Title: Day to Day

Summary: When Edward's older brother Emmett decides it time for Edward to come out of his OCD shell, Edward will find himself doing something he never imagined he would. Falling in love.

Rating: M eventually, we'll be sailing the T seas for awhile ladies but it will be worth the wait.

Pairing: Canon pairings cause that's how I roll

Disclaimer: I wish I owned this Edward he is so adorable to me, but sadly no. Stephanie Meyer still owns everything I just love to manipulate it to justify my imagination.

Chapter One – Edward

'A Day in the Life of Me'

I always wake at six a.m. My alarm is set for six thirty but I always wake before it. Probably because I'm so used to my schedule now of days my body can anticipate when I plan to wake. Sure I'm not exactly running on an appropriate sleep schedule, hardly getting my eight hours but I'm past caring about what's recommended for me.

I prefer to follow my on schedule.

That way I can be in charge of my own life and when I'm in charge and in control of my own life I feel the safest.

God that makes me sound like some brooding dominator doesn't it? Thank God I never wish to write a biography

Edward Cullen: A Submissive Dominant

The idea of me being anyway dominant is a laugh if I'm being truly honest. I don't have one dominating bone in my body. I can't even control my cat, Lincoln. I don't know why I named him that; my sister thinks it suits him though because his black hair gathers at his chin making it look like he had a beard. I don't pretend to understand my sister sometimes.

From day one I made it very clear that I would like Lincoln to sleep on the nice bed I bought him. It's elevated in a tower with levels so the central pole keep the structure up is a scratching post. He likes to piss on it and every day I find his asleep on my bed. Removing cat hairs from my sheets, not your typical twenty five year old males problem, now is it.

At six thirty I am awake and able to hit the shut off button on my alarm without fear of falling back asleep. I get up and put on my running clothes before leaving. I had my rain coat, a t-shirt and shorts on along with my running shoes.

I like running and living in Seattle makes it pretty impossible to go running without being caught up in the rain eventually. Sometimes running in the rain is soothing though.

I run for exactly an hour from 07:00 to 08:00, I then go home and shower and get dressed. I picked out my outfits for the week every Sunday so I can just simply get dressed everyday without worrying.

Today is brown corduroy pants and a blue shirt with a brown tie. I cleaned the frames of my glasses and feed my cat before leaving for work at 08:30. I arrive at the office my 08:59 and sit down at my desk getting everything ready for today.

My job can be seen as boring but I like it. Being an accountant is supposed to make you a boring person. I figure I've always been a pretty boring person; my job doesn't necessarily need to have me jumping off bridges and scaling buildings all day. I must be the only male who never wanted to be a superhero when he grew up. I always found Clarke Kent more interesting than Superman if we're being honest.

When I sit down at my desk I take the opportunity to take out my calculators. I have three. One to calculate tax, one for simple addition of bigger number, I sometimes do this mentally but this is people's money I have to be precise, and a spare in case one of them fails.

I turn on my computer and pull out the folder for the company whose account I'm working on. While I know people have a right to do what they want with their own money some people are just idiots. Seriously I'm twenty four and I've never needed to spend over a million dollars on something as frivolous as shoes. But once again it is my job to organise the numbers, not comment on them.

I bury myself in my work and I feel good. Again people often find my line of work tedious but I love it. Every number has a place and when you find that place it all should work out at the end. As a child I loved jigsaw puzzles so I say it comes from that.

I'm focused on my work until 10:04 when I go to the bathroom. I choose 10:04 because by then there's generally no one in the bathroom. I take an anti-bacterial wipe with me to open the bathroom and stall door before going in to do my business. I know you're wondering why I don't just use a urinal but I can hardly talk to people how am I supposed to pee in front of them? Once I'm done I use another anti-bacterial wipe to flush the toilet and open the stall door. I use the wipe the taps. Much to my chagrin the company had yet to install automatic taps and hand dryers. It's disgusting. I go back to my desk and start back at work.

