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Paula was concerned. It was hard not to be. Artemis had been gone for three days on a mission. Paula hadn't heard a single thing, didn't know if her child was fine. In the last three days, she had barely slept, just waiting for Artemis' return. A mother always worried about her child.

She sighed softly and rested her cheek in her hand. What could she do? Taking away Artemis' bow would not solve the problem. Knowing her strong-headed girl, she would find a way to continue fighting against crime. Plus there was a part of Paula that didn't want to deny what little happiness Artemis had found in being a vigilante.

She just wished there was someone to talk to. Constantly fretting over whether Artemis would come home to her, concerned over the bruises her daughter received, and the fear that one day she'll have to bury her child before her. Paula slumped in her wheelchair. Artemis was always so secretive. Paula supposed it came with the territory of being black-ops team.

Oh who was she kidding? Paula rolled herself over to a table. She pulled open the drawer and pulled out a small device. This device would allow her to contact someone at the League. It was only supposed to be used in emergencies but there had to be someone she could talk to. Perhaps… ah Red Tornado? Artemis mentioned he was the one who looked after the team. All Paula wanted to know was whether her daughter was safe.

The device rang and soon a red clad hero appeared. It was Flash. "Ah, hello? Flash?" Paula said. "I know this line is only supposed to be used in emergencies, but I'm Artemis' mother."

"Oh yeah! Paula right? What can I do for you?" Flash gave a smile that eased a few of Paula's fears.

"Well just looking for confirmation that my daughter is alright," Paula said. She prayed with all her heart that Flash could at least give her this peace of mind.

Flash tapped his chin. "Well I can't say much about the mission itself, even I don't know all the details. But yeah, your daughter is fine. Her life signal is reading strong and she's with her teammates."

"I see," Paula said. A small wave of relief flooded her. It wasn't much but at least she knew Artemis was well.

"Say…" Paula looked back at the screen to see a concerned Flash staring at her. "Do you wanna come over for snacks? By come over, I mean introduce you my wife. I'm stuck on guard duty you see, monitoring all the communications by my lonesome self. That means my poor wife is home all alone," he lamented.

Paula chuckled. "I would love to, but I'm afraid it isn't easy for me to travel places."

"Ah no sweat," Flash chuckled. "Fastest Man Alive here. I can pick you up and drop you off in a matter of seconds. Give me a moment. You're in Gotham yeah? Let me just find someone to take over for me and I'll be there in a flash."

Paula stared in shock as the line went dead. What had just happened? Before she could collect her thoughts, she heard a knock. She wheeled herself around to find Flash standing behind her. "Wah!" she shouted in surprised.

"Oops, sorry," Flash apologized. "Did I scare you?"

Paula placed a hand on her chest, trying to calm her racing heart. "Just a little," she said weakly.

"My apologizes," Flash said. "So how could you like to go? I can just take you, or I can bring you and your chair along? I'm not entirely sure which would be more comfortable."

"My chair as well. Unless your home is small?" Paula inquired.

"Nah. It isn't huge, but it should have along of space." Flash lifted her from her chair. "I'll come back for it. Hold on!"

Within seconds Paula found herself in the living room of another house. Sitting on the couch was a redheaded woman. "Oh my," she said. "Dear, who is this?" She stood up and walked over.

Paula could tell this woman had been sitting on the sidelines for awhile. She didn't even flinch when Flash suddenly appeared in the room. No questions asked as to what happened, her tone held no anger, worry or jealousy. Just simple curiosity, as if asking what should be made for dinner. Paula wondered if she would ever have the iron-will strength to make it through the day like this woman.

"Iris, this is Paula, Artemis' mother. Paula this is Iris my beautiful wonderful wife," Flash introduced.

"Artemis' mother?" Iris questioned. Her eyebrow rose. There was look in her eyes that Paula could not decipher.

Flash set Paula down on the couch. "I'll be back in a flash with your chair," he told her. His eyes held a mischievous glint at his pun. Then he was gone.

Iris took a seat next to Paula. "Nice to meet you," she said. "I'm sure you're pretty confused right now, but I wager you're concerned about you daughter."

Paula nodded.

Iris gave her a soft smile. "Then let me tell you about a support group called W.A.S.H."

The End.

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