Okay this is going to sound like [possibly the worst idea for a story ever! But please bear with me. I am kind of taking the idea (only the idea not actual plot or scene or anything) from the time traveller's wife for a little Janto tweaking in Torchwood.

Ianto Llewellyn Jones is trying to write his own into the mudded soil without much luck. It isn't fair; why should he have such a difficult one? Nearly everyone else in his class has easy names like James and Lucy; why should he be lumbered with Ianto Llewellyn Jones? For the third time in a row; he puts one too many l's into his middle name, and has to scuff over it with his trainers.

'Stupid bloody name' he snickers inwardly at the curse word; his mam would kill him if she heard it. He is just about to give up and go back, ready for the arrival of his tad from work; when he hears a soft cursing come from the thicket of trees that litter the end of the garden.

"Tad?" he asks uncertainly as he moves towards the sound. He is almost certain that it isn't him; but he knows that Tad has been known to venture down for fire wood.

"No I'm not your Tad" a distinctively non-welsh voice sounds, as a large broad shouldered man moves out from the trees. "Well at least I'm pretty sure I'm not your tad"

Ianto doesn't really know how to react; as he arches his neck to look upon the tall stranger; who has an oddly compelling face. Ianto hasn't really met anyone like him before; dressed in oddly familiar clothes and a glittering smile. In truth Ianto isn't really used to strangers; everyone knows everyone in his little village, much to his annoyance, all Ianto has to do is sneeze and it gets back to his mam and tad.

This stranger is a novelty. But Ianto knows not to be rude; his mother has hammered that into the young boy enough; giving him a clip round the ear when he does not adhere to her words.

"I am Ianto Llewellyn Jones." he states slowly; careful to make himself understood, as he moves unnervingly toward the stranger with a hand outstretched.

If the stranger finds this formality odd he does not remark up on it; as his smile raises itself a few watts as his hand encircles Ianto's smaller one; radiating heat.

"What a polite young gentleman Ianto Llewellyn Jones. I am Captain Jack Harkness, but you can call me Jack" he remarks, releasing the hand and moving to sit on an upturned tree route so that they are at equal height.

"And you can call me Ianto" Ianto replies, not to be one upped.

"So I'm guessing we are in Wales young Ianto?" Jack asks, appraising his new friend.

"Well of course silly." Ianto replies. "How could you not know that?" he asks slightly perplexed.

"Well" Jack remarks, rubbing the back of his neck slowly. "I don't really know. One minute I am in London. . The next minute I am here in the wood back there"

"London" Ianto asks with awe lacing his tone. "You come from London?"

Jack laughs lightly at the boy who can be no more than six years old. "Well no, I'm a traveller of sorts, I've been everywhere, but I was in London before I wound up here" Jack remarks.

Ianto seems to take all this in his stride nodding, chewing his bottom lip, and obviously he is taking care over his next words.

"Wow. I've always wanted to go to London. Tad says that it is the capital of England. And that the queen lives there with her family. . Do you know the queen?" Ianto asks, all his words coming out at blustering speed his tongue dragging over some.

Jack tries to contain his laughter.

"Yes it is the capital of England; and yes it is where the queen lives; but no I do not know her personally; though I did have a wonderfully brief relationship with her great granddaughter, But I do sort of work for her majesty. . Well on behalf of her really."

"WOW" is all the response Ianto offers, the implausibility of Jack's last statement completely lost on him

Jack once again laughs at the young boy.

"Are you a spy" Ianto asks, as if it is the next logical question.

"What?" Jack asks, shocked at the question, a little worryingly near to the actual truth. "Why would you think that?" he pushes.

Ianto just shrugs.

"No Ianto." Jack continues "there must be some reason for your question?"

It is now Ianto's turn to look sheepish, as his foot begins to dig into the dirt.

"Well" he begins hesitantly "James bond is a spy and he works on her majesties service which tad says is the queen and her family." Ianto explains quickly; eliciting another peel of laughter from Jack. "but please don't tell mam because Tad says that if she finds out he's been letting me watch it; she's going to confiscate all the video's and not let me watch anymore"

Jack nods along with Ianto's heart felt plea, as the boy's impossibly blue eyes, bleed into his own.

"I promise Ianto Llewellyn Jones, it shall be a secret between you and me."

Ianto cannot control the blinding smile that Jack has created with his words. No adult has ever spoken to him like that, ever. His mam tries, bless her but all can she seem to muster is a far away smile, and the odd hum of acknowledgement as Ianto tells her about the boy from down the road who swears blind he can fit his entire fist in his mouth. And Ianto's tad; well they share a love of James bond but that is as far as it goes. No, no grown up has ever bothered trying to talk to Ianto like Jack does.

"So is that why you are here?" Ianto asks bluntly, as he pushes the tips of his trainers further into the mud.

"What do you mean?" Jack replies, not really following the sudden twist in conversation.

"Your reason for being here silly- sir" Ianto quickly corrects with a small blush of his cheeks. "I mean are you in the wood because of some secret spy mission for the queen?" Ianto reasons, his body almost buzzing with the excitement of it all.

Jack has to chuckle at this, as he tries to fathom how to explain his current predicament to six year old boy.

"Jack" Ianto questions as the captain continues to ponder his answer.

"Hmm. . . What is it Ianto?" Jack asks his mind still on the answer.

"Is wearing my tad's work trousers and Rhiannon's school shirt, another part of your mission?" he enquires barely containing the giggle, as he finally recognises the blue blouse that is now stretched tightly against Jack's strong chest, and the brown corduroy trousers that hang limply from his muscular frame.

"Well, to tell you the truth Ianto, I had to borrow these from the washing line, because; well you see, I found myself in this wood entirely naked." Jack answers, as if honesty is the best policy. This of course makes Ianto laugh once more.

"You are very funny Mister Jack, I don't realise that spy's could be funny as well. In James Bond all he does is defeat the bad guys and kiss girls." As he says this, Jack notices Ianto's face twist into a grimace as he makes a distinct expression of disgust.

"So you don't like the idea of kissing girls Ianto Jones?" Jack quips with a quirk of his lips, as if the boy had just said something very amusing. Ianto pulls another disgusted face.

"No I don't, Girls are yucky, like my sister Rhiannon. I saw her kissing a boy the other day when she was supposed to be babysitting me. I don't know why anyone would want to kiss a girl, especially my sister, she's not very nice." Ianto explains with enthusiasm. Jack nods along, giving the small boy all of his limitless attention.

"Jack" Ianto once again tries. "You still haven't told me why you are in the wood. If it's secret, I promise I won't tell anyone, not even Joel or even Mam, I promise so much I swear, I swear on, I swear on" Ianto looks around on something significantly big enough to use. "I swear on my dad's entire James bond video collection, my hot wheels cars, and, and on my sisters life." Ianto wheedles with his large doe eyes, completely unrepentant that he values his sister's life under James Bond and hot wheels.

Jack pretends to ponder his answer, before his smile proudly beams at Ianto. "Well, seeing as you promised, I will tell you the truth, I am…" Before he can say another word, Jack's stolen clothes fall to the floor and the man inside them disappears right in front of Ianto's very eyes.

"James Bond doesn't do that in the movies."