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Chapter 2: She's back

Bonnie walked into the empty club. Pink and royal blue star shaped lights sparkled and spiralled around the floor, walls and ceiling. It was all mesmerising, creating a speckled diamond look as they reflected off the alcohol bottles behind the bar. Bonnie frantically spun around in awe and fear. Why was she here? Where was here exactly? Every footstep she took echoed as her pink heels hit the floor. She finally noticed her hair was in an up do with a few bouncy locks cascading down. Her neck was laced in statement crystals. Her right arm was draped in a similar crystal cuff too and she wore a short turquoise dress. It was like a classic horror movie where the unprepared girl was left all alone with the psychotic serial killer lurking in the shadows of the high school dance. Bonnie could feel the goose bumps breaking out on her arms. Soon she heard scraping and a screeching noise like fingernails, but not ordinary nails. These were more like those of Freddy Kruger as he chuckled his way over to his victims.

Then she felt it, a gush of wind behind her, near her neck the softest blowing, rubbing and kissing. It was all too eerie and all Bonnie could hear was her own heart thumping with fright. It felt like multiple mouths were on her neck and she could not make out who the voices were or what they were whispering. They sounded as if they were all saying different things but simultaneously. Turning hysterically, she still could not find the culprits. Bonnie swallowed hard and her mouth was so dry it hurt. Emerald eyes simmering she concentrated hard until the spiralling lights halted. But before she could focus her eyes the lights went out completely. Bonnie squinted her orbs shut trying to focus her power on lighting anything she could. Suddenly Bonnie screamed as multiple cold hands grabbed at her. She tried to run but she was frozen and suddenly she felt it, thick wetness under her unexpectedly bare feet. As soon as she could she squelched her way through the ooze, still trying to find her way out of the darkness. With another flicker the lights stuttered back on and Bonnie found herself in the Salvatore boarding house. But the living room was different and as she looked down she realised why. Bonnie howled as she found her feet 6 inches deep in crimson blood. When the blood started to bubble Bonnie thought she was going to pass out. Hands reached up towards her and before she knew it Stefan, Klaus and Damon were wrapped around her pulling her into the crimson river. Bonnie screeched, crying and finally woke up, caramel face drained of warm colour and beads of sweat coating her slight body. Her white t-shirt clung to her as she shuddered.

Bonnie dragged herself over to the shower to rid herself of the nightmare that felt so real. This was the first time it had happened and a part of her thought it was just apprehension about going back to Mystic Falls. She figured she was just guilty that she hadn't been around all summer to help find Stefan. She felt terrible about lying to Damon too by pretending to be Elena. She also felt uneasy because she for once felt something for Damon. It made her edgy as hate was a much simpler emotion. Then there was Klaus. Maybe she was just afraid that he would seek revenge on her. But what troubled Bonnie the most was if her dream had anything to do with subconscious feelings, why didn't it have Elena and Caroline in it too? She felt bad for leaving them after Jenna's death and they always spent the summer together.

Never the less Bonnie pushed back the nauseous feeling inside her tummy and concentrated on the fact she was on her way home. She had no idea how she was going to handle Damon. What if he wanted to kill her for impersonating Elena? She thought he might take her kind deed the wrong way and think she was trying to make a fool out of him or hit on him. God he's going to humiliate me isn't he? He's going to make out I was some desperate loser trying to get into his pants. Oh god what if he told everyone about it and they all think I'm weird or that I'm some Elena wanna be? I was only trying to help. Bonnie gulped what must his and Elena's relationship be like now that he thinks they kissed and everything? Well what should it matter to me as long as he doesn't want to kill me? No he must know it wasn't her. The minute he would have asked her about it she would have probably looked as dumbfounded as I feel. Maybe he thinks it was all a hallucination? That's it a hallucination. Oh god what if he spoke to Caroline though? I'll deny deny deny. He's Damon Salvatore and I'm Bonnie Bennet. We taunt, we evil each other and that's it. I'll treat him how I always treat him. She reasoned before picking up her last suitcase and debating over whether to take her turquoise dress and pink heels. She wanted to throw them away after that dream but she wasn't wearing it tonight so it wasn't some omen, she reasoned. Nothing's changed. She reiterated in her head. He is still an idiot and still treats me like a means to an end. He was only kind and charming that night because he was dying. He was desperate for company and would have welcomed even Klaus at that point. He was only gentle and romantic because he thought I was Elena.

