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Meeting 01: Kidnapping Superboy

Having a love one that was a superhero in their free time was not an easy secret to live with. After all there's that constant worry as they go out every day putting their life on the line, knowing there's always the possibility that they might not return by the end of the day. Then there was the stress of not being able to talk to anyone because that would compromise their secret identity. For Martha and Jonathan Kent having a boy who was invulnerable did nothing to curb the worry.

Which was why the members of WASH (Worried About SuperHeroes) would meet once month. Alfred, bless that man, had originally come up with the idea one day after he had been forced to travel to Smallville to pick up Bruce, Batman, after Clark had dropped him off. Martha never did get the full story on why that happened.

After Alfred had watched as Martha fretted over Bruce, he had invited her and Jonathan over for tea and cookies, if they ever needed someone to talk to. Martha who still worried every time she saw her baby boy on the TV took the offer up in a heartbeat. After all who better to talk to then someone who also had a family member risking their life on the line?

So the next time they had the chance, Martha and Jonathan packed their bags and flew over to Gotham to visit Alfred. One apple pie, two plates of cookies, an exchange of recipes, and some friendly advice, WASH was born.

When Flash had crash landed in Smallville, (another story Martha never received) she had a chance to learn about Iris, Barry's wife. Naturally, Martha extended an invitation for her to come to the next WASH meeting. Iris gladly joined them.

Nowadays WASH met once a month. Iris would get her husband to pick up Alfred, Martha and Jonathan and bring them back to Central City. (As the fastest man alive, this had helped cut down on travel time by half). Martha and Jonathan would bring Martha's famous apple pie and Alfred would bring the tea and cookies. They had been meeting for several years now. There in Iris' house, they would sit and talk about everything and anything. So far they had seen Iris through the time when her nephew gained his powers, worried over young Roy whom they had found out had left Green Arrow on his own, and most recently the formation of Young Justice.

Martha is pleasantly surprised when Alfred mentioned that one of the members of Young Justice is Superboy, the clone of her baby boy, essentially, her grandson. Or would son be the more technical term?

Upon her arrival back home, Martha called up her son and demanded to know why she hadn't met her grandson yet. Needless to say, Clark was shocked to find out that she knew. Then he stammered out that Superboy had just gotten out of Cadmus and wasn't ready to meet people yet. He was still trying to get use to the world around him as he had just spent the last sixteen weeks in a pod. For the time being Martha had accepted that.

However, weeks turned into months and Martha still hadn't met her grandson. Clark kept making several different excuses each time she inquired about it. Iris, after having a long chat with her nephew, had informed Martha that Superboy often stayed in Mount Justice alone or with Miss Martian. That was the breaking point.

"Going to do something about it, dear?" Jonathan asked, not evening looking up from his newspaper.

"Of course!"

"Good, I was wondering when we were gonna meet the boy."

Alfred had been a godsend. Martha didn't even have to explain her plan before he had agreed to it. He simply asked that they come by the manor when they had the chance and he would have things ready.

By ready, Alfred had Zeta Beam ready to transport Martha and Jonathan to Mount Justice as soon as they arrived. He also said he would have the security camera offline while they approach Superboy. Martha thanked him once more and soon both she and Jonathan were off.

They found Superboy sitting front of the TV watching nothing but static. Martha disapproved in her head. Superboy had turned his head as he heard them approach.

"Who are you?" he asked, getting up from the couch.

"Hello Superboy," Martha greeted. "I'm Martha Kent and this is my husband Jonathan Kent."

"We're your grandparents," Jonathan said full of pride.

"Grand-parents?" Superboy questioned. He was unsure about these people. How did they get into the mountain?

"We're Superman's parents, which makes us your grandparents," Martha explained. She held up a photo of a young Clark standing with his parents on the farm. Martha had brought the entire scrapbook to help prove what they were saying was true.

The suspicion on Superboy's face started to melt away. There was no doubt that the boy in the picture was a younger Superman. He looked exactly like Superboy at that age. Superboy looked at them, curious. "Why are you here?" he asked.

The fact that he didn't know about them, made Martha wonder if Clark was even speaking to Superboy. Either way she made a reminder to herself to withhold Clark's pie privilege for the next few visits.

"We would like to get to know you a bit better," Jonathan said. "If you would let us."

Martha smiled. "I even have apple pie waiting at home for us."

At the mention of apple pie, Superboy's interest perked and he nodded. Martha chuckled to herself. Perhaps the love of apple pie had been genetic after all?

"So, boy," Jonathan asked, clapping his hand on Superboy's shoulder. "What's your real name?"

Superboy blinked at them. "My name is Superboy," he said.

"Not your superhero name," Martha gently probed. "But your civilian name."

"I don't have one."

Martha and Jonathan looked at each other. It would seem they would need to have a long talk with Clark when he called again. "That won't do," Martha said.

"How about the name Conner?" Jonathan suggested. "That was my father's name, your great-grandfather."

Superboy smiled. "That has a nice ring to it. I would like that?" he said, hesitantly. He still wasn't sure what to make of this new relationship that had been offered to him, but since he was given the chance, he wanted to take it.

"Good! Nice to meet you then Conner Kent," Martha said cheerfully. "Let's get you back to the farm. There are a lot of things to talk about."

With a quick whoosh, they're back in Wayne Manor. Alfred dropped them off at the airport, wishing them the best of luck.

On the plane ride home, Martha sat on Conner's left and Jonathan sat on Conner's right. Both are fast asleep as the plane flew through the starry sky. Conner looked back and forth between them and wondered if this is what family felt like.

He really liked it.

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