What if the Black Prom/Chamberlain Massacre never occurred?

What if Carrie's early experiences served only to make her stronger and tougher later on in life?

What if things worked out for the best?

What if Carrie White became the student guidance counsellor at Bates high 23 years later instead of Sue Snell?

What if Carrie White and Rachel Lang were happily reunited later on?

And what if Carrie White prevented Rachel's rampage from happening?

Read on if you wish to find the answers


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Carrie is written by Stephen King 1974, 1976 adaptation by Brian Palma 1999 sequel by Katt Shea. All characters are sourced from above information.

Custom characters by myself for latter adaptation include :-

Here the author Stephen King is a scientist and the go to guy for everything you want to ask about telekinesis.

Josh Dawson, George Dawson Jr and Freya Dawson are the children of George Dawson and Frieda Jason. Veronica Frasier is the daughter Rhonda Simard. None of these characters would exist in the original universe as their parents were the casualties of Prom Night.