Disclaimer: I do not own anything Harry Potter (JK Rowling and Warner Brother do), because if I did Harry and Hermione would end up together.

This is a next generation story about Lily and Scorpius that complies with all of JKR's books and takes place after the epilogue. However, there will be Harry & Hermione!

Author's Note: For this story, I have the ages of James, Albus and Lily closer than they are in the book. So James is 17, Albus is 16 and Lily is 15.

Lily hadn't been feeling well the past couple of weeks and she had gone to Madam Pomfrey just yesterday to see what was wrong, not wanting to be sick over the Christmas holidays at home. She expected a quick spell and a potion to make her feel better and then she would be on her way. Imagine her surprise when that wasn't the case. In fact, Lily was still so shocked by the news that she hadn't really spoken much yesterday or today on the train ride back. Now, she was sitting in her room, crying uncontrollably trying to figure out what she was going to do. How was she going to tell everyone? Just thinking about it made her gasp for breath. She couldn't deal with this, not right now. She had time to figure it all out. With that thought, she laid back on her bed and fell asleep instantly.

Downstairs her family was catching up. James was talking about how Gryffindor was going to win the cup this year because he was team captain and they had to win since it was his last year at Hogwarts. Albus just taunted him saying that obviously Slytherin was going to win because he was the team captain and they were clearly the better team. Harry and Ginny just laughed while the two brothers continued their argument over whose house team was better.

"Is everything alright with your sister, she seemed awfully quiet?" asked Ginny

"I don't think she's been feeling that well. I saw her yesterday in the halls and I asked her where she was off to and she said she was going to see Madam Pomfrey" replied James

"What did Madam Pomfrey say?" asked Harry

"I don't know." replied James

"You didn't ask?" said Albus and Ginny at the same time.

"No, why?" asked James

Harry got up and then said "well, I'll just go check on her and see how she's feeling." He climbed the stairs and knocked on Lily's door but got no answer so he opened the door to see Lily sleeping soundly in her bed. Frowning, he thought she must be really sick to fall asleep in the middle of the day. He walked over to her and noticed that her cheeks were covered in tears and her eyes were all puffy. He was instantly worried. Lily didn't cry, she was very much like him and it took a lot to make her cry. He sat down on the edge of her bed and brushed some hair out of her face, and wiped away the tears that remained on her cheeks. This act woke Lily and she looked up at him with sad eyes and said "Daddy?"

"Hi Pumpkin" replied Harry, then he continued "Is everything OK?"

Lily started to nod yes but then her eyes went wide and she covered her mouth and shot out of bed and ran to the bathroom. Harry was on his feet following her within seconds and found her vomiting over the toilet. He rushed over and held her hair and rubbed her back while she continued to vomit for several minutes. When she was done she sat down on the bathroom floor and cried. Panicking slightly that she was crying again, Harry gathered her up in his arms and brought her back to her room. "Come now, nobody likes to be sick but there's no need to cry over it. I'm sure you'll be better in no time." said Harry soothingly. Unfortunately, this only made Lily cry even harder and she was gasping for air again within minutes she was so upset. Harry just hugged her and let her cry, not knowing what else to do. Why hadn't he sent Ginny up to check on her, this was not something he knew how to deal with at all. Finally after what seemed like an eternity Lily cried herself back to sleep. He untangled himself from her and went to go get some answers from his sons. He was extremely worried about Lily and he needed to find out what was wrong.

When he got back downstairs his family had relocated to the kitchen and Ginny was making the boys some sandwiches to tide them over until dinner in a couple of hours. They looked up when they heard him enter the kitchen.

"Well, what's wrong with her?" asked James not realizing the look on Harry's face meant that he was very worried.

"I don't know. When I went upstairs she was sound asleep and when I walked over to see her I noticed she had been crying. She woke up and I asked if everything was OK and then she shot out of bed and ran to the bathroom to vomit. She was quite sick and then when she was finished she cried some more until she fell back to sleep." said Harry.

"Lily was crying?" Albus asked then continued "she never cries, never."

