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Two Way Street

Chapter 4:

"Louis, what brings you to my office?" Harvey asked, the usual sarcastic and demeaning smile on his face, the smile he reserved especially for Louis. "And you brought friends. How did you manage to convince the police to come? Kill another client?"

Louis wasn't affected, but Officer Douglass paled slightly. "I told them a noncompliant employee needed to be forcibly removed for the sake of this firm and its employees," he answered with an arrogant roll of his eyes and a click of the tongue as if it were blatantly obvious. "Where's Mike?" The question was asked with a cordial smile but sharp tone.

"A bit of an exaggeration don't you think?" Harvey inquired with a quirked smile as he lounged back nonchalantly in his chair, resting his elbows on the arm rests to fold his hands in front of him. "As for Mike, he's not here, as you can clearly see. Maybe he's with your pretend wife."

Louis' eye twitched but he remained calm. The officers behind him exchanged a glance of bemusement at the inside joke. "I don't have time for your little quips, Harvey," Louis said, practically forcing the words out from between clenched teeth. "Where's Michael?"

Harvey shrugged innocently; hands palm up. "He could be anywhere. I gave him a Pro Bono case. He could be in research, at the client's house, on a coffee break. Have you checked his cubicle?"

"Yes," Louis said, his lips warring between a forced smile and a scowl. "But he's not there."

"Ah, better luck next time" Harvey said with mock sympathy. He shifted his attention to the officers. "Gentlemen, can I interest you in a coffee?"

Officer Douglass showed none of his previous enthusiasm at the prospect of coffee. He shifted on his feet awkwardly as Officer Stewart curtly declined. Their expectant eyes bore into Louis' back. They had been called to perform a job but there was obviously no job here to perform. Perhaps, it had all been a ruse and Officer Stewart didn't seem too happy at the thought of having just wasted at least an hour of his time when he could have been at home.

"Are you hiding him?" Louis sneered.

"Why do you ask?" Harvey asked. "I thought you knew better than anyone how much I care about other people besides myself."

Red spots were appearing on Louis' face.

"I know your little secret," Louis spat. Harvey returned his searing glare with a cool smile. "I know your associate didn't graduate from Harvard. You both lied to get him in this firm. He doesn't belong here and, for your little lie, neither do you."

"My, my, who told you this little story?" Harvey asked, the epitome of nonchalance.

"I figured it out for myself," Louis answered with a puff of pride swelled in his chest.

"You sure you didn't have any help? An anonymous tip perhaps?"

Louis deflated slightly.

"You always do try to get all the credit," Harvey mused, loud enough for both Louis and the officers to hear.

"That's besides the point," Louis blurted.

"What is your point?"

"Mike is not a Harvard graduate and should be removed from the firm!" Louis practically yelled. He instantly realized his loss of self-control and quickly corrected his mistake by straightening and smoothing down his suit. He glanced back at the officers for assistance but glared back at Harvey with growing loathe when they proved unhelpful.

"A truly entertaining story this is," Harvey smirked, Louis' glare bouncing off harmlessly. "Have you told it to Jessica yet?"

Louis' shoulders dropped slightly and he fidgeted uneasily, glancing around the room distractedly. "I decided not to trouble her."

"Yes, the grand martyr, taking the burden of firing employees upon himself," Harvey said with grand exaggeration. "How noble."

The officers, forgotten, could only stand by the door uncomfortably and watch the war raging between the lawyers.

"Maybe you should get permission from Jessica before you start shooting accusations at your superiors," Harvey continued, his words sharpening with an unspoken threat. "I don't think she'd tolerate the abuse of a fellow lawyer for your own petty vendettas."

Louis choked on his words for a minute, his face red.

"That's all this is, isn't it?" Harvey asked, leaning forward in his chair seriously. "You can't stand the fact that she gave me the promotion you wanted so you decided to take out your frustrations on my associate. Well let me tell you this," Harvey said, tone hard; all amused joviality removed from his expression. He didn't need to stand to show that he loomed over Louis menacingly. "You better back off. Because, if you mess with Mike, you mess with me. And, believe me, you don't want that."

Louis didn't withdraw. He met Harvey's fierce stare without flinching. The two glared at each other unblinkingly for a while before Officer Stewart intervened, stepping between them.

"Is that true?" he asked, voice thick. "Did you call us on a whim because you wanted revenge against this man?"

