Experiment Gone Bad

The Doctor



The last thing The Doctor remembered was flying down the stairs as fast as he could, Rose not far behind him.


Then suddenly, he was in the control room of the TARDIS. He had the faint taste of strawberries on his lips. And not far from him Rose was lying on the ground, seemingly unconscious.

"Rose!" he cried rushing to her and shaking her a little. Groggily she sat up and put a hand to her head. He knew how she felt. It was as if someone had dropped a weight on it. It was slow and heavy and ached dully. "Are you okay?" he asked for the third time that day.

"Yeah, I'm fine," she said getting up. "Are we in the TARDIS? Oh no, please say we haven't moved! We haven't gotten the Sonic Pulse yet!"

He moved over to the console and checked the monitor.

"No we're fixed," he told her. "We're not in any one place or time, just hovering out of it. Suspended in the time vortex so that no time will have passed… What ever I was doing, it looks like I still had enough wits about me to do that." Noticing it was a little nipper than usual he looked down and realized what was wrong. "Where's my shirt?" he said in bewilderment.

Rose tried to suppress a giggle at his reaction before looking around and pointing it out. Quickly he went over and put it on.

"And where's the jacket?"

"I don't know," Rose told him. "But we can find it after. Let's go kill that horrid pulse thingy."


Flicking switches and pushing buttons he landed them back in the exact second they had left. No one would have noticed it at all, had they been looking. He grabbed his tie from where it had been flung over the console and they headed back.

Though it worried him that somehow the door to the TARDIS had been left ajar the entire time they had been in there. They were lucky that nothing happened… that they knew of.

This time to get in they only had to show the lady at the counter their wristband she had given them.

Even more people were leaving. Some still had that eager careless light in their eyes. Some were limping or clutching a wound. And some looked downright panicked and couldn't get out of there fast enough.

"Don't go in there!" one man warned them in hushed tones. But for everyone's sake, they ignored him and carried on.


Suddenly Rose cracked up laughing looking at him.

"What?" he asked.

"You're grinning like an idiot!" she giggled.

"So are you," he replied. At this they both started giggling. He had no idea why this was so funny to them, it just was.


They felt more confident as they headed back up towards tower 8. They knew where it was and they still had most of the half hour left.

With majority of the park now gone it was a quick ascent to the top of the tower and soon they were inside the room they had seen on the security monitors. And right in front of them was the transmitter.

It was quite beautiful. And to say the truth, it looked like an early version of a technology that was way ahead of this time. So who ever had created this was either someone from the future, or a genius of their time.

"Halt!" came a mechanical voice from the other side of the room. Out of the shadows stepped an android. It wasn't all that un-similar in design to the clockwork repair droids they faced on the abandoned ship of Madam De Pompadour. But it was still a hundred years until they would get to that stage, once again, this must be early technology. It would only be programmed with the most basic functions.

"Quick, get out of here," came another feeble voice from the corner.

He looked over to see a man sitting there, a repair droid on either side of him. The poor man looked like he hadn't left in days… held hostage.


He pointed the Sonic-screwdriver at the android in front of him, hoping to shut it off. But it did nothing… Of course! They would have been programmed to be immune to all sonic activity. Especially if they were working with the transmitter.

"Human is hostile," The android said. "Humans must be detained. Must not be allowed to cause damage."

One of its arms snapped around, and instead of having a robotic hand thingy, a sharp circle blade was spinning dangerously in front of him.

"Wow, okay. Is there any reasoning with you guys?" he asked.

"They're too simple to understand reason," the man told them.

Two more of the androids stepped forward and grabbed him and Rose by the arm, then led them over to where the other man was. It was cleaver really, they had found the cameras blind spot and were hiding in its shadow.

"So," he said cheerfully once he was sitting down. "How did you get into this mess?" he asked the other man.

"I tried to shut the transmitter down when it became dangerous. But I'd already programmed the androids to protect it," he told them. "I'm Marcus by the way, Marcus Snow."

"Ha! Really!" The Doctor cried. "Marcus Snow! Rose, this guy is brilliant! Oh I love the Lost-Locator Keychain you invented back last august. I've already got one attached to my TARDIS. Big fan of your work. One of the most successful engineers of his time he is!"

"B-but, that's only a prototype from my thesis… no one knows about it…"

"Don't worry about it," he reassured Marcus. "I know about a lot of things I shouldn't. So, I'm assuming these are your androids?"

"Yes," Marcus said. "I built them ahead of most androids these days. These seven are unique. They still only take and follow simple orders. But they have a certain level of self thought. For instance… they think the two of us are a danger to the transmitter, and she's with you so she must be too." He nodded towards Rose.

"Why would anyone want to protect that thing in the first place let alone build it?" Rose said somewhat harshly.

"Because it was going to revolutionise the world," Marcus said mournfully. "But it wasn't meant to be like this. I invented it so that children here who were too scared to go on a ride would loose just that little bit of fear, enough to ignore it and have fun.