"I know. What's been going on with her at school?" asked Harry

Both boys just shrugged as an answer, which infuriated Harry. "Look she's your sister, and I asked you to look out for her. She's younger than you, THINK. WHAT DO YOU REMEMBER?" Harry asked angrily.

"Harry, please, losing your temper isn't going to help. Boys, has she been seeing anyone that you know of?" asked Ginny.

"NO!" both James and Albus shouted at the same time.

Ginny raised her eyebrows at this and waited for one of them to continue.

James finally said "everyone knows to stay away from her or we'll kill them."

"What? You're not serious, are you?" asked Ginny incredulously.

"Dead serious. Why, what's wrong with that? She's too young to date and no one's good enough for her at Hogwarts anyway." said James defensively. Albus just shook his head in agreement.

"She's 15 boys, she's not too young to date. And now by acting this way you have made it so that she is forced to keep her relationships a secret and you have no idea what is going on with her." said Ginny quite irritated.

"What makes you think it has anything to do with boys, love?" asked Harry

"Honestly, you three have no clue" sighed Ginny then she continued "She's a 15 year old girl, Harry, about the only thing they cry about is boys. She probably had a fight with her boyfriend or a bad breakup or something."

Harry had to sit down, this was all a little much for him. "Ok, maybe the crying is about boys but she's also sick." replied Harry

"Yes, well hopefully that's just a coincidence, or maybe she's so upset that's she's making herself sick" relied Ginny darkly

"What do you mean, hopefully it's a coincidence?" asked Harry

Ginny did not reply she simply gave Harry a meaningful look which made him think he might vomit himself. He ran his hands through his hair and put his head between his knees thinking that he surely couldn't handle any of this. After a few moments of the boys asking what was wrong with him, he finally lifted his head. He was determined to find out everything he could now. He had an intense look upon his face that made the boys step back. "Sit" he said pointing to the living room couch. They didn't hesitate.

Harry grilled the boys for over an hour. Who did she walk to classes with, who did she sit at lunch with, who did she study with, who did she hang out in the common room with, did she have friends in other houses, did she have a lot of male friends, who did she go to Hogsmeade with, who were her closest friends, and on and on it went. Finally, just as he was letting the boys go, he had one more thought.

"How much time does she spend with you two?" asked Harry.

"She doesn't spend much time with me, but she spends a lot of time with Al" replied James.

"Yeah, she does spend tons of time with me and Scorpius." replied Albus

Harry snapped his head up. It was Scorpius, he just knew it. Seeing the change in expression, the boys asked "What?"

"Scorpius" was Harry's only reply.

"What? No, Dad. Scorpius is dating Rose, they've been together since last year. Besides, he's my best friend, he wouldn't go after my little sister" said Albus quickly

Harry frowned upon hearing that Scorpius was dating his niece. Maybe he wasn't the one but something told Harry in his gut that he was, he just knew it.

"OK. You boys should go get ready, we have to head over to Ron and Hermione's soon." replied Harry.

Ginny watched the boys head upstairs and then went over to Harry and gave him a hug, and said "I hope that's not what's going on Harry, she's still so young."

"I know, I hope so too" said Harry hugging her back.

"I best go wake her so she can get ready" said Ginny heading upstairs.

Harry sighed heavily and headed upstairs to get ready for dinner at his friends house. Maybe he could get some answers from Rose.

Harry and company arrived at Ron and Hermione's an hour later. Harry couldn't wait to see Hermione to see if she could figure out what was wrong with Lily, after all she was a healer, if anyone could figure it out surely she could. Ginny had tried talking to Lily when she went to wake her up but Lily insisted she was fine that she just had a stomach bug. When they got to the house, Hermione was in the kitchen, while Ron and Hugo were in the sitting room playing chess and Rose was up in her room. Ginny, James and Al stayed in the sitting room, Lily headed upstairs to see Rose and Harry went to the kitchen to talk with Hermione.

"Hermione, do you think you could try talking to Lily for me?" asked Harry

"Why, what's wrong?" asked Hermione

Harry sighed deeply, while running his hands through his hair, which made Hermione come closer and grab his hand saying "Harry, what's going on?"

"I...I...I think she's pregnant." replied Harry softly.

"What! Are you serious?" asked Hermione shocked.