"No!" Louis protested. "Michael Ross is a nobody hired by this man from a firm that hires only from Harvard graduates. Michael does not belong here and should be removed. This man," he pointed accusingly at Harvey, "is hiding Michael to protect his own ass because he knows that if Michael gets caught for lying, then he will too." Louis turned on Harvey, marching past the office and right up to Harvey's desk, pounding his hands down on the wood. Harvey didn't flinch but he felt Mike give a slight start.

"And I'm not about to let you get away with it," he seethed.

Harvey glanced at him impassively and then past him to flash a charming smile at the officers. "I assure you, officers, that Mike is a Harvard graduate as he is listed as one of their top students. I'm sure they will gladly show you his records if you ask." He still didn't meet Louis' smoldering glare. If looks could kill, then Harvey was clearly immortal. "I apologize on Louis' behalf for making you come all the way here on a false alarm and wasting your valuable time."

Officer Stewart nodded his acknowledgement at Harvey and turned, ushering out Officer Douglass with him.

Louis didn't take his eyes off of Harvey.

"Move," he demanded icily.

"Excuse me?"

"Get away from the desk," Louis said, straightening to stand at his full height.

"I'm sorry, but I don't believe I have to take orders from you," Harvey replied with mock politeness.

"If you're not hiding Michael under there, then you should just stand up," Louis said, his slimy smile slithering over his lips.

"I shouldn't have to take this kind of harassment," Harvey said loudly to ensure the officers heard him. They stopped in the doorway. "I don't know what you do at your desk in your free time but I can assure you I don't have a grown man under here."

"Then prove it," Louis sneered.

"I plead the Fifth," Harvey answered patronizingly.

"Move, Spector, or I'll make you."

"I believe that's a threat. Did that sound like a threat to you Officer Stewart?"

Louis growled and made a move to come around the desk and pull Harvey away. Fortunately, the officers grabbed him within the next moment and dragged him back.

"That's enough, sir, or we'll have to detain you for hostility and harassment."

Louis glowered at Harvey with so much disdain Harvey was sure his face was going to burst from all the blood making his face red. Seeing he could not win and that the officers he had called had mobilized against him, Louis accepted a temporary defeat.

He pushed away from the officers and composed himself. With a final glare at Harvey, he stormed out of the office. The officers nodded in apology and left as well. Harvey watched Louis stalk into his office and the officers give a farewell to Donna – and get coffee from Kathy – before leaving the floor.

Harvey allowed himself to release a sigh of relief before pushing away from the desk to let Mike crawl out and sit back in front of the drawers. Mike ran a hand through his hair and looked up at his boss with relief.

"That was close," he muttered. "And a very good performance."

"Thank you," Harvey nodded. "I've have plenty of practice."

Mike chuckled and then cautiously peeked over the desk. All the immediate threats had gone and it seemed like he was in the clear. Donna ambled back to her desk as if nothing had happened. She did, however, exchange a loaded glance with Harvey, concern leveling her brow. Only after a reassuring nod from Harvey did she take her post at her desk to resume her duties as both secretary and sentinel.

Mike sat back down, apprehension preventing a grateful smile from gracing his lips. "What now? Louis is onto us. What happens if he catches me?"

"I don't think he can catch you with a premonition. Especially since there is proof against him," Harvey answered, also scanning the floor. A glance at Donna informed him that she was also confirming the threat had indeed passed.

Granting Donna the responsibility of making sure the coast was clear, Harvey returned his full attention to Mike.

"But he will corner you," he added matter-of-factly.

"Then what?" Mike asked in a small voice that proved just how young he still was.

"Then you keep your mouth shut until I get to you," Harvey answered, smiling down reassuringly at Mike.

Mike returned the gesture.

"Until then, lie low and avoid Louis," Harvey recommended. "You see him coming, you go to Jessica or me. He won't bother you with us."

Mike nodded his understanding.

Harvey leaned back in his chair, glaring hard at Louis' office. "Bastard. What right does he have to judge people? That's my job. And I know you're not a nobody."

Mike looked up in surprise at Harvey, then smiled warmly. "No, I'm your associate."

"Damn right."

With a final peek at the floor to ensure the coast was indeed clear, Mike stood, stretching stiff joints. He dusted his pants off and then offered his hand to Harvey.

"Thanks for sticking up for me," he smiled.

Harvey looked from Mike's hand to his face and then gripped his hand tightly in a firm shake. "Anything for someone willing to stick their neck out for me, and mean it."

Mike returned the shake and released Harvey's hand. He retrieved his briefcase and went to the door.

"And for the record," Harvey added. Mike looked back to see Harvey glancing away with slight chagrin at what he wanted to say. Mike understood.

"I know," Mike said, gaining Harvey's attention. "It's not a one-way street."


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