feet on the floor as she dangled them off the bed.

Damon pretended to snore and close his eyes, as he acted like her speech bored him. He soon began to choke and squirm however, collapsing in her lap as the pain shot through him again.

"Come on, no more talking. I came to ease the pain not make it worse." She whispered, wiping the blood from his mouth and rubbing his throat that was sore from choking. "Here come on let's get you in the bath. This cloth isn't working, you're still burning."

She helped him out of bed and into the bath which she filled with aromatic bubbles and fizz, as well as with ice cubes and freezing water. It still however felt quite warm against Damon's volcanic temperature. Damon just watched her in awe and she showed him so much care and attention. She then got him some blood and fed him like a five year old as she held the 'juice box' of blood to him. They just sat like that for about half an hour, as he closed his eyes and Bonnie just hummed a lullaby to him. She had no idea she'd even done it but that song was now imprinted in Damon's head, soothing him and relaxing him off to sleep. It wasn't for long however.

"Ahhhhh shit" he screamed, eyes shooting open. He clung to her arms really hard by accident.

"Damon what's wrong?" she squeaked as her arm felt like it was breaking.

"My whole body it just canes and aches god it's like being human."

"Come on I'll get you back to bed now. It's all gonna be okay I promise." Bonnie quickly placed the towel around him, protecting his modesty, which only made Damon genuinely smile more. When they were back in his room Bonnie got out her knapsack and started making a paste with herbs, spices and honey.

"What you really cooking yourself dinner while I lay here dying?" He asked face down, buried in the bed.

"It's a soothing, wiccan, herb potion. Hopefully it'll slow down any hallucinations. It'll ease the aches and pains too and make you a little less sore and tender. Best of all it should cut off the shocks the poison keeps sending to your body. I can't guarantee the effects will last long but it's better than nothing right?"

"Huh all of that? Who knew witches were actually useful."

"Yeah more useful than sexaholic brainless vampires."

"Hey I have brains. I just keep my knowledge to myself rather than showing off like Stefan. Come on how many times does that boy need to go to school? You know he's been to Harvard right?"

"Whereas you have probably only been on a campus to bang sorority girls right?"

"You know I like when you talk all dirty witch."

"Be quiet." She ordered and started to massage the oils into his smooth pale and unblemished back.

Her warm hands made him moan as she applied pressure and relieved his pain.

"How's that?"

He didn't answer, eyes closed, just loving the feel and tranquillity it brought his body and mind. All pain was gone right in that minute.

"Damon you awake?" she asked stopping her massaging, which only made Damon pout and grunt in annoyance.

"Yeah yeah it's really good but not if you keep stopping now keep it up. Hey my dick hurts can you work your magic on that?"

"Even at deaths door your penis is all you can think about? incredible and yeah sure." She smiled mischievously not that he could see.

"Huh? You really will?" he asked in astonishment trying to turn and see her face.

She flipped him over and squeezed hard.

"Ow okay okay I get ya point."

"Good! Now I'm gonna do the rest of ya." She paused for a moment before resuming conversation.

"What's your perfect night?" she asked while massaging his chest and soothing the pain in his shoulders.

"Huh? what? Hell why you have to talk when you're massaging me little witch? I'm so at peace right now and as much as i love your sexy voice shhhhhh" he closed his eyes dreaming of peaceful oceans and waterfalls, of seeing Rose again and finishing their race.

"Well come on if this is your last night then what would you ideally do?"

"I'd fuck Elena and gag you until I was ready for a threesome." He smiled.

"Wow you never cease to amaze."

"Well what would you do miss judgey?"

"I dunno so many things I guess. It's hard to choose. Well if I could move I'd go out for an amazing meal and have a party with my loved ones, an outdoor party under the stars. Before that I'd visit everyone I wronged and make it up to them. I'd forgive myself all the silly things I've done. I'd take one more walk in the forest and swim naked in the lake. Then if I hadn't already lost my virginity by then, I'd find some sexy guy and do it I guess." She went tomato red when she heard what she'd actually said out loud. She had totally gone off on a daydream and forgotten who she was talking to. Great, just what I needed to tell the experienced, serial sex maniac.