Mystic Falls

Damon sank under the hot tranquil water of his bubble bath. He liked the serenity being under water offered him. It was a time to reflect and just exist. His raven locks floated around his head and he kept his icy irises wide open. Not needing to breath, he stayed like that for 10 minutes. Soon he felt angry. It had been a whole summer and he still had no idea if Stefan or Bonnie were okay. He had not had a chance to thank either of them for the real part they had played in his "last night" either.

The little witch had suffered a deep bite from Stefan too, which if it weren't for Caroline could have been much worse. Damon had watched her leave the next morning, wanting to give her some room to breathe before he went over to talk to her. But when he turned up at her doorstep, he found out she'd left for the summer. He was surprised at how much it hurt to be the last to know. It only reaffirmed how distant they were from each other and that she did not see him as a friend or her confidant. Not that he could blame her, one night and one glimpse of his kinder side wasn't enough to erase all the hurt he had done to her. He kicked himself mentally for not running after her when he saw her leaving. She probably thinks i was only nice because I thought she was Elena, but I knew it was her in the end and it didn't change how I felt. It's what made me kiss her. I really need to show her more gentleness from now on, more attention for sure. I need to know her. At the same time it made him admire her more. She clearly felt a lot of animosity towards him but she had taken care of him that night like he was her nearest and dearest and without a smidgen of pity. Damon knew she and Caroline spoke everyday on the phone, so Bonnie must have been okay, but he still needed to hear her voice. He needed to see her simmering eyes, her lopsided and disproving smirk whenever she saw his naughty face.

In the mean time Damon had become quite repetitive in his morning activities. He would wake up, map out Stefan's patterns, drink twenty blood bags, two bottles of whiskey and then try everything to make his bath last for as long as possible. He did it just to make sure Elena would not stomp into the house and bother him. As long as he was naked, he was safe from her. He had been left, no dare he say it ditched, to play girlfriend, slash sister and baby sitter to Elena. He was trapped with her infantile ways. He was spending more time with her than he ever imagined and frankly it wasn't all it was cracked up to be. No wonder MY Stefan ran off with Klaus. He had also not forgotten the fact she did not come to him in his dying moments despite his request. It made his blood boil that she went back to being around him and nicely chatting to him like nothing had happened. She hadn't even apologised. Worst of all and what made him sick was that he had asked her why she hadn't come and she'd said she had. She must have figured that if he was so delusional he wouldn't know either way.

Damon pulled himself up to sit in his bathtub, pitch black locks sticking cutely to his forehead. He soon began shuffling around, his champagne spraying everywhere. His eyebrows furrowed and he made a mental note not to do the Stefan brow move. I miss that moaning moron. He grumbled in confusion again when he heard the pulsing volume of the celebrations which had just begun in HIS house. His mouth was in the cutest O shape when he realised how long he'd been in the tub and he pouted inspecting himself to make sure he wasn't wrinkly like an old prune. He also needed to cordon off his room from puking and hormonal teenagers and to hide his precious expensive whiskey. So here he was struggling to get out of his comfy bath, so that he could get on a dapper outfit and meet up with Alaric for some pondering and whiskey drinking. He wanted it to be a good night for Elena too. Yeah he was not over the fact she wasn't around when he needed her, was playing havoc with the truth and yes the girl had been driving him crazy, but he still cared. It was like with Katherine. She treated him like shit but at the end of the day it was hard to turn off his feelings immediately. He was also nervous and excited for another girl was worming her way into his feelings whether she liked it or not. Yes Bonnie witchy woo Bennet was coming back to town. The thought made him jump out of the tub, almost tripping and hitting his head. He strutted to his room in all his glory in quite the hurry. They had so much to talk about and get straight and it was well over due. He had played the night he spent with her over and over in his head every chance he got. The music, the dancing and the way she cared for him all spiralled around his mind. It was to the point he could still feel her touch, taste her and smell her. More importantly he could still see the genuine compassion she had held for him in her warm, golden, green eyes. He knew they were still on shady ground but he wanted now more than ever to spend more time with her. He wanted to become a more significant person in her life, someone she could count on and come to.

