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Two Sides of a Coin

Crossover: Young Justice (animated) / Samurai Sentai Shinkenger
Summary: Dick Grayson never became Robin. Instead he became Shiba Takeru. But that doesn't stop him from being a superhero and definitely doesn't stop destiny from knocking.

Two Skills Takeru shouldn't have but Robin should

Just because he didn't become Robin didn't mean he couldn't do the skills that so iconic to Robin and Dick Grayson.

2. Hacking

If he thought about it, there wasn't a reason why computers stirred up so many various emotions in him. Takeru can't fathom why, but there was something about tinkering with computers that relaxed him and excited him so. There was just something about the lines of code, looking for loopholes and feeling of his fingers flying over the keyboard. It was exhilarating and wonderful, like a puzzle that's always changing, where one solution simply unlocked another ten more things.

He studied computers in his free time, soaking up buckets of knowledge at a time. There was a reason why he understood what Genta had accomplished so easily. Really when he thinks about it, converting mojikara into a useable form like electricity through the use of a computer circuit is utterly brilliant on Genta's part. Not that he'll mention that to Genta any time soon.

Honestly, he doesn't understand why he's so terribly good at computers or why he even bothered to learn hacking in the first place. Computers are practically useless against the Gendoshuu. Being able to slip past a firewall isn't going to help anyone. It wasn't like a Gendoshuu would use a computer to attack either. They were monsters, ancient ones that probably didn't even know how to use a computer much less what a computer was. It was a skill useless to have but it was one Takeru indulged in.

This particular hobby was something he had never told his vassals because there was never a reason to. Despite Chiaki's grumbling, there was a computer in the Shiba Mansion, however it was located in Takeru's personal bedroom next to a brown picture frame holding a tattered picture. When he retired for the night or after a particular hard day when the burden of being lord became too heavy, Takeru would lose himself in the world of binary numbers and data bytes.

Tonight he was hacking an American server called the Batcave. Should be fun.

1. Aerialist

This Gendoshuu was annoying.

It was rare for Gendoshuu to have the ability to fly as strange as it was. That didn't change that fact that this current one can. Takeru ducked behind a crate, growing annoyed by this ability. To the left, he saw Genta and Ryuunosuke duck for cover behind a few barrels. Behind him, he's vaguely aware that Mako and Chiaki are hiding presumably behind the pillars of the building and Kotoha had a solid stone wall defending her.

High in the sky a greenish blue bird Gendoshuu flew in the air. It unleashed feathers that sped at them as it taunted them that they could not hit it.

Takeru eyed the fire escape next to him and decided it was time to bring that bird down. Faster than anyone could notice, Takeru is at the top of the building, leaping off with a grace that none of the Shinkengers have seen before. Takeru vaulted off the shoulders of the Gendoshuu, pushing the bird monster down before he flipped around, twisting his body so that he pushed off the side of the building. A quick slash damaged the monster's winged causing to crash to the ground in a large explosion.

For a moment, though, Takeru ignored that, grabbing the flag pole. He swung once (a feat he would later look back upon and wonder how he managed that with a sword still in hand) building momentum once more before letting go to somersault once, twice, thrice, quadruple before landing on the ground.

"Tono!" Ryuunosuke shouted running up to him. "How…! How did you do that?"

"That was amazing, Tono-sama," Kotoha remarked. The rest expressed similar comments regarding Takeru's last stunt.

Takeru shook his head. "The Gendoshuu," he ordered, redirecting their attention to the Gendoshuu who was about to enter its second life. They quickly refocused at the task at hand and with the help of Tenkuu ShikenOh the Gendoshuu is swiftly defeated.

With monster gone and the temporary peace returned, they head back to the mansion. Takeru's performance was forgotten amidst the celebration of another victory over the Gendoshuu. Takeru was more silent than usual though it goes unnoticed by the others. He was deep in thought, reviewing what happened today and fending off an unexplainable sense of loneliness that swelled up inside of him.

As the gates of the mansion come into view, Takeru closed his eyes and tried hard to forget the feeling of flying in the air and cheers of people.

He wasn't an aerialist anymore.

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