"Hmmm well in that case go make me a chicken and chorizo risotto with parmesan cheese and bring me a glass of wine. For desert I'd like a tiramisu too please. And get me some music so I can party in here. Perhaps you could help me take a walk outside in the back garden for a bit too. Oh and get Elena for me? Make her come?" the last words held such desperation that Damon was too embarrassed to look at Bonnie. He eased when Bonnie did not take the opportunity to tease him about it.

Well most of that's a piece of cake. But how will I get Elena here. He really needs this. The least I can do is try. "I'll do my best." Bonnie nodded her head firmly before getting off him. He did not know why but at that he felt empty.

"Oh and witch?"


"I'm sorry about biting you. I really did think it was Emily. I was in too much shock afterwards, that's the only reason Stefan got to heal you first. I'm also sorry for never protecting you enough. You are my responsibility. You have no idea how sorry I am about Sheila too. I was careless and didn't think about what it could cost all those that helped to get Katherine free. I was also insensitive after Sheila's death, but not because I disliked you. The guilt made it hard to be around you. I could see the pain in your eyes. I should have looked out for you instead of glazing over the situation. Most of all I'm sorry we couldn't become friends. We could have made an unstoppable team witch."

"Careful Damon I might start to think you actually care." She smiled, emerald orbs glistening as she repeated what she'd said to him at the 60s dance.

"We wouldn't want that." He smirked, eyes blazing with intensity. With that Bonnie tucked him in and urged him to get some rest. She left as soon as he closed his oceanic eyes.

Bonnie was adamant to get Damon's wishes under way. She closed Damon's bedroom door, leaving it lightly a jar to hear his breathing and if he were in pain. She then took one last look at his sleeping form before dialling Elena on her mobile. As soon as she wasn't looking Damon peaked his eyes open and listened intensely.

"Hey Bonnie everything okay with you? I was meaning to drop by yours later? But with the err with the..." her voice broke before she continued. "With Jenna's funeral and John I just haven't wanted to move. I just don't think it's all hit me."

"Hey hey I know. It's okay. I wish it could have been different. I know if I'd just died, then everyone else would be okay." Bonnie said sadly, tone filled with guilt.

"No no that's not true Bonnie. This was out of your hands. If you called me to tell me your sorry. I'm not having it. I won't listen to this craziness because you have nothing to be sorry about. None of this was your fault. You were risking your life for me. I'd die without you Bonnie."

"And I'd die without you."

"Well we are agreed then." Elena laughed at her best friend, smiling for the first time in what felt like forever. "So what did you want to talk to me about?"

"It's just. I know this isn't what you need to hear right now, it's about Damon..."

" Bonnie I..."

"Please just come see him. He needs to see you. He might not make it El. I know you think Stefan will find a cure but if he doesn't then what?"

"Why are you of all people advising I forgive him so quickly."

"I'm not saying forgive him but maybe give him one night of peace before he dies?"

"You of all people hate him. I doubt you want him to have peace ever?"

"This isn't about me. This is about you both. He needs this and you need this. You're a good person El. I know you'll live with regret for the rest of your life if you were to miss this opportunity to say goodbye."

"I'm sorry Bon I can't do it. Stefan and I will be better off without him. We all will."

Damon's heart bled at that, though he kept still as to not alert Bonnie to him being awake.

"Fine but if you change your mind there's still time El."

"I won't. I'll see you tomorrow okay? I just need to go to bed now."

Bonnie braced her head against the hallway wall. What do I do now? As if on cue a light bulb went off in her little head.

She ran back into the room and checked Damon's pulse. She gently ruffled his messy black locks. "It's all gonna be fine. I promise." Bonnie ran down the stairs at full speed, calling Caroline.

"Hey how you doing? The last few days have been too much. Hope your holding up okay? I can come over right now if you need to talk?

"No I just need I need your vampire speed. Can you go to that Italian place on Parker Street?"

"Err why?"

