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In the small province of Ordona, located in the Southern most reaches of Hyrule, another cold winter day of winter was dawning.

"Another ordinary boring winter day," young 10 year old Ilia thought as she stared from atop her window listening to the sound of the villagers rousing from their huts. The sound which drifted up to her perch by her window was a sound she had become accustomed to yet at the same time was bored of. She was snuggled up in a blanket to ward off the cold air spilling in through the open window like water over a small fall .It was getting close to winter solstice, a holiday the whole village looked forward to each year. The holiday was adorned with celebrations and a huge feast followed by dancing. Once the young ones were put to bed the celebrations would continue on late into the night. The adults would bring out wine and brandy bought from Castle Town with the money from the village treasury.

Ilia went to close the heavy goat skin covered window to shut the cold out. The animal skin was placed there when the days had grown cold; otherwise it was left off during the warmer temperate time. She went to her dresser and fixed up her hair into to a single ponytail. She stood back from the mirror; looking at her tan pants and white turtle neck sweater with the hearts on it, she smiled at herself and did a little twirl. Happy with her outfit, she placed her hands on her hips, nodding. She walked to the stairs and sat down on the upper most steps, sliding down the steps on her bottom. Thump, thump, thump.

Bo smiled looking up from his work, glancing to his wife as she made breakfast. "Sounds like our little girl's awake."

"Hi mom, hi dad, what's for breakfast?" Ilia asked as she got up from the last step and proceeded to walk over to the table.

"French toast made with bread from last night. I got the recipe from the young boy who visited recently," Ilia's mom answered.

"Is it the boy who travels with the big doggy? She asked. Her mom nodded in answer. "I like him; I wish he would visit more often," she continued as she climbed up on to her special chair. It had some old outdated catalog books stacked so she could see over the table. When she was younger she had declared that it was her chair, and some days later she had carved her name under the seat of the chair and received a month long grounding. At the end of the month she apologized, saying she was sorry for carving her name. Deep down, though, she thought it was worth it

Ilia peered at the dish as she sat down at the table; her mother poured everyone some goat milk. She looked at her mother, admiring her gracefulness as she moved about the kitchen. Her mother Sasha was petite, agile in her movement around the house, finishing the last piece of toast sizzling on the iron cast skillet. It was widely known her cooking was considered the best in all of Ordona province. It was common opinion for the people of Ordon and many traders and travelers that Sasha's cooking was the best in all of Hyrule.

Sasha almost always wore her pale white dress. It wasn't fancy and it wasn't pretty but it was practical. Its hem came down to her thighs and her modest legs were covered with simple white leggings as well. Her chest showed just enough to show the little chain necklace that Bo gave her on their 20th anniversary. On her feet she wore slippers to accent her leggings. Her hair was the same blonde of her daughter's; however, her eyes were of dark brown.

Mayor Bo was again back at work sorting through a yearly village matter involving next year's harvest. He had to calculate how much, if any, seed would be needed for next year's wheat crops and make sure there was enough wheat stored to last until next season. Most of the wheat was sold at Castle Town where it provided for most of Hyrule citizens. Then there was the matter of the pumpkins. He had made sure the largest pumpkins were left to grow until it was time to germinate. Those pumpkins were taken and planted in the center of each patch were they were left to grow. This way next year there would be pumpkin vines growing with larger, better pumpkins. The various patches around the village had those pumpkins growing underground until spring when the vines would become more apparent. In the meantime there were the reports on the carrots and radishes that grew in the patches. Bo nodded, seeing as all crops and seedlings were healthy. Reviewing the crop reports and village management went on and on. He always took his duty seriously, sometime too seriously. If not for his wife and daughter, he would most likely be consumed by his work for days on end.

A different report concerning Faron Woods caught his attention. He stopped and rereading the report. For the last nine nights smoke was seen rising from the north somewhere east of Faron Spring; however, last night there was none. He assumed it was the young lad Coro who was setting up a shack not far away. However he always stopped by the day he arrived, stay for at least a month working on his hut before returning to stay with his sisters further north. Bo had assumed it was him but this report indicated there wasn't anyone there anymore –he pondered to himself "that was strange if it wasn't the man then it would be a trader or someone camping off the path leading through the forest to Hyrule field." He made a note for Rusl to investigate when he went to get fire wood next. He looked up from his work at that moment and then got up to start cleaning the dishes, allowing his wife chance to sit down and get off her feet t

"Here I'll take care of this honey; you've been on your feet for hours take a rest."

Sasha smiled kissing Bo tenderly on the cheek and took a seat across from Ilia, "So what do you plan on doing today?" he asked

"I don't know it's too cold for me to play outside or for me to even read at the springs." Sometimes she would read one of her many books, but preferably with the sun on her back. She loved reading anywhere, sometimes on the window sill with her back curled up to the wall or with her feet hanging outside. Unfortunately her books only lasted for so long as she only got about two books a year. She never could sit still for long anyways, but therein lay the problem. There was no one near her age. Just her books, a village dog, and baby Talo. She had no one to talk to, no one to play with. She frowned, remembering this once again as she had many times before.

Sasha noticed her frown, and before Ilia could fall into a deeper depressed state Sasha said, "You know the villagers need help chipping ice away from the river. It would really help them out. We are low on fire wood it would definitely speed things up. It would allow Rusl to go collect wood" she hinted

"Sure I … wait fire wood… oh." She gasped remembering what that meant. Rusl had promised that he would take Ilia with him next time to get fire wood .That meant a trip into the forest. Something she had wanted to do forever but never could due to the locked gate at the bridge. "I can't wait." She said before scarfing the rest of the toast and downing her milk. She hopped down from her chair, causing the books to slide off. She turned around and hastily replaced them on their normal resting place. Running for the door she grabbed her little coat, pausing just long enough to dress for the cold.

"Make sure you get this to Rusl when you leave for the woods." He told her handing her the note.

Fastening the last garment on she took the note smiling she ran out the door yelling over her shoulder, "Bye mom, bye dad, I'll get this to him don't worry"

Already the men were outside starting on the task at hand. They began picking up sticks from a pile near the bridge. The men went about breaking up the ice, knocking ice loose to float down the river. A few yards down the river a wall of nets had been set up to catch the ice. Standing next to the net was Rusl, pulling the ice onto the shore with a smaller net. Ilia ran up beside him and began looking around with a quizzical look on her face.

Rusl smiled, noticing Ilia. "The gloves and net are over by Jaggle's house," he said, nodding toward the house with the water wheel. She walked over and removed a net identical to the one Rusl was using and smaller set of leather gloves just for her out of the basket .

"No gloves, no thumbs," Ilia said as she came alongside him.

Rusl smiled; seeing she had remembered the saying he taught her when she first learned how to pull the ice from the river. "So are you ready to help me collect wood today?" he asked, still smiling

"Yes, I can't wait. Are we going to go to the flower patch?" she said with a hopeful look

"I don't know but I'm sure we will see plenty of flowers either way," he told her.

"Great. Let's get this done then." She said as she bent to pull the ice out of the water. "It will be so much fun," she thought as she went about pulling the ice carefully from the river.