She was meant to come by the house earlier that day to help decorate but to his disappointment her dad had not wanted to leave his family early. So now she would be coming directly to the party which meant Elena and Caroline hadn't seen her yet. That meant he was not gonna be able to get a word in edgeways. Caroline, Elena, Jeremy, Tyler and Matt would all be battling for her time and no doubt the three girls would be too wasted to have a meaningful conversation. Then again I could use that to my advantage with little judgey. Get her alone and in her lucid state she and I can have an honest conversation.

Damon soon heard a shuffling in Stefan's room and zoomed over to see what was going on in full defence mode. The sight in front of him made him smirk and butterflies bounced around in his chiselled stomach. There the little fiery fury was bent down on the floor fiddling with a massive pink box with white ribbon. Her caramel figure was draped in a fitted purple dress that had an asymmetric design and one purple chiffon sleeve. Around her waist she had a thin silver waste belt and she wore four inch silver wedges. Her hair was down and in bouncy black and chocolate tinted curls. Her lips were highlighted in rose pink lipstick. He came right up behind her, so close his wet and very naked self was almost touching her back. He tapped her cockily on the shoulder, wanting to see her face properly and the front of her sexy dress.

She turned slowly talking. "Okay Caroline so I just put it under here for no..."

"Holy shit...what the fuck is the matter with you?" She crossed her arms dumbfounded, trying not to look down south, eyes scrutinising him. Wow this was certainly not how I imagined our first meeting back from summer to go.

"Ooooooh little Bennets got a wild mouth on her. Damon like very much! And me what's the matter with you?" He poked her gently in the chest. "Where's my hi nice to see you after so long kiss or even a hug will do? Hi five perhaps?" He held out one hand in the air childishly. "You know it's rude to leave a person hanging little witch?" he tried to stay calm and indifferent but a part of him wanted to push her , to wave his hands in the air and ask where the hell she'd been all this time. He needed her. He fought it though. He knew how red his face could get and how crazy his eyes and hair went when he got all passionate.

Bonnie kept silent tapping her foot, lips lopsided looking at him sternly but trying to hide amusement. She was glad he was back to his usual self. It was always so comfortable to be around joking Damon. Elena always found his witty chitchat annoying but to Bonnie it was one of his better qualities. He looks a little pink around the cheeks. Must have been too hot in that tub.

"Hey why are you staring at my cheeks? My butt cheeks are even better if you wanna look?"

" Nah if i wanna see the dark side of the moon I'll go outside. Much prettier thank you."

"Haha very humorous. You should wear a bell of something though so I know you're around. I could have been indecent but i bet ya counted on that didn't ya you saucy minx?" He chimed sexily while smiling like a wolf. He soon bit his bottom lip. He was so happy to see her. Damon never thought she could make him feel such glee rather than plain irritation. But on the inside he was also nervous at being around her but not being able to touch her.

Bonnie threw him a napkin she'd been using for her mini pizza and continued to look unimpressed, giving him her usual feisty attitude. "You should cover that tiny little thing up." Oh that was satisfying but wow it ain't little at all. How does it fit omg what am I thinking? I hope I'm not red.

"Little? Obviously someone did not pay attention in her biology class." He drawled clutching his wet chest and feigning hurt before winking down to his anatomy. "What you doing in Stefan's room anyways? I was taking a nice tranquil bath till your shuffling about interrupted me and frankly scared me a little you know? I thought it was time to sound off my intruder alert alarm and scream for Alaric's help or something. Ah my night in shining armour that hunk of a man. Also you are aware that even in those heels you're a midget right?" He rattled off inspecting his nails. Yes he and Bonnie had serious things to discuss but he couldn't help it. Their banter was important to him and had been sorely missed. Sure he thought about approaching her all serious as Stefan would but that was not their way.

"I was hiding Elena's present till cake time. You may sign the card if you wish and as for me being short grow up!"

"Make me!"

"You're so immature Damon" she huffed, blowing her curls out of her face.

"Says the girl who looks like a child coz she's sooooo short and is one step away from pouting and stomping her LITTLE TINY BABY feet." Damon whined as if he was a 4 year old teasing the girl he liked the most in the sandpit.

"You know what I preferred you when you were a sweaty mess that couldn't speak! Now your so so..."