"Please just get me a plate of chicken and chorizo risotto with parmesan cheese and bring a bottle of wine to the boarding house. Pay them extra if they don't have it on the menu. Tell them it's important. Just get it here ASAP, with a tiramisu too."

"Bonne what's going on? I don't think a binge is the answer to our misery."

"It's not for me. It's for Damon."

"Okay now I'm confused."

"He got bitten by Tyler when he was changing."

"Oh my god but he was just protecting me. I didn't even think he got bitten. He didn't say a word. What, why didn't I know this?"

"It's not your fault care bear and I guess there's been no right time. Look please get it for me. I can't leave him."

"I'll be there in 5 minutes."

Caroline kept her word and was there in record breaking time. Caroline quickly visited Damon, giving him a kiss on the cheek before leaving. It was too much for her. Yeah the two had their problems but he was dying because he tried to save her and he was her maker after all. It was his blood that gave her new life. Bonnie carried the tray up to outside Damon's room. She peered in to see him peacefully sleeping and murmuring. She used the charm bracelet she got from Elena to channel her essence. Soon she ran her hands over her face and body and looked into the hall mirror. There stared back a hazel eyed, brunette haired girl with a slightly tanned and little face. Elena Gilbert. That's who she had glamoured into. For one night she'd be Damon's Elena Gilbert.

Wow what the hell am I thinking? No Bonnie he needs this. Anyways it's not like any funny business is gonna happen between us. One innocent gesture for a dying man that's all.

Bonnie walked in quickly lighting some candles on his night stand and putting on his iPod. It came out a bit louder than she thought. She smiled at his music taste as dépêche modes dream on filled the room. Damon soon opened his eyes squinting.

"Elena?" he asked in astonishment. "But I heard Bonnie on the phone. You didn't want to be near me?"

"I changed my mind."

Damon then looked at her hands and the tray in them.

"Chicken and chorizo risotto with parmesan, wait and tiramisu, what? How'd you know I wanted that?"

"Bonnie told me." she said timidly. "I got them on the way over and she told me about your perfect night. I can't help with the whole sex, threesome thing but the rest is achievable."

Bonnie said uneasily, hoping she didn't sound too much like herself as to give her identity up. She nervously sat by his side on the bed as he stared intensely into her eyes. Well what he saw was Elena's brown eyes of course. He sat up properly and she placed the tray in front of her and began to spoon feed Damon, who just looked at her in awe. He savoured the taste of his favourite meal, unable to take his eyes off Elena. He stroked her rosy cheek and ran his fingers through her straight hair. Something was different with her though, but in a good way.

"This is all I ever wanted." his whispered to her.

"Well not all you ever wanted, there's still tiramisu." Bonnie said moving to break eye contact with him. She wanted to tell him it was her, but she knew he'd be embarrassed. She didn't want him to think she was playing a nasty trick on him. She was doing this out of kindness. She poured him the wine and herself a glass. She needed a drink. She was having great difficulty with continuing on with this facade. She wanted him to have the perfect night but lying to him felt wrong. At the end of the day though she knew he wanted Elena's company not hers so this was for the best.

"You did all this for me? No one's ever been so kind to me." Bonnie heart broke a little. She realised she had never taken time to get to know the real Damon. She only knew the surface, which was pretty irritating, she wouldn't lie. He could be a massively arrogant pain. But there were obviously deeply buried reasons and events that had made him who he was today. She was sad she had never asked or found out what they were.

"I can't say I've forgiven you but it would have been wrong not to come, so yeah I did this for you."

"Help me up?" he asked squirming to get off the bed.

"But Damon your not strong enough you you should rest."

"I want one last dance with you and to go outside. Please Elena."

"Your wish, my command." Bonne nodded her little head, helping him out of bed and slowly leading him downstairs into the starry lit garden. He leant on her petite frame the whole way there, one arm wrapped round her waist and the other round her shoulder for support. He reserved his strength for his last dance. They lay next to each other in the grass for a while, till he could gather enough energy. Bonnie sneakily used a spell to make the stars brighter and more beautiful for Damon. She made the flowers sway and almost sing and glitter. She hoped Damon would not get suspicious and instead just think it was one of his hallucinations. She had brought the ipod dock outside with her and she soon clicked the button selecting another of his songs. She pulled him up off the floor tenderly as he smiled at her warmly.

