Hi everyone! I'm here with my other collaboration story! This was originally posted on Sally White, as she is part of the collaboration. Although she won't be writing on as much, she is still a part of this story.

This story is a collaboration of myself, raelynn gross, and Sally White.

I wrote this entire prologue, but the story is of all three of us. None of us own Soul Eater

The Angel Whom Saved Me


It's a sleepy and chilly fall morning as Soul Evans walks down the street feebly. He knows he shouldn't be out and that he should be taking it easy, but he really wanted to go see his friend. Besides, being stuck in bed on one of your few days outside of a hospital is really uncool and it just plain sucks. Besides, his parents and brother bore him. Then again, not much interests him, so what's the point? Even his friend has been annoying the hell out of him with all of this 'godly' babble of his. Death City isn't much nicer to him, considering that the bitter air bites him and the landscape carries a darkly air of creepiness. Trees have died and leaves are all over the place. Creepy misshapen buildings are everywhere and the sun above laughs like a maniacal psychopath. Soul meanwhile, has pale skin, a lazy gait, short spiky silver hair, and crimson red eyes. The 16 year old teenager also has a heart murmur, which is really uncool and often pisses him off. The bitter air nips at him as he arrives at a crosswalk. A weird feeling fills him as he waits for the street to clear so he can cross, Soul looks up in time to see a flash of light in the farthest distance he can see.

He has no idea what it is, nor does he know that it will change his life forever.

When he gets the walk signal, he walks out as a small pain hits his chest. He ignores it, but the pain will have none of it. As he hits the middle of the streets, the pain makes itself more of a menace and halts his movements as he cringes in pain. He opens his mouth to cry for help, hating that it's happening again. All that comes out is a gasp and he falls to his knees, unable to breathe very well. His heart is beating way too hard and the pain is unbearable. It's happening again; his heart is attacking him again and he knows it.

'Not again...no...not again...'

A horn blares in the distance...or is it nearby? Soul can't believe this, his life is going to end! Just when he got out again, he'll be going away; this time for good. That's when his life changes.

"Nooo!" screams a female voice.

From behind his eyelids, Soul sees a long lived flash of blinding light before a weight slams into him. At first, he thinks it's the vehicle. That is, until he realizes theres no car-wreck qualifying pain and that wherever he is, he's comfortable. It feels like a pair of arms, but it doesn't matter considering the situation. He knows he's airborne and that someone or something has him. The pain forces him to let out an uncool cry, despite his own nature. Something pats his head soothingly, almost pleadingly.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry! I'm moving as fast as I can, please don't cry. The air is against me today."

It's a girl...some girl is carrying him bridal style! This is really uncool! But Soul suddenly notes that he can't hear footsteps. All he hears is the wind and what sounds like something beating the air; like when a rug is shaken out against the air.

"Oh Kamisama, help me! I'm trying to save this life!"

"You got this sweetheart, keep going!" called another woman's voice, only this one is really airy and very distant, as if it were from space itself.

"I know Mama! I'm going!"

Okay, what the living hell is going on here? Soul has no freaking idea, but the pain in his chest is really freaking terrible and his air is in short gasps. It's like something is ripping through him hellishly and dammit could it hurt any worse than it already does?

"No, no, no!"

He feels a hand on his chest, right over his heart. Through his eyelids, Soul sees a glowing flash of pinkish blue. Suddenly, the pain lightens and he quickly feels so very tired. What just happened? Its like that glow pushed back his heart murmur attack...How could that be? Soul didn't understand, but sleep sounded so very heavenly and paradisaical right now. The silver haired sickly teen leaned back upon his moving sanctuary and breathed a heavy gasp of needed air, although it was such bitterly cold air. He passes out before the next cry from his carrier.

"I swear on my angel heart that you'll be fine!"

Blond hair flew in the whispering wind as she prayed, carrying this dying heart to restoration.