Chapter 1: Chapter 1

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Chapter One: Leaving

"He is over here!" shouted a clearly drunk villager "It's the demon brat that killed the 4th, the Kyuubi!" he yelled to some other villagers that started to chase me again. I ran as fast as my little 6 year old feet can carry me. After about five minutes they caught me and one of the men tackled me to the ground and punched me in the gut for three minutes all I felt was kicks and punches and could only make out a couple of words like "demon" "get lost" "kill him" "throw him out ". Until I finally fell unconscious.

When I woke up I felt cold and damp I look around and its dark I could see pipes "Ughh, did they throw me in the sewers again?" I ask myself, looking up trying to find an exit.

"No kit, you're in your brain." I hear a voice coming from behind me; I turn around and notice that there is a giant gate with a piece of paper in the middle that says 'seal' on it.

"Who's there? And, what do you mean my brain?" I ask kind of scared. I look through the bars and see blood red eyes looking at me, he smiles and I can see his white teeth which are two times bigger than me.

"I'm the Kyuubi, the greatest of the tailed beasts." he says proudly "I was sealed inside of you by the 4th, 6 years ago when you were barely born."

"The Kyuubi, is that why the villagers call me a demon? Is that why they hate me? Because I have a demon sealed inside of me." I ask thinking back to what they said to me when they were attacking me.

"Yes kit, I'm sorry that I have caused you so much pain but now that I can talk to you I want to help you I have seen what they have done to you and all I could do was heal you after but now I can help protect you if you want. Will you let me help you kit?"

I think about it for a while "Okay, I want you to help me." I state.

"Ok just wake up then and I'll be able to help you."

Everything goes black and I open my eyes and look around I see I'm in the middle of a forest. I can feel my arm, leg, and a couple of ribs are broken. "They threw me out of the village again." I think to myself "Yeah, and were pretty far from the village; oh by the way we can talk together like this okay?" the Kyuubi says in my brain

I hear a noise in the bushes and try to back away in case someone tries to hurt me. Out of the bushes comes out a little kid about my age I can't tell if the kid is a boy or a girl the kid has soft brown eyes and long brown hair that reaches mid back and two bangs in the front framing the kids face, the kid is short but seams taller than him wearing a light blue shirt and blue jeans. The kid looks at me and then runs up to me and kneels next to me and says "Are you okay? What happened?" the kid asks worry clear in his voice

"Please don't hurt me." I say scared that something might happen.

"Hurt you? Why would I hurt you? I want to help you. Wait here I'm going to get my teacher to help you okay." I nod and the kid gets up and runs to the edge and about to run out "My name is Haku, and I'm a boy."

"N-Naruto." I say as the Haku runs out to the forest. Five minutes later Haku comes running into the clearing with a man wearing a Kirigakure forehead protector with a line running trough it his face is covered with a bandage he isn't wearing a shirt but is wearing some brown pants he has a big sword on his back with its straps crossing across his chest.

"Here he is Zabuza, the kid I was talking about." Haku says pointing at Naruto, "We need to help him."

Zabuza looks at Naruto. He walks up to him and says "I'm going to pick you up and take you back to our camp to help heal you, okay." he says calmly Naruto just looks at him and nods. Zabuza picks him up and walks to a camp the set him on a bed and asks "What happened to you kid?"

"Kyuubi should I tell them the truth?"

"Their helping you kit they deserve to know the truth."

"Okay." I look at him and say "I was attacked by the villagers of Konoha and dumped out here in the forest again." I tell them

"Konoha that's a two day walk from here and what do you mean again?" Zabuza asks clearly surprised.

"That far? That's the furthest they have left me. This is like the 10th time they have done this." I tell them as if talking about the weather

"10 times!" yells Haku "Why do they do that to you?"

"…. Because I h-have Th-the ky-kyuubi sealed inside of me." I say with my head down expecting them to hit me or yell at me when I look up I see they are surprised but not scared or disgusted in me. Zabuza continues wrapping the bandage around my torso once he is done he stands up and gives me a canteen of water.

"Do you have somewhere to go or do you want to join us, because I'm not letting you go back to that village, and I can train you to become a ninja." Zabuza says looking at me

My eyes go wide he is asking me to go with him and to join him. They don't hate me, they want to help me. "I want to join you; please I don't want to go back to that village again." I say excited that I might get someone to help me and find a reason to live.

"Okay, rest for today and we'll leave tomorrow and start your training okay."

I nod excited "Did you hear that Kyuubi?"

"Yes kit I heard, good for you, you deserve something better than that village." "Thanks." I say before falling asleep.



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