"So what? Spit it out SHORTY HAWTEE" he drawled sexily "sides if anyone should be getting irritated with anyone it should be me. You left me to entertain Elena all summer. Caroline was always with the bitch that bit me. Alaric was struggling with life in general. Jeremy keeps talking to himself and Stefan dumped miss whiney on me. Do you know how big a cock block that girl is? I mean all me and Andie would be trying to do is get in a little frisky time together. You know what Elena does? She comes and sits on my bed, twirling her necklace from Stefan and crying about how I shouldn't have sex till I find him. Can you believe that shit? You should have been here to take her for walks in the park or something. I could have used your help with Stefan too and how are you? you know after he bit you? You just left. Never leave again Bennet or I'll hunt you down and tie you to Elena's wrist!" Damon said the last words firmly, moving to close the already tiny distance between them. He gently brushed her cascading hair out of her eyes.

Suddenly however, there moment was rudely disrupted to Damon's utter dismay. "Aaaaaahhh what the hell put that away you gross beast." Caroline squealed walking into the room in her tight burgundy dress.

"Nothing you ain't seen before Blondie." He smirked wriggling his eyebrows. "I'm off limits now though! So keep your paws off."

"I bet it looks less impressive now you're seeing it sober and uncompelled." Bonnie interrupted, ignoring him and addressing Caroline. She smiled inwardly knowing how much this would irritate Damon. She knew deep down they had a lot to thrash out. She could see it in his eyes. He had something to say to her. But she couldn't help the jibes. There's still a chance he thinks it was a hallucination. Yeah otherwise he would have made fun of me by now. Maybe he wants to talk to me so we can start looking for Stefan. She was pleased he didn't look pissed to see her though.

"Ouch witchy woo hoo. You know you may need drugs to realise how alluring I am but the rest of the female population are smarter than you and thus do not."

"You mean the rest of the female population are dumber than me." Bonnie resisted the urge to poke her tongue out at him. Wow why was I nervous to come back? Everything is normal. Nothing has changed.

"Oh how I've missed you." Caroline beamed cuddling Bonnie hard. "Now what ya doing here? We have a party to own." She yelped before moving to drag Bonnie back downstairs. Damon's irritation was clear but Caroline didn't care one bit. "You suck." she sang in a cheerleader voice before swaggering out the room with Bonnie. "Oh and put some clothes on papa vamp this is not a porno."

Damon rolled his eyes and turned back towards the mirror. He begun to put on his red shirt and ruffle his hair. He slipped on his tight black jeans and with a smirk in the mirror he was ready to pry Bonnie out of Caroline's undead highly manicured hands.

Swaggering down the stairs only minutes later, Damon was immediately baffled to see the whole of the school population huddled around circling something. Whatever it was Damon could see it was getting the male population at the party very hot and sweaty. The keg had been abandoned and instead the tweens as Damon liked to call them were assaulting his ears with their high pitched excitement. Beer was splashing everywhere as they howled and girls were grinding on their partners while looking into the centre. Everyone whooped and whistled at whatever was in the middle of the room. Damon shoved his way passed them and was soon joined by Alaric. They both crossed their arms in a possessive, protective mode as they looked up in shock. There on an antique table no less swaggered Bonnie, Elena and Caroline. Damon's couldn't tear his icy irises off Bonnie's sizzling dance moves and he instantly flashed back to their night under the stars. All three girls were now swerving their arms in the air and Bonnie being in the middle was getting grinded upon by Caroline and Elena. Damon's ears perked up as he heard the song Bonnie was now doing an air guitar motion too.

"I don't want you, be no slave,
I don't want you, work all day,
I don't want you to be sad and blue,
I just wanna make love to you."

(Foghat- Just want to make love to you.)

Wow Bonnie sounds hot. Wish Caroline and Elena would put a cork in it though. All three continued to sing into each other's faces with pure love written all over their tipsy expressions.

