My summer was very interesting. Having this baby inside of me was kind of annoying. My stomach was starting to get larger. It definitely made me look a lot less hot. There was also the fact that I was supposed to keep it inside of me for a full nine months. Who decided that? It's so inconvenient. Alice was really sweet about the situation and I'm pretty sure that Rosalie was jealous. She apparently really wanted to have a baby but couldn't because she was dead. I would probably trade with her if I could but I'm pretty sure that that is not possible.

As of this very second, I was starting school. Because of the whole pregnancy thing, Uncle Charlie had decided not to get me a new car. It was kind of unfair for him to punish me for something that I did before I got here but I would probably take it over what Daddy would do to me. I was currently sitting in the front seat of Alice's car that I never could remember the name of. I think it was called a Porch or something. I knew from the shows that people were going to be looking at me different. I hadn't started gaining weight until after the school year was over and now I had a rather large, 5 months pregnant belly.

"So are you ready?" Alice asked me.

"Yeah I am." I answered. "I never cared what these people thought of me before and I'm not gonna start now."

"If anyone makes fun of you, you can just tell me." Alice offered. I'll make sure that they never do it again. You should go say hi to your friends."

I noticed Mike, Jessica, Angela, and Eric were standing in the parking lot. I got out of the car and slowly walked over to them.

"Hey guys." I greeted uneasily. I was pretty sure that they all knew that I was pregnant but it was still kind of nerve-racking. You know that whole not caring about what people thought about me. It was a lie.

"Wow so you really got a baby in there." Mike commented.

"Unless I have a demon in me like in that movie." I quipped. "So did you guys have good summers?"

"Yeah we did." Jessica replied, apparently answering for everyone. I wondered why she did that. "Anyway I can't really talk right now. I have to get to class. I'm also on the watch for any new cute guys."

So they all seemed to ditch me. To make things worse, Alice had class on the opposite end of the school. I still had a lot to do. Thankfully because of my pregnancy, I was allowed to be five minutes late to class.

As I was walking to my locker, I heard appeared to be books falling to the floor.

"Damn it." A girl remarked. I looked over to see a short blonde. She was wearing the school's cheerleading uniform but I don't think I've ever seen her before. Being the kind girl that I was, I went over to help her.

"Here let me help you." I said as I picked up one of her books. First she looked at my face, then my stomach.

"Are you new here?" I asked. "I'm Elle."

"Are you pregnant?" She asked. She had a bit of an accent but I couldn't quite identify where she was from.

"Funny I was more hoping for your name." I remarked.

"Sorry." She apologized as she held out her hand toward me. "I'm Claire. So can I have my book?"

I handed it to her. "Yes I'm pregnant." I confirmed. "Do you know where your classes are?"

"Yes I'm in Room 256." She answered.

"That's the same room I'm in." I said as I began to walk with her.

"So it is your boyfriend's?" She asked.

"No, that wouldn't be possible because my 'boyfriend' is a girl." I responded.

"Then how did you…" She questioned in confusion.

"I had a one night stand in New York." I explained. "So where are you from?"

"My family just moved here from Texas." Claire answered. That had to be it, a Texas accent.

"But you made the cheerleading squad." I pointed out.

"Yeah apparently one of the girls went missing and they needed a replacement." Claire explained. "Someone found out that I did cheerleading at my old school and asked me. This looks like the place."

So we were both excused for being late. Class was pretty boring. After it was over, I went to meet Alice outside of the door. I greeted her with a kiss.

As it turned out, Claire was in a lot of my classes. She wasn't completely intolerable and not that hard to be around.

"So can I sit with you at lunch?" Claire asked as I frowned.

"I'm sorry but my table is a little bit exclusive." I remarked. "But I do know somewhere that you can sit. My only question is wouldn't you be sitting with the other cheerleaders?"

"No it's like some cheerleader initiation thing." Claire explained. "Apparently everyone is going to ignore me except for at practice for the first week."

"That doesn't sound very nice." I commented as I took Claire to the table where all of my friends sat. "Hey everyone this is Claire. She needs a place to sit for lunch."

They all seemed to welcome her as I made my way to Alice's table.

"So you made a new friend it seems." She said.

"Well I was just showing the new girl around." I told her. "I can't believe that the other cheerleaders won't talk to her. That doesn't sound right at all."

"Listen it's okay if you want to be friends with her." Alice replied. "You seemed to be getting along pretty well."

"I don't think you really have any reason to be jealous." I responded. "I don't really wanna be here anyone but you."

"I wouldn't be so sure about that, Alice." Naomi remarked. "Your mate seems to think that she's pretty hot."

"So I think she's hot, big deal." I refuted. "I would be lying if I said she wasn't attractive. Would you please not read her mind? I don't really want to know what she truly thinks of me."

"You're afraid." Naomi remarked.

"I do really want to be friends with her but I am afraid that once this cold shoulder by the cheerleaders wears off, she'll never talk to me again. I don't take rejection very well and I think my hormones are acting up. Can we please talk about something else?"

"Okay so your birthday is coming up soon, right?" Alice asked. "Have you thought about what you want to get?"

"I actually haven't." I stated truthfully. "I haven't really celebrated my birthday since I was 6."

