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1. Wally's childhood was...less than stellar. Actually, it was fairly crappy. His mom died when he was six, and until Iris married Barry when Wally was ten, Wally's dad beat the hell out of him on a daily basis. That's why Wally's tough; he knows how to take a hit. That spirited personality is because of Barry-Barry reminded Wally how to have some fun again, and that's when the two became more father-and-son than uncle-and-nephew.

2. Wally walked the twenty miles it took to get to Central City from Blue Valley when he was ten years old. It was fourteen hours, exactly, from the tenth visit Wally had with Iris and Barry. Wally's dad had gone too far and broken his arm. Despite all the pain, Wally took the twenty mile walk-it took him six and a half hours-in the middle of the night and knocked on Barry and Iris's door. They took him the hospital. Wally hasn't seen his dad since, because Barry and Iris got adoption papers.

3. Wally has called Barry 'Dad' three times. The first time was when Wally had knocked on their door at one in the morning, looking exhausted, arm at an unnatural position, tears streaming down his face. He said, "Dad, I really need some help. Please." The second time Wally was frustrated with his homework and unthinkingly called to Barry in the kitchen, without looking up, "Dad, can you come help me?" The third time was when Wally was beat up from Cadmus and Barry was worried and mad, scolding him, and Wally flinched and begged unthinkingly, "Sorry, Dad, I'm sorry." From that point forwards, he's always called Barry 'Dad', and neither of them so much as blinked.

4. Wally is severely claustrophobic. After an incident that included being stuck, alone, in a broken elevator for seven hours, Wally can't stand small spaces. Being the fastest teen alive probably also has something to do with it, but if it's small, dark, and cramped, it drives Wally up the wall. He's terrified of small spaces. It's difficult for him to be in the bioship, and it's only because Dick's there with him that he can sit in his seat and vibrate with anxiety.

5. Wally is a cuddler. It drives Roy and Dick mad sometimes, because whenever they sit down on the floor or the sofa, Wally ends up between them, touching some part of them with some part of himself. He doesn't even mean to, but it's true. What really makes Roy realize this is when he wakes up in the med bay and Wally is not in a chair, like Dick, is not laying on a cot nearby, like Ollie, but is laying right next to him, on the hospital cot. Roy simply sighs, covers him with the topmost blanket, and goes back to sleep.

6. Wally passes out when he doesn't eat enough, but there's a pressure point on his neck that will wake him back up momentarily to shove something down his throat. Barry's is on his wrist. The reason why Wally's is on his neck is because, when he got his powers, the lightning bolt hit his neck. He should've died. Dick and Roy thank they're lucky stars every time they have to use it to bring Wally back to consciousness that he did not.

7. Wally is a certified genuis. Because of his 'extracurriculars', however, Wally keeps it underwraps and does extra studying with Barry. His favorite subject is science; Barry loves that. They talk molecules and physics and equations all the time, leaving Iris completely lost, but both are proud that their nephew is so brilliant. Roy sometimes feels left out that out of the three of them, he's the only one not certified as a genuis, but then he sees Wally do something incredibly stupid...(see below).

8. Wally has little to no common sense. Roy doesn't really care that he's not a genuis when he sees Wally run into a wall, mouth off at some guy twice his size and weight, or mess with Dick's electronics. The kid's brilliant, both Roy and Dick know, but he sure can act like he's not.

9. Wally is an enternal optimist. Even more so than Dick, who prefers to call himself a 'neutralist', due to Roy's pessimism, Wally sees the bright side in everything. It's refreshing and Roy and Dick love it, because in their line of work, optimism is rare, enjoyable, and a cause of thanks.

10. Wally doesn't get nosebleeds because he tries to vibrates through solid matter; he gets them because he gets nervous and stops.No matter how many times Barry, Dick, Roy, Bruce, and Ollie tell him to not stop halfway through, Wally's claustrophobia kicks in and he gets nervous and pulls himself out midway, causing his bloodcells in his nose to expand and burst. Dick once pushed him through the wall and Wally, while happy that he succeeded, told Dick that if he ever did that again he'd run him to an open field in the middle of nowhere and leave him.

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