Okay so this is my first story. I have read quite a few teacher/student stories and didn't like how they were written or ended so I decided to write my own. I know the topic isn't original but I promise this story will be. Give it a chance. You will be surprised. :) Most of the story will be rated T but some will definitely be M. I will give you a heads up.

I own nothing but my imagination.

Chapter 1

I hate school, simple enough. I just do not understand the purpose of spending nearly 13 years of my life sitting in classrooms, listening to old people talk about things we won't even remember after 5 years. Not to mention why we even need to know these things.

My first hour is Literature. I actually love Literature. I love reading poems and stories. I am quite fascinated with the inner thoughts and crazy imaginations of some people, but on my own time. I don't like to be told what to read and I hate dissecting books. If you can't understand it… don't read it.

My 2nd hour is Math. Ugh! Enough said.

Science is my 3rd and History my 4th. Those are way too boring to even waste my words on.

The only reason I can even stand going to that shithole is my 5th, 6th, and 7th period. Art is my 5th. I loooove Art. Painting is my thing. Even if my best painting looks like a 5 year olds best work and I get more paint on myself then the canvas. The best part of my Art class though...the hottie that shares the double sided easel with me. She's a pretty decent painter and more than once I had to stop myself from asking her if she wanted to paint me...naked.

6th period is Music. Music is my passion. I learned to play the guitar before I could tie my own shoes. I have my rock star dad to thank for that. I am currently "learning" to play the piano. Of course that leads me to another hottie who is currently teaching me. Keep this between you and me, but I kinda, sorta already know how to play the piano too. But I play dumb and forget what key is what just so she will personally show me (wink wink).

Ahhhh, that leaves us with Gym, my 7th period. Now don't go getting all crazy on me. I do not, in any way whatsoever, like to play any sport invented by man. Trust me… Balls aren't my thing. Eww! However for some reason, (which I think has to do with our pervert of an athletic director), our gym uniforms are as skimpy as a hooker's skirt. Of course I have no issue with that. I don't mind wearing it and I sure don't mind others wearing it. Well except for that one girl. I don't want to explain because I don't want you to picture it. It's one of those "that just ain't right" moments. Double EWW!.

Anyway so I assume you get the picture. I like the fun classes. The classes where you don't necessarily need to think. And the eye candy is a bonus.

If you didn't catch it… I am a girl who likes girls. I am who I am and I don't apologize for it. Now I wouldn't say I am a womanizer. I might have an ultimate goal of getting in a girls pants, but I wine and dine them first. I am very charming and gentlewomanly (yes, that's actually a word). So I don't see someone more than once, and I don't like them there in the morning. I don't give them my phone number and I never, ever, ever under any circumstances cuddle. I am all for forking, but never spooning. Okay, okay, so I guess you could call me a womanizer, but like I said I am who I am and I don't apologize for it. And if you ask me, and the girls I have (womanized) you could say I have nothing to say sorry about. In fact they usually leave thanking me. Yes… I am cocky and yes I can back it up.

So my shrink thinks I have a problem, that problem stemming from not getting attention from my parents. I have too many walls up. Hence not letting anyone get too close to me, well emotionally that is. Definitely not physically. Yep, that's what she said. My dad has been on tour on and off for the last 2 years on and off and most of my life. I have seen him a total of 87 hours in the last 5 years. Yes, I have kept track because my time with him means a lot to me. My mom now… that's another story. Bitch! As of right now she is probably in some foreign country getting it on with her latest boy toy. I would know exactly where she was if I paid attention when she talked, but I feel no need for that. You know how the people on the phone in the Charlie Brown movies talk. That's what I hear when my mother is speaking to me. She punishes me because my dad loves me more than her. He isn't ever home, but when he is he spends it with me. That infuriates her. She also punishes me because of my sexuality. She doesn't understand it and she thinks I choose it. She thinks I am punishing her for being a bad mother. Yeah, it's all about her. So needless to say my family kinda sucks. Luckily I have a few good friends. I don't know what I would do without them.

So back to school sucking, I was suspended last week for my attendance or lack thereof. So I was forced to sit in my boring Literature class. I guess you could say there was one good thing about it and it had nothing to do with a hottie. One of my best friends, Maddie was in this class. I have to remember to talk to her later about that hideously awful checkered skirt. If you could see my face right now…well. Now Maddie by no means is an ugly girl. She has a great body and she is quite beautiful. Not to mention Latin. Ay Mami! But the girl has no sense of fashion whatsoever. WTF! How has she spent so much time with me over the years and not learned anything? Anyway, during my rant I didn't notice the teacher come in. I only realized it when I saw Maddie staring at me, motioning with her head to look forward. And then I heard my name. I follow the voice, which might I add is angelic, to the most beautiful face I have ever laid eyes on.

Blue eyes like the skies.

Perfect lips and golden blond hair and I am almost certain if she didn't have a pissed off look on her face she would have a gorgeous smile.

I guess she thought the way I had my mouth open in awe was humorous because all of the sudden she wasn't angry anymore … and there it was.

The gorgeous smile.

I saw her lips moving and faintly heard them saying something, but I was frozen.


Someone punched me in the arm, Maddie, and I finally snapped out of it in time to hear. "Well it's nice of you to finally join us, Miss Davies. I didn't think you knew where this classroom was."

Well I didn't until the principle personally showed me this morning. I certainly will remember it now. Oh wait...she said 'Miss Davies'. Hmm. It finally hit me. The beautiful blonde bombshell with blue eyes you could get lost in, perfect lips, golden blonde hair, and the most gorgeous smile is the teacher. NO fucking way! Well I think I can add Literature to one of the fun classes. I sat back and started to imagine all the ways that I could possibly seduce my teacher.

I should probably stop drooling and answer her.

"Oh I'm sure I will have no problem finding it now." I smirked and she rolled her eyes.

This was going to be so much fun.