A/N: the usual anything you recognise doesn't belong to me, Laoren belongs to Shiny Unicorn Evanna, Kat and Tori belong to our friends.

The school term passed really quickly and it was getting close to Christmas. Professor McGonagall came around with a list for students to sign up to stay over the Christmas holiday. I put my name down as does Kat. Her parents decided to go visit one of her older brothers.

I go down to the lake to try and find my friends when Draco steps in front of me. I try and go around him as I don't want to fight with him.

"You put your name down to stay here over the holidays, why?" He demands

"Because, like you said, I probably won't be allowed to go home." I reply.

"I talked to Mum and Dad, they're willing to let you come home, so long as you try and be one of us."

"Draco, I can't, I can't pretend that I think we're superior to others, I'm no good at acting and I cannot hide who I am." Despite my best efforts not to cry, tears start appearing in the corners of my eyes. Draco takes a quick look around and pulls me into a hug.

"I'm sorry that I act like such a jerk a lot of the time, but I've got to live up to Mum and Dad's expectation of me. I think they've put their faith in the wrong sibling, you're much stronger emotionally than I am."

"No I'm not." I say through tears.

"Yeah you are, you don't change what you believe in no matter what other people do." He says. I wipe my eyes. "you don't usually cry."

"I do, I just don't let anyone see me cry. it's childish" I reply, repeating what my father said.

"Lisa, we're still kids"

"I've got to go, I'm meant to meet my friends" I say stepping around my brother and towards the lake where I spot my friends.

"You're late" Kat says to me as I sit down.

"Look at the pot calling the kettle black, you'd miss breakfast if it wasn't for Laoren and I." I reply, grinning.

"What held you up?" Laoren asked

"Just bumped into my brother, he wanted to know why I was staying at school over the break. Sometimes I wish I was part of your family Kat, or even yours Laoren." I saw

"Let's change the subject shall we? are you guys ready for flying class?" Kat asks

"I think I'll be fine, I always enjoyed flying at home, so long as my father and brother weren't watching" I reply, we end up chatting about the various things we like to do when there's no one to watch us.

The flying lesson went fairly well, we had an obstacle course to go through, I didn't like the fire triangles, but that's coz I don't really like being too close to fire, and I got hit only once by a bludger, three decided to come towards me at once giving me no room to dodge them all, luckily they were only enchanted water balloons so I only got a little wet. Tori and Laoren had to do the course twice as they went through first with Hermione, but she lost control of her broom and they had to bring her to the ground.

We all got changed after class, well all except Laoren who didn't get wet, it was funny watching my brother though, he isn't as good on a broom as he claims to be, especially when flying with Crabbe and Goyle. Tori wasn't very good at dodging the water balloons so she was soaked, and Kat was a bit wetter than me but not as wet as Tori, the best in the class was Harry of course.

We all laughed and joked about what happened to my brother in flying class over dinner, that was until Harry, Ron and Hermione went off on their own. They do that a lot and it seems to really bug Kat and Laoren.

"Come on." Laoren said, it was clear that she was annoyed again. "Let's go. We'll have our own fun without them."

we all headed back to the common room and started joking about what our animagus would be if we were to be one. I said some form of big cat, Laoren wanted to be a dog, Tori refused to say but that was normal, she didn't like talking about herself. Kat said some small animal but wasn't sure which.

"Laoren, can you do me a huge favour? I need my potions homework checked, I know the content is correct but my spelling and grammar are not always the best when I do my homework?" I ask

"Sure" Laoren replies.

I run upstairs and get my scroll, it's about a foot longer than what Professor Snape asked for but Potions is one of my favourite subjects so I never run out of things to say, Laoren proof reads it and corrects the spelling and grammar and I re-write it. It's then that we all realise how late it is and decide that it's time for bed.