So, I thought this one up just now and figured I write it. Here we go.

Guilt plagued Numbuh Infinity as he lay on the beach near the Sector J Treehouse. He always came here to mellow out when he felt like this. Why was he feeling like this? Because of his former Supreme Galactic Leader, Dimentia. For as long as he's known her, he always thought she was the greatest hero in the universe for starting the GKND and helping kids throughout the universe. And he always thought he was helping her by recruiting kids from other planets into GKND to fight in the galactic battle against adults.

But it was all a lie. True, he WAS helping her, but for all the wrong reasons. It was all part of her nefarious scheme to spread misery and sadness across the universe. All part of her selfish desire to stay young forever. All this time, she was hurting people rather than helping them…and HE helped her do so. He and 74.239. Infinity never felt more guilty. And not only did he think she was doing good, he was IN LOVE with her for it! Man, did he feel bad! Sure, he was glad she was finally overthrown, but that didn't change the fact that he helped her in her schemes. He just wishes he could do something to make up for it.

"Well, you're looking glum." Infinity turned at the sound of the voice to see none other than Nigel's new sister, Katie, who Nigel adopted from the Nightmare King after dethroning Dimentia.

"Oh, Katie. What are you doing here?"

"I hang out here with Numbuh 10 a lot. Or should I say my new cousin? What's wrong with you?"

Infinity sighed. "I just can't get over what I've done. All this time, I thought I was helping kids, but I was really hurting them. And because of me, the universe almost got destroyed."

Katie reached over and put a hand on his shoulder. "Hey, don't feel bad! You didn't know what she was doing! You and every other GKND was deceived by her!"

"I know, but I shouldn't have. I of all people should've suspected her plans from the start."

"Well, be thankful she's burning in Hell now, where she belongs! You need to learn to forget the past and look to the future! Now that you and Gabe are living here on Earth, you need to make the most of it!"

Infinity looked up slightly. "Yeah…maybe you're right."

"Although, personally, I wish you stayed a Wisp! You were SO adorable!"

Infinity chuckled. "Well, if I'd have known that, I would've stayed a Wisp!"

"Well, you're cute as a human, too!"

"Thanks! You aren't really too bad yourself, for a Nightmare!"

"Well, we always tried to tell you we Nightmares aren't all bad!"

Infinity chuckled. "Yeah, I guess not! Hey, you wanna go get some chocolate ice cream?"

"Sure! Sector J has all the good stuff!" And with that, the two were off. Maybe she was right. Maybe he should just forget the past and look to the future.

Well, there you go. This may be hard to understand if you hadn't read GALACSIA. Well, see you later.