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FYI..This story starts off with Draco & Hermione but will become Harry & Hermione

The great hall was mostly empty, as lunch had just finished, however, Harry, Ron and Ginny were stopped by Professor McGonagall to discuss a few things about the rumored party in Gryffindor tower that night. When she had finished lecturing the three on keeping things relatively under control at the party she then told the three to tell Miss Granger that she is expected to be present at all meals especially now. Ginny exchanged a look with McGonagall, however, Ron and Harry just looked confused. Before they were able to question her further however, a loud argument was heard approaching from outside, obviously a lover's quarrel. In no time the doors were thrown open and in storms Hermione followed closely by none other than Draco Malfoy. The two were so wrapped up in their argument that they didn't even notice the small group gathered in the doorway to the great hall that consisted of Hermione's best friends on one side of the foyer or Professor Snape, Blaise and Pansy coming up from the dungeons on the other side of the foyer. They continued their very loud argument, shocking nearly everyone present into silence…

"Draco, you are being ridiculous, I refuse to discuss this any further with you until you have calmed down" says Hermione as she turns to walk away from him.

"No, I don't believe I am quite finished with you yet, Love" says Draco, grabbing her arm and forcefully pulling her back to him.

At this point Harry and Ron have both taken out their wands and start to head over to Hermione but Prof. McGonagall holds them back. She shares a look with Prof. Snape on the other side of the hall who is doing the same with Pansy and Blaise.

"Fine, have it your way" she says, pushing him away from her and grabbing her arm back.

"It's Potter isn't it?" asks Draco

"What? What are you talking about Draco?"

"That's why you haven't been sleeping with me the last couple of weeks isn't it. Your sleeping with him, aren't you?"

"Draco, stop it. How many times do we have to go through this, I am not sleeping with Harry."

"I don't believe you. Something is off and you won't look me in the eye, I know you're hiding something from me."

"I can't do this right now, I'm leaving"…as Hermione turns to leave she realizes that they are not alone, however Draco is only concerned with Hermione and has no idea they have an audience.

Hermione's hesitation is enough to give Draco time to catch up to her ...

Now Prof. Snape and McGonagall are running and pulling out their wands trying to get to the teens before things can get any worse…

"Tell me love, is he as good as I am? Does he make you scream in bed like I do? Does he call you his little Mudblood whore?"

And then everything seemed to happen at once. Both Draco and Hermione had completely lost their temper and before anyone could sort the two out, there was some sort of magical explosion that caused both of them to fly several feet backwards away from each other, leaving them laying on the floor.

There was a fair amount of confusion as Prof. McGonagall, Ginny and Pansy all rushed to Hermione's side.

Harry and Ron have gone straight towards Draco with their wands out, looking murderous. Blaise has also headed towards Draco and is now pointing his wand at Harry and Ron.

Draco starts trying to get up and get to Hermione, tears streaming down his face he is pushing Harry and Ron with all his might. Prof. Snape sends incarcerous hexes at the boys to keep them under control. The start spewing obscenities and Prof. Snape silences them so that they are all left bound and speechless. He quickly walks over to Prof. McGonagall and tries to figure out what to do

"Is she alive?" asks Prof. Snape

"Yes, but barely…and I don't know about the baby" whispers Prof. McGonagall

"Blaise go get Madam Pomfrey immediately, tell her it is for Miss Granger." says Prof. Snape and he then releases him from his bindings.

"Why would he do this, didn't he realize this would happen?" Prof. McGonagall asks horrified.

"I don't believe Miss Granger had told him of her condition yet…. Let's find out." Prof. Snape then walks over to Draco and un-silences him.

"Did you know that Miss Granger was pregnant?"

Draco is still crying and sobs a " What? NO! Is she OK, what happened, what's going on? TELL ME!" He screams.

Prof. Snape then un-silences Ron and Harry who are completely speechless. He then releases the boys and tells them to behave or they will face far worse than incarcerous.

Prof. McGonagall starts to explain what's going on to the group:

"Miss Granger found out that she was with child 3 weeks ago. She informed us that she wanted to wait for the right time to tell you Mr. Malfoy and we told her how important it was that you knew as soon as possible since there are some complications when a pureblood and a muggleborn conceive."