"Yes." then Harry told her everything that had happened earlier that day and what the boys had told him. "Hermione, I'm really worried about her."

"Oh, Harry, I don't know what to say. Of course I will talk to her. Do you know who she's been seeing?" asked Hermione

"Well that's another problem...from what I could find out, I'm pretty sure it's Scorpius." replied Harry.

"Oh dear. That's just... Are you sure?" asked Hermione now taking a seat at the table with Harry.

"No, I mean, I don't have any proof, just a gut feeling. But unfortunately, my gut feelings are usually right." said Harry

"Yes... yes, they usually are." replied Hermione softly reaching over to hold his hand.

They sat in silence thinking about everything and how they were going to figure it all out when they heard a commotion upstairs. Then they heard the girls screaming at each other and what sounded like things being thrown around. Harry and Hermione shot up from the table and ran to the stairs just as everyone else was doing the same. They all tried to get up the stairs at the same time to see what was going on...

"HOW COULD YOU!" screamed Rose

"I didn't mean to Rose, it just happened" pleaded Lily


"I don't know..." replied Lily

"YOU DON'T KNOW... YOU DON'T KNOW!" then Rose picked up a lamp and threw it across the room at Lily, who ducked as it flew past her head.

"Rose, please, I'm sorry" Lily begged

"FUCK YOU! YOU'RE SORRY...I DON'T GIVE A SHIT IF YOU'RE SORRY! ALL THE GUYS IN THE SCHOOL, YOU COULD HAVE YOUR PICK OF THEM ALL, AFTER ALL YOUR HARRY POTTER'S FUCKING DAUGHTER!" Rose's voice was getting louder and louder as she continued "AND YOU HAVE TO HAVE MY BOYFRIEND! I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU LILY...YOU'RE MY FUCKING COUSIN!" Rose screamed, amazingly even louder than before and then she picked up the vase of flowers that Scorpius had sent her that morning, ironically Lilies, and threw them at Lily.


This seemed to silence Rose momentarily while she thought about what Lily had just said, then she seemed to explode "WHAT THE FUCK DOES THAT MEAN? IT WASN'T JUST A ONE TIME THING? THIS IS UNBELIEVABLE...IT WASN'T JUST A DRUNKEN NIGHT, YOU WERE ACTUALLY SNEAKING AROUND BEHIND MY BACK?" screeched Rose.

Lily stuttered incoherently

"HOW LONG?" yelled Rose

"Rose..." replied Lily


"Three months." replied Lily

At this point Rose was speechless and she was FURIOUS. She looked around for something else to throw at Lily and then decided it wouldn't satisfy her, so she lunged at Lily, both of them falling to the ground, yelling and throwing punches for several minutes before Harry, Ron, James and Albus were able to tear them apart.

Now both of the girls were livid.

"YOU FUCKING WHORE, I HATE YOU!" screamed Rose, tears running down her cheeks as Ron struggled to hold her back.


"HOW DARE YOU! IT WAS ONE TIME AND I WAS DRUNK. YOU CAN'T SAY EITHER OF THOSE THINGS! FOR THREE MONTHS YOU FUCKED MY BOYFRIEND AND I'M SUPPOSED TO BE GRATEFUL THAT YOU STOPPED BECAUSE YOU DIDN'T WANT TO HURT ME?" Rose laughed maniacally "FUCK YOU AND GET THE BLOODY FUCKING HELL OUT OF MY ROOM!" screamed Rose as she broke free from Ron and ran towards Lily again grabbing her and trying to drag her out of her room. However, as Harry was in between them this was hard for her to do. Then James, Albus and Ron dragged Rose away from Lily and Harry.

"ENOUGH!" yelled Harry as his magic sparked throughout the room. "James, Albus, take Lily downstairs. NOW." He watched as they dragged Lily out of the room and Ginny followed behind speechless. Harry then shook his head, said "we'll be downstairs" and turned and left the room, shutting the door behind him.

As soon as the door closed, Rose fell to the floor, crying uncontrollably. Ron and Hugo looked more terrified of this then they did the whole time the girls were fighting, so Hermione walked over, sat down next to her, and gathered Rose in her arms, whispering soothing words and rocking her gently.

