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It had been three months since the incident with the big bat. Link and Ilia cried together when he saw her alive and him not gone. Link now talked regularly with everyone around him the villager accepted him and he accepted them. He worked with a Faldo and the sheep riding shadow like he was born to. Ilia would watch in envy as he rode bare back herding the goats' .she now became a perfect little nurse in Ordon, or so she was told. In later years she would grow to replace her mother. Link lived with Rusl as an adopted father and he soon became very fond of his new parents in all everything was good.

Expect more the next book is already in the works and now a preview of one of the flash backs un edited

Walking through the forest of Faron was a young man who had walked through these trees many times before over the years. He wore a simple of black shirt with a hood attached to it covering his head. His legs were covered in black as well, spanning from his waist all the way to his ankles nearly covering the soft soled shoes on his feet but not enough so that they dragged under foot. Even though the ground was retiled with twigs and leaves the boy made little to no sound. This was a skill he was accustomed to using even without his knowing however when the time came for him to ever use such a skill he wouldn't make a sound at all. So practiced in this he was that even now he made little noise despite his lack of caring to. So the boy walked as he always did in step with the environment listing keenly to the birds and other animals of the forest calling out their songs. The trees rustled in the wind as a southern front moved over the land bringing with it the cold. Although the boy wore nothing but a heavy black shirt with the hood he was still comfortable in the slightly chilly weather descending on the land like locust to a farmer's crop. The frigidness filled all the forest and he could smell the slightly musky sent of smoke carried to him on the wind. He smiled to himself as he inhaled the scent taking a deep breath into his nose chilling his nostrils from the cold. That smell meant he was close he could almost taste the goat cheese. His mouth watered at the thought. He inhaled deeply again making his nostrils seems to freeze as he did so

"Oops shouldn't have done…" his thought was cut off by a furious sneezing fit "AAACHOOOO ACHOO." sniffling he looked towards the grunting of the ever silent wolf walking besides him.

Its ear was cocked to one side regarding its companion as if to say. "Why make such noise you sacred the bird away."

The boy frowned realizing he had startled the small bird the wolf he had come to call Timber had been stalking for the past few yards. The bird would slowly work its way along the path picking at seeds or other food it spotted. Unknowingly this had staved off the Timber moving only when the bird would look away as not to startle it. With his sudden outburst however the bird flew off not knowing that Timber was in pouncing distance getting ready to do just that.

"Oh well sorry we're almost there anyway. Besides that young blonde always loved to feed and play with you." Timbers ears went back and he emitted a short growl "I don't like tiny grabby children" he seemed to say

Oh what about that Hylian back in castle town you got along well with him now didn't you the wolf perked up at the mention of the boy he wasn't grabby as more of cautious letting him grow accustom to his presence before ever getting to close it took many visits before the boy finally tried to pet the wolf unlike the other children who would rush the wolf thinking he was a tamed pet and be greeted by a low snarl and scolding for trying to pet him despite warnings. "I hear they found a Hylian and took him into the village as one of their own." In fact that was the whole reason for his early trip here he hadn't been in over a year

However if it did turn out to be him however unlikely as it may be he would need to inform the others. After all it was decided his fault for putting the thoughts of adventure into his head he should have paid more attention. That coupled with the fact he was a Hilayen was reasons to be alarmed to only so many were … that dammed portal. His fist clenched as he thought over those events the wolf felt change in mood and perked its ears falling in step next to the boy brushing its tail lightly against his leg. He looked down in surprise and smiled. Slowly they came to a stop at the bridge and the open gate Timber ears twitched and looked towards the spring entrance. As they walked he could hear the gentle humming of a young girl Timber of course was walking silent trying to avoid the girl's attention the boy of course turned to enter the spring leaving the wolf outside. As he approached the girl he cleared his through and the girl jumped turning to see who had made the noise only to see the hooded face of the boy showing only his mouth his eyes still covered in shadows. The girl placed her hand on her hips and glared

"You know I never liked not being able to make eye contact t with you" Tapping her head as she spoke. He smiled and removed the hood showing a young face despite his age already being tall. He had a square jaw and firm brow. His eyebrows were smooth and trimed as was a small soul patch . cleanshaved blue eyes like stormy day and lower lip split from constant nervous chewing

"Well now I didn't realize one wanted such things." He said sarcastically "you certainly have grown I see. I would have thought you would be with your new friend when I arrived."

Her smirk changed as her eye brows raised and her lips twitched into a quizzical curve her eyes looking up and left as if considering something.

"I can't find him nor do I want to" she said leaning her head to the left.

"She seemed to be mad at something .oh well ill probably find out what soon enough." He thought to himself. He sighed to himself and looked up at the twilight as if expecting something but not knowing what exactly it was he was expecting.

At that moment Ilia was looking at him and noticed the look. She didn't know much about him just that he had one day showed up on her parents' footsteps in dire need of help and a bewildered and scared look on his face. With him was the wolf timber she was only three when this occurred but remembered it clearly. She was so scared only hearing the screams as her mother operated on him trying to remove something out of his abdomen. Even the wolf seemed worried walking back and forth in circles tail tucked and occasionally stopping when there was a pause of the screaming. Its ears perked frozen completely usually in mid step head and ears' facing the back room the boy was in. It was as if they shared a bond with each other that was more deep and personal as if they shared something no one else did at the time. She shook her head remembering this and decided to break the silence that had grown between them.

"Why do you always do that?" she asked

"Do what?" he replied still searching the sky

"That right there ever since I could remember when the sun would set you would stare up at the sky like you're looking for something. Yet you always had that face like you weren't sure what you were looking."

He stopped what he was doing looking straight into her eyes and said "I'm not sure I want to know what I'm looking for." He said simply

"That doesn't answer my question." She said irritably ".Are you not going to tell me if so then say so instead of changing the subject."

"Ok I'm not going to say" he said then after a brief pause he finished by saying "At least not yet. Now let's head back before it gets dark." With that he turned on his heels and walked towards the spring entrance and to the village. Ilia still a little miffed that he hadn't answered her question followed.

This is what started as the beginning but turned into a flash back since the next one will be about what happened right before the twilight event meaning they will be the same age as the game or close to it in the next one but I won't say what age cause ewe all know how well that went in this one just check the official website for ages .it will include as you can guess the Hooded Boy and yes I NEED BETA READERS. So don't delay. Please please review its my only payment