"A song called the wolf really?"

"Hey I like irony" he smirked before grabbing her by the hips.

She was surprised at how mesmerising his music was. They both danced like they were under a spell. The music was dark, eerie and sexily dangerous.

(Fever Ray- the wolf -please listen to it while reading this scene.)

Eyes black, big paws and
Its poison and
Its blood
And big fire, big burn
Into the ashes
And no return
Woooooooooooooooooooooo (X4)

We took you right
From your mother's home
Our temple, your tomb
Can be your pick
Not pawned
The poison is blood
Wooooooooooooo (X4)

We've been calling
Black paw who's soaring

We go out in the morning
Down the trail
To somewhere

You are the sound that I hear (X2)
We are not standing
We are falling
Wooooooooooooooooooooooooooo (X4)

Damon swayed under the electric blue sky. He moved into her hips and Bonnie counter swayed creating friction. She bent her body which Damon noted was so flexible. She swayed her hands in the air, twirling her finger tips and swishing her chocolate curls which bounced to their own beat. It was all so sultry and it felt like everything was in slow motion to Damon. Her feet moved with such rhythm beneath the grass. Damon dipped her and brought his mouth to her neck, kissing her pulse point. Bonnie was so caught up in the tribal and savagery music that was pure sex. They came back together, foreheads pressed against one another's, peering into each other's eyes without ever disconnecting. Damon had one hand around her tiny waist and one clasping her other hand, just like they had been at the 60's dance. But what he saw still was Elena of course. It made Bonnie lose her inhibitions though and just live in this moment. His foot work was rapid and he danced away from her then back into her as she copied, twirling while still holding one of his hands. When she came back towards him, connecting with his body, she ran her hand down his chest and shook her hips from side to side, her little white dress twirling and her caramel feet still moving to the primal beat of drums. Bonnie dipped down to the floor, going as low as she could before slowly swaying back up. She ran her fingers seductively through her hair, her eyes closed like she was alone. When her emerald eyes opened she wriggled her figure at Damon to come get her, urging him forward. He dipped her again, this time running his face up her stomach as she arched back, still dancing. They were both sweating now and their eyes slowly closing. Bonnie lead Damon back to rest on the cool grass.

"Hey hey this is too much we better get you back inside."

"No I wanna stay here with you please Elena. You're so different tonight. Your so... You're what I've always wanted."

"Damon I I"

Before she could say anymore Damon fell to the floor, taking Bonnie down with him. He lay on top of her unable to move off and as the stars caught her eyes he saw it. Those green emeralds. He didn't say it out loud though but he now knew, as the sky revealed her true eyes and soul. He knew now the way the night sky was lit, the twinkling of the buttercups, it was Bonnie's magic, it was her essence. She had changed into Elena somehow, when she knew Elena was not going to come. She was giving him his perfect night because she was a kind and amazing soul. He looked deep into her emerald eyes again, which spiralled with flickers of gold and that shone through Elena's features so brightly. He did not know how he could mistake this phenomenal girl for anyone else. Damon pressed his lips to her mouth so tentatively at first, so gently, then primal. Their tongues massaged each others. For a few moments Bonnie lived in the moment, matching every gesture he made towards her with his hands and lips, with her own on his body. She soon however pushed on his chest.

"Wait I have to tell you something."

Damon just smiled at her. A smile she should have known meant he already knew what she had to say. Damon pressed his lips to her again, kissing her so passionately, like it was the last ever kiss he'd ever have, but also his first ever true one. He was glad it was her. When their lips touched it was fire. It was all consuming. It was everything he'd always hoped a kiss would be, but had never experienced with any other girl.

Damon looked at her once more, wishing he could see the little witches shape not Elena's right now. But before he could tell her, He felt his heart shatter, like a thousand pins were hitting it. He collapsed on her, his body suddenly ten times heavier. Bonnie screamed when he didn't move again. The glamour instantly broke. The sound of the music ended and she could only hear the dead silence of the night. Soon Stefan ran in. It was all in slow motion as he took his brother off her. He spoke but she couldn't hear the words.