Downstairs, Lily was in pretty much the same shape holding onto James for dear life and soaking his shirt with tears. Harry looked to Ginny and they communicated silently, they needed to know.

"Lily, I need to ask you something, and I want you to answer me honestly... I promise not to get mad at you, whatever the answer is, OK?" asked Harry gently.

Lily looked up at her father and nodded, wiping the tears from her face.

"Are you pregnant?" asked Harry. James and Albus both gasped at the question.

Lily sniffled and then slowly nodded again. James wrapped his arms tighter around Lily and brought her closer to him, as if he was trying to protect her from the answer she just gave. Harry sighed and sat down next to Ginny on the couch across from Lily and James.

Al, however, was thinking about everything that he just heard between Rose and Lily and then about Lily's answer to his Dad's question. Quickly everyone realized they could all feel Al's anger, his magic was making the air crackle and before any of them could try and calm him down, he was gone, he disapparated without a word.

"SHIT!" Lilly yelled jumping up off the couch. "He's going to find Scorpius!" she yelled as she was getting up to go after him, but James held her back.

"I'll go" said Harry and he disapparated to Malfoy Manor.

Ron ran down the stairs when he heard the distinctive cracks "What happened?"

Ron yelled up the stairs "Hermione, Harry and Albus disapparated to Malfoy Manor!"

"What!" Hermione screeched running down the stairs "I have to go after them" and then she was gone as well.

"Bloody hell" sighed Ron looking around at James, Lily and Ginny, then he heard Rose and Hugo coming down the stairs. Great, now he was left with this mess to clean up with the girls, just what he wanted. "Alright, now that everyone has calmed down a bit, let's try and figure this all out" said Ron then he added "quietly." He made them all sit at the dining room table and put Lily and Rose at opposite ends so that they couldn't start another fight.

Ginny started "I'm sorry that this happened, but I think that it can be fixed and then everyone can move on back to how things are supposed to be."

"What do you mean?" asked Lily

"I mean it's obvious you and Scorpius made a mistake, but I don't see a reason that you should have to suffer for the rest of your life over it." replied Ginny

"Mom, what are you saying?" asked Lily dreading the answer.

"It's a simple spell, really, and then we can all put this behind us and you can finish your education. You will find a nice man that you love and when the time is right you will have children." replied Ginny

"Why do I feel like I'm missing something?" asked Ron

Ginny turned to him and said "Lily's pregnant."

"WHAT!" yelled Rose

"Bloody hell, this just keeps getting better" said Ron rubbing his face with his hands.

"Yes, so anyway, as I was saying Lily, the spell will make you feel pretty bad for a couple of days but you should be fine by the time you head back to Hogwarts and then you can put this all behind you" replied Ginny reaching out towards Lily.

"Mom, are you saying you don't think I should have the baby?" asked Lily warily keeping her distance from her mother.

"Of course you shouldn't have the baby Lily, you're 15, for Merlin's sake. You still have to finish your education, never mind the scandal of Harry Potter's daughter getting pregnant out of wedlock. It's absolutely out of the question" said Ginny clearly losing her patience.

To say Lily was shocked by this was an understatement. It seemed she wasn't the only one shocked. Looking around the table, Uncle Ron, James, and Hugo were all looking at Ginny strangely. Rose appeared to be lost in her own world. Lily moved closer to James and he grabbed her hand for support.

"Mom, I want to keep the baby." replied Lily

"I understand Lily, but it's not going to happen." said Ginny

"What? Why not? It's my decision. You can't decide for me." said Lily her voice a little raised

"Lily, I'm trying to do what's best for you. You are still young and don't realize what you're saying. I'm making the decision for your own good" replied Ginny

At this point James spoke up "Mom, why don't we wait and talk about this once Dad and Albus get back."

"Scorpius doesn't even know, and I think he should have a say as well." said Lily

"Look, I know your father and he will do whatever Lily asks him to do. This is a decision he will not be able to make and it is in your best interest Lily. You can tell Scorpius that I made the decision for you. You are young and confused, and as your mother, I think this is the best decision for you" replied Ginny getting up and reaching for her wand.