"I'm gonna get you a bazooka." Emmett remarked excitedly before Rosalie hit him.

"What would I do with that?" I asked. "Not only is it unnecessary but I also think it's illegal."

I looked over to the table where Claire. She seemed to be getting along with the occupants pretty well. I wanted to get out of the lunchroom.

"I need to go to the bathroom." I announced.

"Okay I'll go with you." Alice said.

"No that's okay." I remarked. "I was actually hoping that Rosalie would though. I want to talk to her about something."

Rosalie reluctantly got up and the two of us walked into the hallway.

"So what is it?" She asked impatiently.

"Look I know that you're upset because I'm pregnant." I said. "Everyone's told me that you've wanted a baby for a long time but can't have one. I'm sorry and if I could somehow have you carry this thing instead of me, I would gladly do it. Ow…especially since it keeps kicking me."

"Alright I'm sorry that I'm being a bitch about this." Rosalie replied. "I promised Alice a few months ago that I wouldn't give you a hard time and lately I haven't really been living up to that. You're right. I want nothing more in my life than to have children. Even though I've come to grips with the fact that that's never going to happen, that doesn't make it any easier to see you like this. I promise that I'll be a better sister towards you."

"Thank you." I told her.

So a few days later, it was my birthday. I was 18 and I really didn't get what that meant. I think that meant I was an adult or something but I never really knew the difference anyway. Alice was there to greet me when I woke up with a tray of breakfast in my bed. She had apparently made me a ham and avocado sandwich, that's exactly what I was craving.

"You know you have you some weird cravings." Alice remarked. "It wasn't exactly easy to find avocados in this town. You better be glad that I love you."

"I happen to be very glad." I answered. "So what did you get me?"

"I've yet to get you anything but I will." She promised. "Care to give me any suggestions? What did you want the last time you had your birthday?"

"I wanted a pony…don't get me that." I responded. "I'm sure you'll be able to find something."

"I'll make sure it's something that you'll love." Alice vowed. "In the meantime, you need to get ready for school."

So I got dressed in a black tunic and leggings. Other than my belly, I was basically the same size. I heard some women grow a lot while they're pregnant and I was glad to not be one of them.

When at school, as Alice went to her class, I found Claire standing by my locker.

"So you're not gonna stop talking to me after your silent treatment is over, are you?" I asked the petite cheerleader.

"No, you made more effort to talk to me and I'm not just going to abandon you." She denounced. "I don't care what people think about us being friends but I believe in loyalty. You don't have to worry. My last best friend was a guy from the AV club who happened to be gay."

"Well I'm a pregnant girl who happens to be gay." I pointed out.

"And you're still my friend." Claire said.

"It's my birthday today." I announced.

"Happy birthday." Claire replied. "Are you having a party?"

"I think I'm having a private party." I answered. "I believe my girlfriend's family throwing me one. I'm sorry. I would invite if I could."

"\It's okay, I'm just a girl that you just met." Claire replied.

"Do you wanna hang out some time after school?" I asked her. "Maybe we could go shopping or something."

"Yeah that sounds fun." Claire accepted. "Just tell me when."

"I'll get back to you on that." I said as we walked into class.

That night I was in the Cullens house wearing my maternity dress. Everyone else was dressed up as well. This wasn't exactly like the 18th birthday parties that I saw on TV. Of course, neither I nor the Cullens were really partyers. I walked down the stairs with Alice and Naomi to see everyone standing. There was a huge cake that I really couldn't wait to sink my teeth into.

"Can I please have some cake before presents?" I asked like a seven-year-old.

"Well based on my experience with pregnant women, I'll say yes." Carlisle chuckled..

I went to cut the cake and apparently put my finger in the way because it was bleeding.

"Fuck." I replied. "Great now there's blood in the cake."

But apparently the smell of my blood filled the air. Jasper began to run toward me and full force blast at him, knocking him straight back and destroying the piano. Emmett and Carlisle restrained him while Naomi tried to calm him down. I think I liked my birthdays in the facility better.

So about an hour later, I was sitting alone in my room with a Band-Aid on my finger. I noticed Alice standing outside of my window and I realized it was time. I opened it and she climbed up and into my room.

"Hey." She greeted.

"Hi." I reciprocated.

"Are you okay?" She asked.

"Well my finger will be fine." I remarked.

"I didn't get to give you this." Alice said as she handed me a little black box. Inside was a necklace with a pendant that said something about being together forever.

"I can't accept this." I replied.

"Why not?" She asked in confusion.

"Well one reason is your brother tried to kill me." I pointed out. "I told you I have trust issues and I don't think I can trust your family after that."

"It won't happen again." Alice tried to tell me.

"How am I supposed to believe that?" I asked. "How will I know that something won't happen tomorrow? I'm sorry Alice but I just can't be with you right now. I want you to leave."

So it's Elle breaking up with Alice in this story. This chapter also served as an introduction to Claire. She has an accent in my story because as far as I could tell she lived in Texas for most of her life. There should have been more accents but only Charlie had one. I probably have some of my readers conflicted. I may actually see a split of team Alice and Team Claire. Well whichever side you are, don't forget to review.