Another one-shot. Probably won't be very popular, but here we go.

"Let's see, 41 divided 12 times the square root of 81 plus…" Numbuh 74.239 mumbled to himself as he sat in the empty Moonbase cafeteria, doing his homework.


"AAHH!" Gabe jumped at the sound of the voice, then looked to see it was the leader of Sector N, Numbuh 14, or Mary-Lou Sarah-Jane Jones. "Numbuh 14? What are you doing here?"

"I heard you were up here doin' yer homework and whatnot, so I came up to check on you!"


"What're you doin' it for, anyway? Ever' time ah come up here, yer either doin' this er somethin' else! Don't y'all think you need to take a break?"

"Don't you need to head back to Sector N to make sure Numbuh 13 stays out of trouble?"

"Nah! He's over at Sector L hangin' out with Numbuh 11-Teen! Meanin' I got plenty o' free time to myself!"

"Well, why are checking on me then?"

"I dunno. Maybe I wanna hang out with you!"


"I dunno. Maybe I like smart kids and think yer real smart!"

He chuckled nervously. "Well, that's great and all, but I really need to finish this. It's due in two days."

"Pfft! Well, that's plenty o' time! Come on! Put that pencil down and take a break! Otherwise, you might end up as the next Supreme Leader!"

Gabe gulped at this. "Well, maybe a little break wouldn't hurt."

"There we go! Now, how's about you and me go get some pizza?"

"Oooo! I like pizza!" With that, the two new friends were off. Maybe a little break once in a while really doesn't hurt.

There we go. It probably won't be as popular just like the last two weren't, but whatever. Later.