Hai~! Zokun here! So basically this is just a Keroro Gunsou - Vampire Crossover (is it?). This is the first time I've done a story, so I'll try my best! And there are two OCs (I might add more), Eien, a boy, and Nia, [obviously] a girl! So, on with the story! Oh, and "Main POV" mean's nobody's POV.

Eien: Baka, baka, baka!(Triple Baka reference) There aren't any disclaimers!

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チャプタ1(Chapter 1): それわすべてが始まった夜 (The Night When It All Began)

Main POV

Back at the Hinata household, one night, when Mama is not home, trouble takes place downstairs. But, first let's go back one month before.

前に一ヶ月~。。。(One Month Ago...)

Keroro's POV

"Listen up! さもないと私わあなたを爆破するよ!(Or else I'll bomb you!)" I said.

I am suddenly starting to use both English and Japanese because everybody in Pekopon (what we call "Japan") is supposed to learn English, a type of language that dosen't use Kana or Kanji for syllables. They have a different system called the "Alphabet," a series of "letters" for their language. It's actually more simple than Japanese (日本) But to be on topic...

"The H.Q. has sent me a message that they have a change in plan."

"What is it?" Giroro said in an annoyed voice. "The new plan better be good!" Giroro said "plan" in an sarcastic voice.

"あぁ。。。(Ah...)" I said in a nervous voice. "Th-They want us to protect the Pekoponians."

Giroro put his surprised look on then yelled, "!"

現在の時間~。。。(Present Time...)

Main POV

Kururu saw on the screen that there is an intruder. "Kukuku... there are some intruders." Keroro said, "Who or what is it?" As Kururu zoomed in on the camera that is the nearest to the intruding visitors, he said, "It is..." When he finished zooming, everybody, except for Kururu, gasped. Kururu just let out a scared "kukuku..."

Me: Yay! My first cliffhanger on my first story on the first chapter!

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