"What complications?" Said the three boys in unison

"Well, Severus maybe you can explain better?" said Prof. McGonagall

"Yes, well you see Draco since your ancestors believed that purebloods were superior to muggleborns and would never dare to dirty the bloodline, they came up with a way to ensure that only the purest of children were born. The men had a tendency to enslave muggleborns and they wanted to make sure that no children came from this. They harnessed a very old dark magic that let them do this. The magic works such that if a pureblood were to get a muggleborn pregnant all that would be needed to terminate the pregnancy would be for the pureblood to use his magic against the muggleborn. The intent was that this would be done on purpose but as more couples came from mixed bloodlines it has also happened accidentally. This is why it was so important that you both knew the risks.

At this Draco collapses to the ground and starts sobbing. Harry and Ron start yelling at Malfoy again. Finally Blaise returns with Madam Pomfrey and all are quiet waiting to see what's going on with Hermione.

Once Madam Pomfrey looks at Hermione, tears start to fall from her eyes, and she looks at Draco "She told me this morning she was going to tell you today? Did she tell you? Did she?"

She advances on Draco pointing her wand at him, and he sobs "No, she didn't tell me! I think she was trying to but I was such a fool. I thought she was trying to break up with me for Potter. I said the most horrible things to her and I never gave her a chance to tell me." He falls to the ground again and Pansy rushes over to him.

Madam Pomfrey satisfied that this wasn't done on purpose moves back to Hermione and runs a number of tests on her. After about 10 minutes she determines that Hermione is stable enough to be moved to the hospital wing.

Once at the hospital wing Madam Pomfrey made them all wait outside. So after an hour of so of silence, Harry finally spoke. "How long have you been seeing each other? How did it happen? Why didn't any of us know?"

"I knew"…said Ginny and Pansy at the same time. Harry, Ron and Blaise looked shocked at the two girls.

Then Draco finally spoke…"It happened over the summer. My mother wanted to get me away from my father and the Dark Lord so she took me on a vacation someplace where no one would ever think to look for us, muggle France. We were to spend the entire summer there. Our first week there, I was walking the beach admiring all the beautiful girls when I noticed one girl who stood out, her hair was wet and flowed down her back, she had sunglasses and the most delicious green string bikini on. Being a Malfoy I strode right up to her and started saying how she was the most beautiful girl there and that she must accompany me to dinner that night. At this she took off her sunglasses and screamed Malfoy what the hell are you doing? I was so shocked I just stood there with my mouth open. She laughed and then took pity on me asking what I was doing in Muggle France. She joked that I must have sensed she was the only witch around, because I would never have approached Hermione if I had known who she was. I found myself annoyed that she thought so little of herself. She was beautiful and how had I never seen it before? Anyway, we spent the next week just talking and getting past all the hate we had spewed at each other all these past years. As the weeks went by we spent nearly all our time together and ended up falling in love, as cliché as that sounds. When we left we promised to keep seeing each other at Hogwarts and that we would tell our friends when the time was right. Pansy walked into my room one night and found Hermione and I together so we had to spill to her. Then Ginny cornered Hermione one day and told her she knew that something was going on with us so Hermione told her. We talked about telling the rest of you lot but wanted to wait a little longer. Everything seemed to be going well until the last month. She started to withdraw from me and I got completely paranoid thinking that she didn't love me anymore that she wanted to be with someone else. I knew how close she was with Potter so I assumed he must have woken up and noticed how bloody gorgeous she was and now they were going to live happily ever after. We started fighting more and sleeping together less and nothing seemed to be right. When she told me today that she wanted to talk with me about us, I was sure she was going to break up with me. It never occurred to me that it was anything else. I'm so stupid."

"I think there were times when she wanted to tell us," said Harry. "There would be these moments where she would really look at me and I could see her mind working and I would say what is it Hermione? She would pause and then shake her head and say it's nothing, Harry really it's nothing. I told her that I would be there when she was ready to tell me and she would smile and give me a hug thanking me for being such a good friend. I noticed a change in her the last couple of weeks as well, she seemed so sad and lost. She didn't look well and was always running to the bathroom to be sick but she said it was just a stomach bug. I didn't think anything of it but I was worried about how sad she seemed. I wish I tried harder."