Bonnie twirled in the middle pecking Caroline and Elena on the lips. Alaric and Damon gawked up at them and for the first time in forever they both realised that this must have been how blissfully happy their lives had been before vampires. The vampire, witch and doppelganger had once upon a time simply just been three teenage girls. It was a rare and unique glimpse into their lives and both men did not want to ruin the moment for them. Well that was until a couple of horny school boys decided to pinch the three girl's butts while they danced on their ancient one of a kind stage. It happened so fast and from Jeremy's perspective was highly comical. Alaric leapt at the table trying to get Elena down as she pushed on his chest for him to go away and stop humiliating her. Alaric looked like a proper dad trying to control his unruly teenage daughter, even going to the extent of adjusting her white dress so she was more decent. Tyler had already wrestled Caroline off the stage, taking the kicking vamp upstairs. Damon had thrown Bonnie over his shoulder marching to the middle of the dance floor. The chanting of the lame adults and boo you Tyler song lasted about thirty seconds before they all resumed dancing and drinking. Damon groaned as he saw groping teenagers heading upstairs from the corner of his eye. He finally plonked Bonnie down.

"Hey deadly doofus where my girls at? That was so much fun. Felt free as bee!"

"Free as a bee?" Damon couldn't help but chuckle. "That little constitution of yours really can't hack the booze can it judgey?"

"You should try it. It was lush. The dancing I mean. Sorry about your antiques though." Bonnie whispered in his ear, forgetting he was a vampire and could here over the noise anyway. Damon didn't mind. A) Alcohol made Bonnie more lucid and less adamant on personal space. B) It meant he could whisper in her ears too.

"I'm sorry"


"Before Stefan and I came here your lives were how they should be. Care free."

"Damon that's not true. Elena had just lost her parents and Klaus would have always come for her. I was always going to be a witch too. Look I won't lie things happened because of you that I have struggled with but you have also helped out a lot too in your OWN way. I know I cannot blame you for everything, although I reserve the right to blame you for many things okay?" she poked him in the chest. She then tried to look into his oceanic eyes but it proved too difficult a task in her inebriated state.


"What now?" Bonnie pouted drunkenly. It was too cute for words how her nose wrinkled.

"The night you took care of me..."

But before Damon could finish Elena bumped Damon out the way. She was not impressed at being parted from her best friends. This was the first night in 2 years where she truly felt free. She felt like the teenage girl who got to hang with her sisters once again and she didn't want anything ruining it. It also took her mind off Stefan. "Hey I wanna dance with Boonniee moooove!"

Damon was about to protest when he saw Alaric outside looking particularly mopey.

"Le Le I don't think your feet are gonna allow you to dance. You're kinda swerving."

"Nah huh your swirling! Hey I'll lead. You know in some respects you my one true love."

"Err okay"

"This night is so good. It's almost like old times. Being with you and Caroline like this I'll remember this birthday for good. Alaric is a pretty good father figure if I'm honest too. I don't know what I'd do without him. Jere looks up to him too."

"Well I'm glad and I think what you said made sense."

"Oh and so Damon thinks it was me...I didn't deny It. Feel guilty though." it was weird though when I said it he looked at me strange, like I had something on my face or something.

"Oh" Bonnie immediately knew what she was talking about and was not sure why the disappointment was in her voice.

"I don't know why I couldn't just suck it up and go to him that night. It was my mistake and I regret it. Thanks. I know you pretty much covered for me not being there. I don't know how you did it but thank you. "

"Elena I didn't do it for you. I may not be his number one fan all the time but I did it for him. Now let's not talk about this now okay. It's your birthday and I love you. Hey I'm just gonna get some fresh air. Feel a little hot and dizzy."

"You want me to come? There are alotta boys here I don't want you going alone."

"Nah the drunk leading the drunk... not good Lena... not good!" Bonnie drawled. She had drunk quite a lot and had been quite impressed with how she was handling it. But now zig zagging her way outside she realised she was smashed.

"I am every parent's worst nightmare! I am the chaperone teacher from hell."

"I love high school parties."

"Yeah well watching my kinda sorta step daughter gyrating is not my idea of a party. Caroline and Bonnie too. I felt guilty just watching them."

"I didn't"

"Well you wouldn't. They looked so happy though didn't they? Sometimes I forget their just kids, Kids who seem to look to me for support. Man I don't know what I'm supposed to do. I can barely take care of myself. I've been waiting for Jeremy and Elena to kick me out but they never do."

"Well they want you there. They need you. Not like they look to me for stability."

"Yeah well I just don't know if I'm quite ready for it. What do I have to offer? I'm a school teacher with little pay and the only friend I got is a mentally unstable walker of the night"

"Hey I can walk in the day too. Now enough of this depressing conversation. You can handle this."