At 11:05 my phone rings. I know for a fact it is my mother. She knows my routine well and knows not to deviate me from my schedule.

"Edward Cullen" I answer, just in case there's a slight chance its one of my bosses.

"Edward, its Mom." She said and I smiled.

"Hello Mom, how are things?" I asked her.

"Things are good, normal life for us here. Your father says hello." She says.

"Tell him I say hi back, is he working today?" I asked. Just one reason I couldn't be a doctor. The switching of schedules and unpredictability of it all. It makes me shudder just thinking about it.

"He is he has two surgeries today."

My father's work was high in demand as one of the most influential doctors in cardio surgery in Northern America so there's rarely a day he's not in surgery.

"That's nice." I said.

"I know you're busy at work but I just wanted to give you a heads up about dinner on Sunday, Emmett is bringing his new girlfriend."

"Rosalie right?" I asked.

"Yes." She answered "I've talked to her over the phone before, she seems lovely." Mom said.

"That's nice." I said.

"Okay I'll let you get back to work, see you Sunday Sweetheart."

"See you then Mom." I said before hanging up I was about to get back to work when my phone rang. I picked up the receiver "Edward Cullen here."

"Edward, its Emmett. I knew I would catch you now, did you just finish with Mom?"

"Yeah" I said to my brother "I hear you're bringing your girlfriend Sunday, it must be getting serious."

"Uh huh, I think she might be the one Bro. Wait to you see her, a total ten." He said and I decided to not even bother asking what that meant. Normally when I did this Emmett got quickly frustrated with me.

"That's nice." I said looking at my watch, this was longer than I normally allotted for personal phone calls, especially at work.

"Okay back to why I called."

"What's up?" I asked him.

"Well I was talking to Rosalie last night and she's stressed. She owns an auto repair shop but her accountants after closing down and doing a runner with one of his other client's money. She quickly got all her account information back but she needs a new account. I was wondering are you able to take on another client or know someone else who would be able to?" he asked.

"Um..." I said pulling at my schedule. I'd rather squeeze in her accounts than have to talk to a co-worker. Talking to co-workers was on my no-no list. Because it always ends in mind numbing chit and disgustingly predictable small talk. I looked down and saw I had an opening next week were I could begin a new account "I have an opening, I could take her on." I said.

"Oh thank you Man, listen I'll call her. Will give her your number?" he asked.

"No just tell her to drop off this month's dockets and I'll just start from there."

"Okay, when do you want them dropped off?" he asked.

"Anytime before Tuesday would be fine." I told him.

"Thank you so much Bro. I'll see you on Sunday k?"

"Yeah" I said before we hung up. I always felt better after talking to my brother.

My parents and sister always treated me like a glass statue and I hated it. Emmet had always treated me like he treated anybody. Sometimes it annoyed me when he tried to push me out of my comfort zones but other than that I preferred Emmett's approached to 'handling me'.

I took my normal coffee break at 11:24, I did this to ensure I got the fresh coffee and not something that's been sitting around for awhile plus the break room was generally empty before the eleven thirty rush.

I didn't lift my head up from my work after it. I took my regular lunch and then stayed working again until 17:01.

I've always been an endorphins junkie, which is why every evening at work I find myself at the gym. While the pool fights all my basic principles about germs and such I make sure I go just after the pool has been cleaned, getting my fifty lengths in before the germs multiplied in the pool. I then headed upstairs did the rest of my workout. Of course this began with me meticulously wiping down all the equipment. One day I'm just going to go and splurge, and have all this equipment in my apartment.

Even as I lifted the weights I was worried about the germs on the bench beneath me. I decided to list out the multiples of eight to keep me from thinking about the amount of people who must have sweated on this bench, and how its absorbed in the fabric and... let's just say by the time I was done lifting weights I was up to 1272.