"She was scared you would all be disappointed in her," said Ginny. "She was scared Draco would be disappointed that she let herself get pregnant. She was scared Harry and Ron would be disappointed that she was with Draco. She thought you would all abandon her and she would be left without you and she couldn't take the thought of that. That's why she was so sad and withdrawn, that's why she didn't tell any of you what was going on. I tried to tell her that Draco loved her and that Harry and Ron would never abandon her but she was convinced her world was going to fall apart when you three found out."

The doors to the hospital opened and out came Madam Pomfrey. "Well she is stable and I'm certain she will make it through this but I'm sorry to say the baby did not survive. I have to perform a procedure on her now and I will come and talk to you again once it's over." She then turned away and went back inside.

There was nothing anyone could say. Draco sobbed quietly while Pansy hugged him and told him everything was going to be ok. Everyone else just sat in silence until the door opened again an hour later.

Madam Pomfrey came out and said "OK, I've done as much as I can for now. She will still need time to heal and I will keep her here for a few days, but she is awake and you can go in and see her if you like. I think it best if no more than three of you go in at one time and please do not upset her. The poor thing has been through a terrible ordeal."

Draco, Harry and Ron all got up at the same time to go in and see Hermione first. It was a little awkward but they were all so thrilled that she was OK that they just went with it.

Hermione looked terrible. She was so pale and her eyes were all puffy and red. She could barely keep her head up for lack of strength and she had a nasty bruise on the side of her face. She had her hands crossed over her stomach and she was facing away from them when they came up to her bed. Draco tried to wipe the tears from her face but she flinched when he touched her so he stopped. She started sobbing and Harry grabbed her hand to hold it. She kept saying how sorry she was over and over again.

Finally, Harry said, "Hermione you have nothing to be sorry for. None of this is your fault and we are not mad at you or disappointed in you. You fell in love…granted it was with the ferret, but still, you fell in love. That is nothing to be sorry about. I'm just sorry, I couldn't have told you this sooner. You are my best friend and I could never be disappointed in you."

Ron, who had been quiet this whole time, said "yeah Hermione we still love you, even if you're with the ferret."

To this she laughed and gave them big hugs, groaning in the process from something that hurt. They both apologized for hurting her profusely and then sat down next to her bed.

Draco tried to reach out to her but she pulled away. She knew what she needed to do but couldn't bring herself to get the words out. They sat in silence for a few minutes and then Ron couldn't stand the tension any more.

"Well, I'm going to let everyone know how you're doing" and he walked away from her bed.

Harry looked to her to see if she also wanted him to leave and she gave an almost invisible shake of the head to let him know that she wanted him to stay.

Draco knew that it was only a matter of time before Mia (his nickname for her) let him have it so he waited patiently...

"I'm so sorry Mia, I truly am. I had no idea and I just lost my temper" said Draco

Hermione summoned up all her Gryffindor courage and said, "I know you are sorry, Draco and I know you didn't realize what would happen, but I won't pretend this is the first time you've lost your temper."

Harry who had been trying to give them some semblance of privacy and was facing away from the bed, whipped his around and looked at them completely shocked.

"I know Mia, it's not. I don't know what happens but I just loose it sometimes and I don't know how to stop it" said Draco with his head hung low.

After a couple of minutes Draco continued, "I love you so much. I can't believe what I've done."

Finally, he asked "Mia, why didn't you tell me about the baby sooner?"

Hermione took a deep breath and then started to talk quietly, "I was scared you would be mad and leave me. And I wasn't sure what I wanted to do about the baby and was considering all my options before I told you. I wanted to have a plan should you not want anything to do with me or the baby."

"Mia, I love you and we would have figured it out" said Draco

Hermione continued on as if she didn't hear what he said, "When I first found out Madam Pomfrey told me what might happen if you lost your temper, but I told her I needed some time before I told you. She said there were all sorts of complications because you're a pureblood and I'm a muggleborn so to be very careful. She also told me to refrain from being intimate with you for a little while to see how my body adjusted to the baby."