"Hey Isn't Andie supposed to be coming?"

"10:00 broadcast she'll be here in a little bit."

"Good this party needs at least one more adult."

"Low blow Ric low blow ... Speaking of..." Damon said curiously looking down at his phone. "She wants me to pick her up."

"Wait you mean your fake compelled girlfriend wants you to be a chivalrous boyfriend?"

"Well it's a complicated dynamic. Don't be jealous that you have to share me with her. Hold the fort down will ya?"

"You mean the fort full of my drink history students?"

"Drink more it'll feel less weird."

Clad in his leather jacket and car keys in hand, Damon briskly walked towards his car. Passing the back garden he couldn't help notice a petite girl sitting in a bush. Normally he wouldn't care but the sparkle of her green eyes and glowing caramel skin only meant one thing. Why is my little witch in a bush? Walking over quietly Damon cleared his throat, trying not to laugh at how adorable she looked. No other drunk could pull off cute the way she did.

"Err fiery fury what ya doing?

"Just thought I'd sit for a bit." She said staring off up into the stars.

"In a bush?"

"Huh this isn't a bench?"

Damon giggled like a little boy. "No lovely it isn't." He pulled out his phone and quickly took a picture. I'm so gonna have to tease you about this tomorrow but for now "come on, up ya get, I got ya."

"It's quite comfy you know?"

Damon bent down and cupped her chin looking into her dazed eyes.

"Alright that's it you're crashing in my room tonight."

"Oh Mr Salvatore that's a bit presumptuous."

Damon couldn't believe he actually snorted with amusement. He wrapped his arms round her waist and was ready to pick her up.

"Woah waoh woah i am a witch dude.I got this." Damon let go and watched as Bonnie continued to sit there as if trying to figure out how to walk. At the same time his phone went off.

"Where are you? X Andie"

"Alright I don't trust you by yourself and Alaric's probably too busy wrangling in Elena and Jeremy. Come on in the car we get." Damon carried her, gently putting her in the back seat of his mustang, sensing she might like to nap.

After a few minutes in the car of humming the songs on the radio Bonnie sprawled out on the seat like it was her new bed.

I wish I got to know this you...you know before you hated me and kept me at arms length. "You know you're the most precious drunk I've ever met."

"I'm not a drunk!" she got up to whisper it in his ear.

"Well then now I got you alone can we talk about something? The night I was dying..."

"Hey we're here! We're here!" She lightly bounced in the back seat excited. "Hey where is here? Why are we here?"

"Too many questions. Now stay in the car Bennent!"


"No buts stay!"

"Your so bossy Daaamon...I'm a witch you know?"

"I prefer assertive and yeah a very wonderfully wasted witch."

"Boo you Dracula boo you!"

"You know that pout is pretty sexy but you ain't gonna win. Stay in the god darn car woman." His eyes simmered so she knew he was serious about keeping her safe. But after about 5 minutes Bonnie felt it. Damon was in danger. Instantly trying to open the car door she cursed the blue eyed beast.

He motherfreakin child locked me in! Come on Bonnie you need to sober up and get out of this car even if it means smashing downs the windows.

Damon walked into the dead quiet studio set slightly irritated at having to pick up Andie. He was having so much fun with Bonnie. He almost forgot the pain he felt at not having Stefan around. He was also anxious about leaving Bonnie alone in the car. This town was unpredictable. It was not long until his fears the night would go wrong came true. As Damon past the sprawled out camera equipment he found it, Stefan's leather jacket. Looking up there he was, a cold and intolerant look on his face. It was not how he pictured a reunion with his brother would be. On the inside he was so happy to see him but it cut deep that there was no hint on Stefan's that he felt the same way.

"Stefan" he tried to keep the word cool and indifferent, to hide the hope and relief he felt at seeing him.

"Hello brother."

"You don't write. You don't call."

"Need you to stop following me. Causing some problems."

"For who Klaus? I'm supposed to care what he thinks?"

"Careful Damon you sound jealous of my new brother and what you're supposed to do is let me go."

New brother fuck that hurts. "Saw your latest artwork in Tennessee, walkin a fine line there my friend. Keep that up and there really will be no saving you."

Stefan smiled bitterly before pulling out a gun. Damon's face was shocked and pained as Stefan fired countless blunt wooden bullets into his body, being careful to stay away from his heart. He was controlled and precise and it was the deadliest Damon had seen Stefan in a long time.

