Carrie white and Robbie Kelton must have been having been seeing each other since five years by now and despite this they both harboured strong feelings for one another.

Rachel later displayed a bit of a mischievous streak, when she decided to bring her half sister and the Sheriff closer together. Persuading several students to collaborate with her, she engineered an incident that would result in Carrie and Robbie spending some quality time together on their own.

When Carrie found out about this she was furious at first and did not appreciate Rachel in meddling in her personal life. Rachel for her part defended herself by pointing out the fears that Carrie harboured concerning relationships. Realising that she was telling the truth Carrie simmered down.

She finally made the decision to develop a relationship with Sheriff Robbie Kelton further. Just before Rachel went to college Carrie White and Robbie Kelton got married. Her friends Tommy Ross, Sue Snell, George Dawson Senior, Frieda Dawson and Rhonda Frasier were all invited. Most of them were happy that Carrie had finally found someone in her life after a number of setbacks. Sue Snell served as the matron of honour at Carrie's wedding. Rachel Lang, Veronica Frasier and Freya Dawson were amongst the bridesmaids. The honeymoon was in Aspen, Carrie subsequently moved in with Robbie and about a year later she gave birth to her first child a girl whom she named Lucille.

Rather than undertake maternity leave Carrie decided on the difficult but momentous decision and resigned her commission as student guidance counsellor so that she could stay at home and spend some time looking after her newborn daughter. On the day that she left the staff and the student at Bates High gave her a big warm send off. It is said that students from the previous years also returned for the occasion having heard that Miss White was leaving. It is also said that Carrie's leave and do party had so many attendants, that the school had to requisition the gymnasium for this occasion.

Carrietta Nicole White would always be remembered as a rock, one of the best tutors that the Bates High School ever had, principled, self-righteous and someone who commanded respect and love from all those she helped.

In the years that would follow Carrie with the help of Sue Snell decided to investigate family lineage. Although Carrie and Rachel's father had died, she felt inclined to know if they might be any others like them. Towards that end she tried to find out if she had any aunts or uncles and whether if her grandmother and step-grandfather had sired any more children together. She also took the liberty to investigate Barbara Lang's side of the family. All findings that she made she relayed to Professor Stephen King.

Carrie did have more children, when they were old enough she set herself on the new mission to find others with telekinetic problems and help them. She even went as far as trying to set up a school where people with telekinetic abilities could learn how to manage the conditions. Professor Stephen King and later Rachel Lang provided valuable support in this enterprise.

While at college Rachel developed an interest in the Oriental arts. Many years later after completing university in before starting her career as a neurologist she travelled to China and spend some time at a monastery where she studied meditative techniques. Under the tutelage of a wise master she ultimately learned how to control her telekinetic abilities. After acquiring a medical degree Rachel finally began her career as a neurologist. Much later on along with her eldest half sister her destiny would be to find and help other people suffering from telekinetic problems. She would also make a significant contribution to science as the telekinetic gene was finally identified followed by a cure.

In this time stream both Carrie White and Rachel Lang had a more favourable destiny, but like everyone else they would have their trials and tribulations their joys and sorrows. Their ailments and experiences served only to make them stronger in this continuity and more successful. They had come a long way from where they originally started.