"I realize now I should have told you all this right away, then none of this would've happened" Hermione said as she started to break down and cry again.

"It's not your fault Mia" said Draco as he reached for her hand. She let him hold it briefly and then pulled away.

At this point Madam Pomfrey came back in and gave Hermione a potion to help her sleep. "Now boys, I must ask that you leave Miss Granger to get some rest, you can come back in the morning to visit her." "Oh and please tell the others that they will have to wait until tomorrow to visit as well," and then she was hurrying off again to get Hermione her pain potions.

Harry gave Hermione a quick kiss on the cheek said, "I'll be back in the morning to check on you, try and get some rest."

Draco wanted so badly to just hold her, but he could tell she didn't want him to so he said "I'll be back again in the morning to check on you." He tried to kiss her, but she backed away so he just squeezed her hand and left the hospital wing.

Hermione was then given her pain potions and was asleep within minutes…her last thoughts were of how wrong everything went.

Back in the Gryffindor common room, Harry, Ron and Ginny were sitting in silence, still unable to believe everything. After a few minutes, Harry bolted up to his room and came running back down.

"What are you doing," Ginny and Ron asked at the same time when they noticed Harry had his invisibility cloak.

"I'm going to stay in the hospital wing with Hermione," he replied as if it was the most logical thing to do.

"What, why, she'll be asleep the whole time," said Ron.

"I just want to, OK, Ron" said Harry reproachfully.

"Yeah, sure, see you in the morning, then" said Ron.

When Harry arrived, Hermione was asleep and so he pulled up a chair, transformed it so that it was a little more comfortable and drew the curtains around her bed. He took off his cloak and brought his chair up close enough so that he could hold her hand and then put his head down on the bed and instantly fell asleep.

Sometime later, Madam Pomfrey came in to check on Hermione and found the two sound asleep with their hands entwined…she woke Hermione to give her another dose of pain medicine. When Hermione raised her hand to grab the potion, she pulled Harry's hand as well, which woke him up. She took the potion and thanked Madam Pomfrey, who just left pretending not to notice Harry.

With a big sigh, Hermione turned to Harry and asked, "What are you doing here?"

"I just wanted to stay with you and make sure you were OK Hermione. And No, I'm not leaving, so you're just going to have to put up with me," he said with a smile.

"Honestly, Harry it must be terribly uncomfortable for you" worried Hermione.

"I'm fine; don't worry about me…how are you feeling?"

"I'm tired and I seem to be aching all over and my stomach is killing me but I think the pain meds are starting to kick in because I'm getting drowsy again." Then she let out a big yawn.

"OK, well lay back and get some rest and let the potions do their job." Harry got up and fluffed some of her pillows for her and brought the covers up. Then he bent down and kissed her forehead and said "sweet dreams." He walked back over to his chair and sat down and grabbed her hand again. She was asleep again within minutes.

This routine continued a couple more times before morning came.

When Ron and Ginny arrived the pair were still asleep. Ron went over to Harry and shook his shoulder to wake him up. Seeing that Hermione was still asleep Harry got up and walked out to the hallway and out to get some fresh air with them.

"How is she?" Ginny asked

"She's OK. She's in a lot of pain. Madam Pomfrey had to come in every couple of hours and give her a pain potion. She had to give her a sleeping potion a couple of times as well. She was having nightmares, so I would wake her up and she would cry for a few minutes before she nodded back off to sleep. It was a long night," said Harry with a sigh.

Ron then asked "What did Madam Pomfrey say?"

Harry sighed again, "She said that Hermione would be OK but that it would take a while for her to be back to normal both physically and mentally after everything that happened yesterday. She said that the fact that she was muggleborn and Malfoy was a pureblood made the pregnancy really hard on Hermione. She said that Prof. Snape had been brewing a special potion for Hermione to help keep her strong and maintain the pregnancy. She said that was probably the only reason Hermione was still alive right now."

"What?" Ginny and Ron exclaimed at the same time

"Yeah, I guess there's some old magic that prevented muggleborns from carrying a purebloods child to term and that Snape had invented a potion to counteract it. Weird isn't it? Who would have thought Snape would care about muggleborns," asked Harry.