"Bonnie" it finally rung through and he shook her. "I have the cure. Its Klaus's blood. Quick we have to do it now."

Stefan fed Damon the cure as Bonnie propped up his head so he could drink easily. He slowly opened his eyes, still dazed, sweating and confused but his arm began to heal. Soon it was like the wound had never been there.

"He's still weak. He needs it fresh from the source"

"Blood" Bonnie said as if understanding that no packet would do.

"You don't have to. I can find someone to compel. Don't worry I'll make sure he doesn't kill them. He'll just drink enough to be sturdy again."

"He needs it now." Bonnie said voice full of urgency.

Stefan's face transformed and his fangs pierced through his gums. He gently took her wrist and cut it with his fang. Little did Bonnie know what his deal with Klaus had really involved. Stefan thought he could control it but as his tongue touched her red elixir, he couldn't refuse her sweet taste and began to drink with fervour. Bonnie screamed in pain as he pushed her down on the grass, getting on top of her. He pressed into to her, his full body weight, making it impossible for her to move. He then moved to pierce her neck. He couldn't stop and he now knew it was too late for him and her. Damon suddenly connected with the site in front of him as he lay on his side getting back his bearings. He felt a sudden burst of power fill him in a moment of pure fear for Bonnie. He ripped Stefan off Bonnie, checking her vitals as she lay dead still, eyes closed. Stefan looked dazed and humiliated. He zoomed off into the woods. I'm so sorry was all that could be heard echoing through the boarding house grounds, as he ran further into the woods and vanished. He soon bumped into something hard and fell to the floor. Looking up he saw the blonde haired man that had taken his freedom.

"Well you have done what you needed to. I suppose you were right Katherine would not have come. I held up my end of the deal now let's go. We have much to do."

Damon moved like lightning to get Bonnie upstairs and into his bed. He knew he was too weak to give her blood but he desperately wanted to save her. Soon as if she had sensed Bonnie was in danger, Caroline appeared with a compelled girl for Damon. Damon fed and began to compose his strength, as he watched his little witch from the corner of his eye. Caroline fed Bonnie her own blood, cradling and rocking her like a baby. Once it was all done Bonnie lay still and calm, fast asleep. Damon watched her breathing intensely from his plush leather chair. Caroline knelt on the bed beside her and Elena who had just run in to try find Stefan soon sat next to her.

"Why would Stefan do this? It makes no sense."

"He wouldn't do it, not willingly. But what choice did he have really?" Katherine suddenly appeared from nowhere, posing her question in a bitter tone.

Damon and Caroline snarled as Katherine went to the bed to stroke Bonnie's cheek.

"I see you got the cure. I was meant to bring it but I guess nobody trusted me. Maybe you should keep this for future use." She threw the extra vile of Klaus's blood to Damon.

"Where's Stefan? Why'd he attack Bonnie when he saved Damon?"

"Don't you get it dumb doppelganger? He had to make a deal with Klaus to get that blood for his precious brother, who only cares about getting with HIS girl. He sacrificed himself to Klaus for you Damon. He gave up his humanity and promised to do Klaus's bidding. To convince Klaus he was forced to drink human blood and a lot if it. My Stefan he's in a lot of trouble. So I am willing to do all it takes to help you find him."

Bonnie awoke feeling fresh and rested the next morning. Peeling off Damon's cream sheets, she moaned when the pain hit her again. It was more like a dull ache of where Stefan's fangs had been. She didn't know what had gotten into him but she knew it had been out of his control. She also knew that Damon was completely healthy again. She was now ready to go home and curl up in her own bed. She did not dare think of the moments she and Damon had shared the previous night. He was Damon Salvatore and she was Bonnie Bennet, two people who were never meant to connect or like each other and that's how it had to stay. What happens when he sees the real Elena? Bonnie quickly grabbed her things and snuck down the long winding stairs and out the boarding house. If she had dared look back she would have seen the black haired, blue eyed figure watching her intensely from the living room window.