I worked for months with neurologists to find which frequencies and pulses would affect people in which way. We mainly worked with the fear receptors and the adrenal system.

But something went wrong with it and it's too powerful. Anyone who could hear the sonic pulse started doing dangerous reckless or stupid things. The things they had too much fear to do. The pulse took away their fear to the point people were climbing up the high towers and jumping into the pools below. And even worse they had no memory of it.

So I came up here to shut it off, but the repair droids wouldn't let me."

"So it was an experiment gone wrong," he said.

"Yeah," Marcus replied. "Now nothing can shut it off except for one of the androids themselves."

He and Marcus continued to discus the issue in tones so low that only Rose, and none of the androids would be able to hear them.


"Excuse me," Rose said suddenly standing up. All seven repair droids turned to face her.

"Rose, what are you doing?" he hissed fearfully.

"The human will remain stationary," said the lead android, standing beside the transmitter.

"But I need to go to the bathroom," she said.

"The human will remain stationary," the android repeated more forcefully.

"C'mon Rose, cant you hold it?" he said sounding rather desperate.

"Please. I really need to go," she begged, completely ignoring him and taking a step forward.

The second she moved, the android flipped its hand around to the circle saw, aiming it at Rose.

He tried to jump up but one of the androids beside him pushed him back down.

At this moment, to his horror, Rose dived at the android. They fell backwards, there was a bright electric blue light, and then they were both unmoving on the floor.

"Rose!" he cried in panic, breaking free and rushing forward. Panic rose in him when he saw blood slowly starting to pool beside her.

"Ouch," she moaned and began to stir.

"Rose! Hold on okay, you're going to be alright," he told her.

"Of course I am," she said sitting up slowly. "I'm just winded, and my hand really stings. Oh and here's a tip, don't get electrocuted. I'm glad I just missed that."

As she reached up to wipe hair from her face, blood dripped down her wrist and smeared in her hair. Gently he grabbed her hand before she could touch anything else and turned it over. Down the fleshy part of her palm ran a deep gash, probably from the androids saw. Blood was flowing from it rapidly and upon seeing it Rose turned very pale.

There was a 'clunk' beside him and he turned to see one of the repair droids placing a first aid kit beside him.

"Human needs medical care," it said. He nodded to it then opened the box and pulled out what he needed.

After cleaning it and drying it off he applied quite a lot of cream. This cream was brilliant, it disinfected the wound and made it heal very quick without leaving a scar. The cut would probably be gone by the very next day.

Then very gently he began to bandage it. He didn't show it, but touching Rose's skin so tenderly was strangely and deeply intimate.

"That," he said quietly. "Was the most dangerous, reckless, stupidest… and most bravest thing I have ever seen, Rose Tyler."

Through the pain she smiled up at him.

"You scared me half to death," he told her. "One of my hearts stopped."

"Sorry," she grinned unremorsefully.


It wasn't until he was sure that Rose was absolutely fine that he finally turned to what was left of the transmitter and android.

The transmitter had nearly been cleaved in two; the android's saw hand was still imbedded in it. The core of the transmitter being split must have caused it to let out an electric charge, which met with that of the androids, effectively cancelling them both out. It was brilliant!

The other androids, now without an immediate purpose just stood silent and still, awaiting new orders.


"Hey look!" he cried. "Here's my jacket," he said bending over to pick it up. Rose paused halfway through applying her strawberry lip-gloss and looked at him in surprise. They were standing at the bottom of the tower that had had all the security cameras at the top. He must have taken it off soon after the pulse had hit him.

Folding the jacket over his arm, he and Rose – in their togs – made their way to the top of the tower once more. Only this time they weren't looking for a hidden door. They weren't trying to stop a mind altering pulse from nearly killing everyone. They were just having fun.

Excitedly they climbed to the top, grabbed a double seating blow-up ring and set off. Rose sat in the front a squealed in delight as they rushed down the pipes, sliding from side to side and even doing a full loop at one point.

Finally they came skidding out the end into a pool below.

"That was amazing!" Rose cried in exhilaration as they waded their way out.

"Well, there's plenty more rides," he told her happily. "And we can go on the as much as we like, especially now that the place is pretty much empty."

"Yay!" she cried. Then she ran to yet another tower. You'd think that after running up them all day they'd be tired of it. But they just couldn't get enough.


Seeing the smile on Rose's face made him light up. He had been worried for a while now, he knew something bad was coming. But here in this moment he could forget it.


Forget it… like he had forgotten what his greatest desire was.

That was probably for the best. Everyone had deep desires, and they didn't act on them because those desires would cause trouble or pain. His desires, like the rest of his problems and feelings, were much stronger. And had the potential to cause much, much more pain.


He really enjoyed the day at Splash Planet, with his beautiful Rose.


Because he knew that there was more sorrow and pain to come… A pain so agonising it would bring himself and everyone he loved on their knees…




Notes: Bit of a depressing ending considering the happy bright picture I hopefully just painted for you.

As I said, this is only part one. If you want to know what happened in the blanked out moment and what the consequences were move on to story two!

Twice the Love.