Then everything seemed to be happening at the same time...

James and Lily jumped back from the table with James standing directly in front of Lily

Ron jumped up to stand between them while Rose and Hugo were left speechless at what was going on around them.

James grabbed his wand and shot out a Patronus with a message to Harry to come back, while clutching a hysterical Lily.

"Ginny, be reasonable, this is your daughter. You can't do this if she doesn't want you to." pleaded Ron

"Look, Ron, this is the best solution for everyone. I am going to make sure that I do what needs to be done so that this mistake doesn't ruin Lily" replied Ginny

"Ginny, let's just wait for Harry, OK? You shouldn't make this decision without him." pleaded Ron again.

By this point, Lily was clutching to James and had started to cry saying "please James, I don't want this. Please don't let her do this."

James nodded and said "I won't Lily, I won't" backing them out of the room slowly.

Ginny was advancing on Ron, James and Lily who were slowly backing out of the dining room. Ron and James had their wands raised and pointed at Ginny. Lily was still crying hysterically, while Rose and Hugo were completely in shock at what was going on around them.

"I should have known this was going to happen." said Ginny under her breath, then she spoke up "Look, I understand, it's a bad situation, but this is the best solution. Everyone can move on, once I do this." said Ginny like she was talking to a bunch of toddlers.


While this was going on, a different scene was playing out at Malfoy Manor.

Al had apparated into the foyer of the manor and was yelling loudly "Malfoy!"

Harry had apparated to the front gates of the manor and started running towards the front door.

Hermione only having been there the one time when she was tortured apparated straight into the room she had barely escaped with her life all those years before.

It turns out Hermione ended up in the same room as Scorpius just as he was yelling for Al where he was. Al ran in and started hitting Scorpius with the pair rolling around on the ground. Hermione somehow managed to separate them and put herself between them. Hearing all the commotion Draco started to make his way to the room and then Harry threw the doors open and ran in towards the commotion as well. Both Harry and Draco stopped at the doorway and gasped when they looked in. Hermione was standing between the two boys with her arms extended to keep them separated but they were directly under the Chandelier. The boys not realizing the significance of this started yelling at each other but both Harry and Draco were frozen.

"What the hell is going on Al?" asked Scorpius


"Oh." replied Scorpius


"Al, it wasn't like that." replied Scorpius

"OH REALLY, THEN EXPLAIN TO ME WHAT IT WAS LIKE!" yelled Al practically spitting at Scorpius

"It wasn't just a one night stand that happened when we had too much to drink. I really liked her." said Scorpius

Finally, Hermione noticed Harry and Draco in the doorway and yelled at them "ARE YOU TWO JUST GOING TO STAND THERE AND WATCH OR ARE YOU GOING TO HELP ME?"

This seemed to stir Draco and Harry and the boys looked over to see their fathers in the doorway.

"Mione..." Harry said quietly

"Granger..." Draco said quietly

They were both walking very slowly towards her and looking at her like she might attack, they kept glancing above her. Frustrated that they were acting so bizarre she looked up to see what all the fuss was about. That's when she realized exactly where she was standing. She gasped and started shaking. The boys weren't sure what was going on but they watched silently as Harry rushed to Hermione's side and grabbed her while Draco said "let's get out of this room" pulling both boys with him by the arms. Harry ended up picking Hermione up because she started to lose it, crying so hard she could barely walk. They moved to a sitting room where Draco called for a house elf to bring a calming draught and some tea. Harry was sitting on the couch with Hermione curled up in his lap, clutching to his shirt as if her life depended on it.

Draco gave the boys a stern look telling them to behave and then walked over to Hermione. He knelt on the floor in front of her touching Harry's legs and said in a soothing voice "they can't hurt you anymore, Granger, they're all dead now."

Surprisingly, Hermione's response was to chuckle, then she said "Malfoy, I never thought anything you said would ever make me feel good. I guess I was wrong." She smiled a little and wiped the tears from her face, but stayed in Harry's lap with his arms surrounding her. Draco stood up and smiled.

"Auntie, are you OK?" asked Al

Hermione and Harry had forgotten all about the boys until then. Hermione sighed and replied "yeah, I'm OK now sweetie."