"Anyway, there's another way purebloods ensured that the bloodlines remain pure should a pregnancy continue …apparently if they struck the woman in anger, this would terminate the pregnancy and most likely kill the witch. Because Hermione was taking Snape's potion, she was able to survive."

"That is just sick…"said Ron. "I'm ashamed to be a pureblood right now."

"Yeah. It is sick," said Harry. Noticing Ginny was silent; Harry asked

"Ginny are you OK?"

"Oh, yes, I was just thinking Harry, your mom was a muggleborn and your dad was a pureblood…do you think she had a hard time? Do you think that she took that potion too," asked Ginny, obviously curious.

"I don't know. Madam Pomfrey said that Snape invented it because he had a friend that needed it but she wouldn't' say anything else. I'm pretty sure Snape would never help my mother so maybe she didn't have any problems, or maybe she just suffered through." At this Harry frowned thinking that he could cause his mother pain before he was even born.

"I'm sorry, Harry, I didn't mean to upset you. It just popped into my head," said Ginny.

"It's ok Ginny, I'll suppose I should ask Lupin and see if he knows anything."

The three then stated their way back to the hospital wing and just as the they were about to open the doors they heard Hermione screaming and sobbing. They ran as fast as they could to her bed to see what was going on…


Harry ran right up to Draco and physically dragged him out of the hospital wing

Ginny ran straight to a sobbing Hermione, hugging her and saying "it's OK, he's gone now" over and over again to try and calm her down.

Seeing that Ginny could handle Hermione, Ron went out to help Harry.

When Ron walked out the doors, he found Malfoy slumped on the floor crying with a stunned Harry just watching him. "Harry, what's going on?"

"I don't' know Ron. As soon as I got him out here he slumped down on the floor and started crying. I don't' know what to do with him? What do we do?"

"I don't know Harry; I'm not a girl. Maybe we should get Ginny…no wait she's with Hermione…should we get Madam Pomfrey or Snape?"

At this Malfoy snorted…

"Malfoy, what the hell is going on? What did you do to Hermione to make her so upset?" Harry asked now thoroughly annoyed.

Draco composed himself somewhat before replying, "Nothing. I didn't do anything. I just went in to see her and she lost it. She said the most horrible things to me… told me it was all my fault, that I ruined her life, that she hated me, said she never wanted to see me again, that she couldn't even look at me, asked me how I could do this to her…" At this Malfoy started sobbing again.

Several awkward minutes passed and then Malfoy started to get up and walk away. He turned and looked Harry right in the eyes and said "I'll stay away if that's what she wants but if she needs anything let me know."

Harry nodded and Malfoy left.

"Blimey Harry, that was mental" said Ron

"I know. Let's go check on Hermione and see what's going on" said Harry turning back to the Hospital wing.

Ginny seemed to have been able to calm Hermione down because she was laying back in bed, only sniffling every now and then when they arrived at her bed.

"Hermione, are you OK," Harry said grabbing her hand to hold.

"Yeah, I'm sorry you guys had to see that"…she said with her head low and not making eye contact with anyone.

At this Harry pulled her chin up so that she could meet his eyes and said "Hermione you have nothing to be sorry for, understand?"

She only nodded and then pulled Harry into a hug and started sobbing again on his shoulder.

After a few minutes Harry sat down on the bed and let her continue to cry on his shoulder…

Ginny and Ron excused themselves and said they would come back after lunch to check in.

At some point Madam Pomfrey came in to give Hermione her pain potion and noticing how upset she was, also gave her a calming and sleeping potion. A few minutes later, Hermione was asleep curled up against Harry.

Harry turned to Madam Pomfrey and said "Thank you for taking such good care of her."

"Nonsense, it's my job Harry" replied Madam Pomfrey

"What can I do for her to make this better?" asked Harry

She sighed and said "Harry, there's not much more you can do. She's going to need time to deal with this and she's going to need her friends for support."

"I just feel so helpless" said Harry.

"I know but you are doing exactly what she needs right now, being a great friend to her" said Madam Pomfrey.

Resigning himself to long day, Harry put his head back to get some rest while Hermione was asleep.