Stefan smirked again before looking tired of the conversation. "Thing is I don't need any saving. I just want you to let me go." I'm doing this for you, you dick.

"You think firing a few shots into me is gonna make me back off. Your my brother not his and I got a birthday girl at home whose not gonna let me do that."Damon winced in pain from the bullets. He knew he was losing too much blood and could pass out. But he held on. He couldn't let Stefan walk out again.

Before Stefan could retaliate further Bonnie had snuck in. Her gold green eyes concentrated on Stefan until his brain cells were popping. She quickly raised her hand and he smashed into a wall. She levitated camera equipment, anything she could find to hit him and cables to tie him up.

"Huh nice work drunkey." Damon said relived for the help as he scrambled his way up to stand.

"Well well well if it isn't my favourite snack. You taste good Bonnie. Better than Elena."

"You don't mean that and save the witty repartee it doesn't suit you. Stop being a jerk and help us help you."

"Wow feisty now I see why you always like jibing with her Damon. Hey Klaus and I wouldn't mind a female touch around wanna join?"

Damon's growl was loud and predatory not that Bonnie noticed. She was too in shock over Stefan's transformation. He was normally sweet and gentle. She wanted to stake Klaus for tainting his love for both his brother and Elena.

"Stop this Stefan. We know you're in there struggling to get out. You care that's why you're in this mess in the first place. And you've had Elena in tears for the past several months. She's stopped living her life without you. Is that what you want? She needs you!"

Stefan just laughed from his position on the floor. Neither Damon nor Bonnie could see he was slowing working the wires off his hands. I'm really sorry for this guys.

"Elena has a new boy toy now. Then again looking at you too all that hate and angst, she might have some competition."

"You can't push us away Stefan. I know on the inside you're hurting with every word that's coming out of your mouth. Klaus is doing this to you. Stop helping him. He's taking everything from you." Damon yelled.

"If anyone is gonna take everything from me we both know it's gonna be you Damon. You know maybe I haven't made my point clearly enough. Hey Andie you still there?" I'm sorry Andie. There's no going back for me after this.

"Andie?" Horror struck both Bonnie and Damon's features as they realised Andie's life was in peril and if they didn't save her, Stefan was gonna lose another part of himself tonight.

"Damon I can't move Damon. He told me I can't move!"

"No no no Andie its okay stay calm. Not cool brother!" Damon's face showed how fuming he was and Stefan knew he had to follow through to stop Damon from ever looking for him again. Goodbye brother.

"Oh come on a little bit cool no? Nah huh Bonnie you try use your powers on her and this will get really messy. Now Bonnie come here and un tie me."

As soon as Bonnie was close enough Stefan smacked her into an opposite wall, knocking her out so she couldn't use her magic. On the inside he winced hoping he hadn't hurt her badly.

The ferocity on Damon's face made Stefan realize that there really might be something between the vampire and the witch. He pulled Damon up against the wall, slamming his head against it. He held him there tightly. Forgive me all of you.

"Hey Andie you can move now."

"nnno no no no"

"I said let me go!" Stefan's face was mere millimetres from Damon's and with that he was gone.

Damon dropped to the floor defeated. Too much blood was lost and he could barely keep his eyes open. He crawled his way over to Andie, seeing that Bonnie was already up on her feet. This is my fault. I'm so sorry. Closing her eyes gently the pain was clear in his face and Bonnie quietly approached, placing a hand on his shoulder.

"I'm so sorry Damon."

"We need to move the body."

"No Damon you're badly hurt. You need to go home and feed. I'll take care of it I promise."

"I'm not leaving you here alone!" he screamed.

"Okay I'll call Caroline. She'll help me."

"I said no god dammit!"

"Okay calm down okay? I'll call Caroline and Alaric to give her a proper burial. But we need to get you out of here. We can't afford Stefan coming back here right now."