"What happened?" asked Scorpius

Draco sighed and decided it was time to let the skeletons out of the closet. It was time his son knew how horrible his family was. "During the war, Potter, Granger and Weasley were captured and brought here by snatchers. While they were here Granger was tortured by my Aunt Bellatrix in that room. I tried to deny that it was them but my Aunt figured it out. I stood by and watched her be tortured as did my parents. We did nothing while she screamed. If it wasn't for a house elf, she would have surely been killed that night. All of them would have been killed." He paused and then continued "there is nothing that I regret more than standing by and watching that happen. I still have nightmares about it to this day" finished Draco quietly. Hermione reached out and squeezed Draco's hand as a sign of forgiveness. He looked up at her and she smiled.

"So that's why you hate that room" Scorpius said to Draco and then he turned to Hermione and said "And that's why you've never come over here before with Rose."

They both nodded.

"This is the first time I've been here since that night." said Hermione quietly and Harry hugged her closer to him.

"I'm so sorry Mrs. Weasley." said Scorpius

"Oh Scorpius, it's not your fault, there's nothing to apologize for. It's in the past." said Hermione standing up. She walked over and gave Scorpius a hug. Then Al reached for her to hug her as well. She let out a few more tears and then sat down on the couch next to Harry.

"So, not that I'm not happy to relive all these wonderful memories, but it seems that Scorpius has gotten himself into some trouble here, am I correct? asked Draco.

Harry sighed and answered "yes, it would seem so."

"Scorpius, would you like to explain yourself?" asked Draco.

Scorpius sighed and sat down on the other couch and started to tell his tale. "I don't know how it started, it just happened. Lily and I always got along well and one night something just changed and before we realized what was happening we were all over each other" Scorpius said blushing, then he continued "we knew it was wrong, I was with Rose. We swore it wouldn't happen again, but we couldn't seem to stay away from each other, it's like we were magnets. Finally, after three months I told her that I wanted to end things with Rose, that I wanted to be with her but she refused. She said that we couldn't be together that I was supposed to be with Rose. I told her that I loved her not Rose but she still refused and ended things between us. This was about a month ago." finished Scorpius.

"Well, I think she's probably changed her mind now." said Al

"What do you mean? Why would she change her mind, she's quite stubborn." asked Scorpius.

Both Al and Hermione looked to Harry.

Harry sighed, ran his hands through his hair and said "I'm pretty sure she would have wanted to be the one to tell you this but I don't see how I can not tell you now...Lily's pregnant."

Scorpius' jaw dropped open and Draco looked as though he was going to faint, quickly looking for a place to sit.

"Now don't think I don't want to throttle you right now, just as Al was doing when I got here, because I do. I REALLY DO. I mean what the hell were you thinking, she's 15, never mind that you were dating her cousin." Harry said this all without raising his voice but his look was fierce and his magic was bouncing off him in waves. Even without yelling, Scorpius was quite terrified of Harry Potter right now. "I mean, you've changed her life forever, no matter what she decides, this will change her FOREVER. And for that I am FURIOUS with you" finished Harry trying to reign in his emotions.

Everyone was silent while they absorbed everything that was just said. Suddenly a Stag Patronus appeared in front of Harry and everyone could hear the chaos that was happening back at Ron and Hermione's house...

They heard Lily hysterically crying

They heard Ron pleading "Ginny, be reasonable, this is your daughter. You can't do this if she doesn't want you to."

They heard Ginny's reply "Look, Ron, this is the best solution for everyone. I am going to make sure that I do what needs to be done so that this mistake doesn't ruin Lily"

They heard more pleading from Ron "Ginny, let's just wait for Harry, OK? You shouldn't make this decision without him."

They heard Lily saying "please James, I don't want this. Please don't let her do this."

They heard James reply "I won't Lily, I won't"

They heard Ginny saying "Look, I understand, it's a bad situation, but this is the best solution. Everyone can move on, once I do this."


Then they heard James whisper "Dad, please come back."

After a second of shock, all five occupants of Malfoy Manor shot up out of their seats. Scorpius and Al headed to the floo followed by Draco while Harry and Hermione instantly disapparated.