I like running on the treadmill, it's the activity with the least amount of contact involved. Finishing up in the gym I headed home. I shower twice, once at the gym and once at home to make sure all the germs from the gym are off of me. I then will cleanout my shower basin and wet room. Once the bathroom is completely sparkling I move to the living room and vacuum all of the hairs Lincoln has decided he doesn't need and polish the coffee table.

The kitchen still clean from after breakfast this morning gets a quick wiping of the counters and I mop the floors before heating up one of my pre cooked meals. I was a fan of making casseroles and lasagnes during the weekend and just heating them up during the working week. It meant less cleaning up.

While I wait for my dinner to heat up I feed Lincoln, wait for him to finish, clean his bowl and put it away before setting the table for one. Just before the oven timer goes off I turn on my IPod and put it on the 'dinner' play list. I have a playlist for every activity in the day so I know what's coming and am never distracted by a song that comes on.

After dinner I managed to catch Lincoln and brush all his excess hair off. Not that it will do much good, he'll have shed all over the couch by the time I get home from work tomorrow but it keeps the shedding to a minimal. I then take the vacuum out and get all the hairs that have come off him before emptying the dust collector in the vacuum.

This brings me to 20:30 having finished my book the night before and my new ones not in from Amazon yet I decide to watch television. I go with 'Scrubs' a classic oldie. Zac Braff was a comical genius. I refused to acknowledge the later series of 'Scrubs' the one where they were in Med School. It was a train wreck and unfortunately the original one got dragged with it.

I could enjoy sitcoms because of their predictability. Believe me I've tried to watch other programmes like 'Grey's Anatomy' or 'The Mentalist' but you could never predict what those characters were going to do. At least with sitcoms I knew all their problems could be solved within half an hour, an hour at most.

However, I'm not limited to sitcoms. I could handle dramas and more serious programmes if I didn't have to wait for the next week's episode. My problem is I become too invested in characters and have to know what happens to them. So I generally won't watch a drama until I can buy the box set. Because of this I can tell you I am the proud owner of the entire series box sets of 'The West Wing', 'The Sopranos' and for some weird reason 'The Gilmore Girls'. I think the last one has more to do with when my sister used to come over a lot. Although if I'm bored I'll watch them.

The programme ends and I power up my laptop. I enjoy browsing online.

I check my email. If I was to buy everything my email account suggested I did I would own a shit tonne of Viagra was all I'm saying. I browsed some of the forums I had an account with. '' was a favourite of mine. Tonight they were discussing Racism and Ignorance. There was some valid arguments but as per usual there was some idiot with some ignorant opinion. I saw no one had responded to the idiot.

They were obviously wrong, why should an entire religion be pigeon holed because a seldom group decides on one set of morals? It was the same for all religions and examples could be found in all. The media criminalised people of other world religions and now the ignorant people refuse to let go of their 'informed' opinions.

I really hoped someone would log on and explain this to another person, because this is ridiculous if they think an idiotic statement like theirs is justified.

I say you're wondering why I don't just do it myself but I can't. Don't would mean having to socialise with people and people bug me. Plus the fear that my opinions would be challenged and talked down was terrifying.

Getting fed up with the ignorance on display tonight I decide to look for some humour. I head to sites such as 'dearblankpleaseblank' and 'grouchy rabbit'. I happen to appreciate a bit of dark humour so these websites were right up my alley. After picking up new observations of the world around me I see it is in fact 23:23 and it's time to power down my laptop.

I like to have my lights out by midnight which means having the laptop shut down by 23:30. I shut down at 23:23 just in case there's some updates that need to be installed in my computer. Once the screen goes blank I shut down the lid on my laptop and go to change for bed and brush my teeth. I am ready for bed by 23:55 so I set my alarm; remove my glasses from my face and just as the clock hits midnight I switch of my life.

My existence is somewhat monotonous to most people but the routine and consistency is comforting to me. I wouldn't like to be without it.

I sleep soundly for six hours before waking up at 06:00 the next day and starting it all over again.

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