Luna Lovegood and the Trip of Lust

Chapter 1:An Acquaintance on the Train

It was a warm autumn's day. The Hogwarts students were getting ready to board the train for Hogwarts.
Among the crowd was Luna Lovegood. Sitting on top her luggage, she was waiting for the train and she bored.
She had not spotted any of friend, alomost as though they refused to acknowledge her existence.
Many thought were racing in her mind. Where were her friens? It wasn't like them to not meet her before boarding the train Were they in trouble? Or... All these thought were interupted by an announcement.


Luna quickly got on the train, forgetting what she was thinking about. Luna walked across the train scaning the compartements for empty seats.
While she walking she noticed Crabbe and Goyle watching her. She turned around. Creppy lookin, the duo was watching her with lustfull eyes, their eyes ogling her breasts as though they were steaks and they were hungry dogs.
Both were drooling heavily. At first Luna was slightly frightened, but she ignored them and went on her way.
She found and empty compartement and took a seat in it. Barely 5 minutes had passed and the doors opened.
It was a short man, barely reaching half the door in size.

''Professor Flitwick!''Luna exclaimed.

''Oh, hello, Mrs. Lovegood! May I have a seat?'' Flitwick said in a calm and joyfull voice.

''Yeah, sure!''

With that the jewish teacher took a seat. He sat next to Luna. At first, she thought maybe he was getting to friendly, but then she relaxed and forgot. Just as she was getting comfortable,
prof. Flitwick asked her something.

''So what colour panties are you wearing, Luna?'' Flitwick asked with a smile on his face.

''WHAT! What kind of question is that?''Luna yelped. Was she imagining?

''I said ''What colour panties are you wearing?'' Flitwick repeated his question.

Luna was cemented in fear. Was he possesed? He was such a nice and sexless professor. How and why did he ask her?
Flitwick watched her in silence like a goat watching a petrified orange.

''I see. Guess I'll have to find out myself.'' he exclaimed

With that proffessor Flitwick pulled out his wand and cast a charm that transported the compartement into the fourth dimension where no one could find them.
The horny professor started to fondle the teenage ravenclaw's breasts. Luna tried to struggle, but to no avail. Then with one swift motion Flitwick removed her panties with the Hogwarts emblem only to reveal not a cunt but a...

Luna has a penis.

A long time ago when Luna was 4 year old, her father Xenophillius had made a pact with the devil to get a whole wardrobe full of clothes for a new ensemble.
The downside was that his daughter would now have a penis, but it was totally worth it... in his eyes at least.

Flitwick was shockes by her growing erection. Her dick was the biggest dick he had ever seen and he watches a lot of wizard porn.
The size of her phallus gave him a Napoleon, Oedipus and Messiah complex. He was obviously jealous.
At that moment Flitwick shoved his large goblin nose in Lovegood tight anus, making her groan in pain and ectasy.
He started moving it up and down almost a member. His large nose, not unlike that of Igor from the Persona series, trembled almost as though it could cum like a dick.

Luna was trapped but for some reason she enjoyed being nosefuck. The fluctuations the tip made in her ass were like miniture christmas explosion. And each of those explosion was an orgasm.
Her mind wanted to stop, but her body wanted to continue.

Then the charms professor stopped nosefucking her and whipped out his dick. It was only 2 modest inches of goblin dick, it paled in comparison to Luna's Everest.
Luna held back, as not to offend her teacher. This may have been rape, but dammit she was a british lady and would not offend him.
Suddenly Flitwick waved his wooden wand made out of plant matter and said:


And with that his penis grew 7 inches. It was the dick enlargening charm, thought only a myth among wizards. Only a few wielded this charm and Flitwick was one of them.
Luna was shocked. And with reason. Her abnormally small ass couldn't take it. She tried to struggle but found her arms and legs bound by a bondage charm. With no alarm Flitwick shoved his large dick in her ass like a steamroller into a glass shop and started fucking her.
Luna wrigled her ass trying to escape but she could not. The dick was too big.

Flitwick moved faster and faster and didn't care about his speed. Almost reaching climax, he cast the climax reduction charm and kept on.
He fucked her so fast her ass caught fire. The flames and smoke entered the third dimension but allas the door to the compartment was locked and no one could save her.
The fire burned Flitwick's clothes, but that only aroused him more as he was a pyrophilliac. This in tuen made him thrust harder, Luna moaning in pain and pleasure engulfed in flames along with her vile teacher.
Luckily Luna herself was immune to fire.

Suddenly without no warning Flitwick came so hard, it made Luna's inside expand slightly and she vomited yellow sticky goblin jizz.
All of this rape made Luna's own penis want to cum, but Luna had to free herself. With all of her strenght Luna slapped Flitwick's face with her dick.
She slapped him so hard his teeth started flying around the room. Flitwick was most displeased.

He pulled out his wand and said:

''Avada Ke-''

Before he could finish it, however, he was interrupted by Luna's shejizz squirting all over the room. The cum forced Luna's wand into her hand and she swiftly said:


Suddenly all her cum turned into flesh eating puple scaled butterflies. They leaped and Flitwick and started eating his flesh.
Flitwick was screaming so loud it almost made Luna's eyeballs pop out. He quickly cast a fire charm to burn the butterflies.
He manahed to save himself, his body covered in blood, semen and insect guts. He tried to kill her again, but it was too late.
Luna was no free. Using her Animagus powers, because she was an Animagus and McGonagalll taught her, she became a mini-cryo volcano and started to spew liquid nitrogen and liquid oxygen everywhere, freezing Flitwick and his now shrunken from the cold goblin prick.

She narrowly escaped the fourth dimension room and found the train had just stopped at Hogwarts. Knowing that Flitwick was frozen, she calmly picked up her things, put some panties on and was greeted by her friends.

''So, what did you do all this time on the train?''Said Harry''We couldn't find you.''

''Oh, nothing much.''Luna answered playfully.

With that Luna, Harry, Hermione, Ron and Neville went to Hogwarts.

END of Chapter 1