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1. Ollie's first memory of Roy is when this filthy little kid with a bloody nose sprinted into his penthouse apartment and yanked down the vintage archery set above the mantle. His first thought was that the kid looked like he'd gotten run over by a Mac truck, but when the grimy street kid pivoted and shot six arrows at his seven pursuers and pinned them all to the wall, Ollie immediately made his secretary figure out the kid's name. Roy Harper was adopted within the week.

2. Ollie's best memory of Roy is the first time Roy hit eight targets with six arrows. Ollie was of the opinion that Roy had one hell of a smile, even though he so rarely showed it. The first time that the kid hit eight targets with six arrows was also the first time he saw Roy actually smile. And after that, he decided that he really did love that kid.

3. Ollie's worst memory of Roy is when he was thrown off a thirty-story building and didn't catch himself. Ollie stood there and thought, he's going to shoot off a grappling arrow and catch himself, he always does. But then he saw that Roy's quiver was empty. That Roy wasn't going to catch himself. The fact that Roy was alive after that fall, bruised and broken but alive, is a fact that Ollie can never be thankful enough for.

4. Ollie knows to never second-guess Roy's instincts...or physics equations. The one time he did, he managed to knock out twelve bystanders and completely miss his target and was forced to listen to Roy stiffling laughter for the next three hours. He's never doubted his idiot sevant again.

5. Ollie has hit Roy out of uniform once. They had been arguing-shocker-but it went from teasing to serious so quickly, neither one realized how far it'd gotten. Roy said something-Ollie can't even remember what-and Ollie turned on him, backhanding him across the face. Roy didn't even have a chance to react before Ollie grabbed him and hugged him, hard, guilty as hell the second his hand connected. He rocked and held Roy for the next thirty minutes, apologizing. Roy just buried his face into Ollie's shoulder and grabbed the back of his shirt, shocked and thankful that-for once-an adult actually apologized after hitting him.

6. Ollie can't remember every injury Roy has ever had, but he can remember every injury Roy has had that made him wonder how many lives Roy has. So far he's thinkin' that Roy has somewhere between twelve to fifteen lives. It's the only way that kid can live through some of the injuries he gets himself into.

7. Ollie has had to tell Roy fifteen times that he can't pick fights with kids who bully Wally and Dick...that being said...

8. Ollie has never stopped Roy from picking fights with kids who bully Wally and Dick. Both boys were like nephews to him and Roy was a big kid. He could handle himself. Unless, of course, Ollie decides that he doesn't want Roy to handle himself and steps in without telling Roy.

9. Ollie never pictured himself as a father. Until he met-and actually married-Dinah, he'd thought of himself as a permanent bachelor. Even after he adopted Roy, he was pretty sure the kid had gotten lucky with that miracle shot and wouldn't be near as interesting as Ollie originally thought. Did Roy show him elsewise. Ollie's just thankful that Roy's stuck with him even though he knows that there are millions of better fathers than him.

10. Ollie loves Roy. Unconditionally. Shockingly. Even though the two argue constantly, even though Roy can hold one heck of a grudge, even though Ollie never thinks anything through, Ollie loves his redhead. He doesn't realize how much he loves Roy, though, until he hovers over Roy after the kid was thrown from the thirty-story building, praying his son's gonna wake up, gonna have one more life...and Roy's first panicked, pained gasp is, "Ollie!"

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