Considering the boarding house was full of drunken students, Bonnie didn't really have a choice. Damon could not go back there like this. She wasn't comfortable yet with inviting him into her dad's house because although she had respect for Damon, she couldn't quite trust him yet. He flew off the handle too easily when people hurt him. She never wanted her father to be in a vulnerable position like Jeremy had been. So she took him to the witch's house. They had left wanting no part in mystic falls. The house was creepy but she felt at home there and it was hers now. Bonnie gently sat Damon down on the mattress she used to stay up all night and read spells on. Turning to the bathroom in the next room she found her tweezers and a first aid kit. Suddenly she heard smashing. Running back into the room she found Damon trashing everything in sight. She could hear him whispering Stefan's name over and over again. She knew then whatever he had with Elena, he genuinely did love his brother as well. Damon finally collapsed on the bed, no longer able to stay focused. He began to just spout things. Bonnie sat next to him and just listened. "I've been tracking him and Klaus all summer with Alaric. Didn't wanna tell Elena. He's left a trail of bodies up and down the eastern seaboard. I've seen it happen before. He's flipped the switch. Full blown ripper. Stefan is gone and he's not coming back!"

"We'll fix it Damon. I'll get your brother back. I promise!"

"Please don't be all delusional and optimistic like Elena. He's gone. I've lost him." Damon smashed an ornament against the wall watching it shatter into tiny pieces. He didn't care he was showing emotion. Stefan was gone.

"If you give up on him then yeah he is gone Damon. But only when you stop fighting for him."

"Well there's my little judgey rearing her head again."

"Beats you calling me drunkey."

"Hehehe nice witchy mojo with the cables by the way."

"Now come on you can't heal with these bullets still inside I'm gonna pull um out okay? And here, Caroline's blood stash, drink up. We hang out here a lot so just make sure you replace um or she'll be mad." She gently unbuttoned his shirt and pushed it off his shoulders. She couldn't help flash back to the night she took care of him. Damn these chiselled abs. Why doesn't anyone at high school have a set like these?

"Eyebrow tweezers really?"

"Hey it's better than me poking my fingers in your wounds right? Been begging Elena to use these on Stefan for 2 years but she likes um thick and bushy I guess."

Damon giggled hard. "Yeah that boy, sometimes I think he's related to the forest animals with all that fur on his head and brows. Oh and witch your making a big habit of getting me naked."

"Well what else is a girl to do with a fine specimen like you? She said sarcasm draping every word. As they both began to laugh Damon noticed Bonnie wince. Brushing the hair away from her face, he noticed a huge cut on her head. She was also wincing when he held her around the stomach.

"Hey you're hurt!"

"I'm fine."

"Bullshit!" Damon yelled pulling up her dress to find her legs all red and scraped.

"Take your dress off I know you're hurt more."

"I'm fine Damon."

"Is this déjà vu? Am I gonna be repeating myself all night?"

"Look I'll sort it myself. I'm not taking my dress off. Let a girl protect her dignity for fucks sake."

"How come it's acceptable for you to get me naked so you can take care of me but I can't help you the same way? Double standards witchy woo. I mean last time i saw you you rubbed lotion on me!"

"It was a witchy potion moron. No making it sound kinky mister." Bonnie reluctantly took her dress off. Damon tried not to make her uncomfortable by drooling over her caramel body, draped only in royal purple underwear. He could see she felt vulnerable. Instead he quietly picked up the first aid kit and gently sanitised and dressed her wounds. Staring into her eyes as he cleaned her head wound, Damon could sense she still felt nervous around him. He knew he was going to change that and fast. He wanted her to feel safe with him. It was going to take time for them to develop their relationship. Damon knew that and he was fully invested in doing so. As soon as he was done he put his shirt back on and she covered herself in the sheets. As she lay down he sat up on the bed looking into the fireplace.

"Bonnie I want you to know I know it was you. That night I saw it in your eyes. Yeah you looked like Elena but I could never mistake those wise yet youthful eyes. As soon as I knew it was you it made me wanna kiss you even more. You took care of me and showed me so much compassion despite everything I've done to you. I want our relationship to change. I want you and me to really know each other because that night I truly felt something I have never felt with anyone else before. Thank you Bonnie. " Turning round Damon rolled his eyes in disbelief, watching Bonnie's closed eyelashes flutter as she softly breathed. She looked utterly beautiful, mouth slightly open, curly hair in a pony tail with the sheets pulled up to her chin.

"Unbelievable little witch. I open up to you and you find it so boring you fall asleep." Damon's soon smiled. "You my dear are a pain in my arse." He gently moved to peck her on the lips before snuggling up on the mattress next to her.

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