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It was the general morning in the Okazaki household. Nagisa cooked, Tomoya and Ushio performed their daily routine for getting ready, and the three ate as a family. Yes, it was the typical morning, except for the fact that the daughter of the house was starting high school. Yes, little Okazaki Ushio was going to attend the very same school where her parents met and fell in love. Hikarizaka Private High School.

Nagisa was overjoyed, and even a little nervous for her daughter; tears of joy claiming her eyes as she saw her in her school uniform, which surprisingly hadn't changed since Nagisa's time there. Tomoya, on the other hand, though elated that his daughter was growing and following their footsteps, so to speak, he was a tad uneasy. Ushio had matured the past year or so…physically. Her face had thinned a bit with the loss of the baby fat, her hair growing out and draping her shoulders, and her subtle breasts…slowly becoming less subtle. He remembered his times of youth and the thought of all those young males around her…he had to hold it in as Nagisa held his hand in comfort.

The two waved as Ushio scurried off, her insisting that she would be fine for she was rather adventurous, leaving them with their quick-beating hearts and worry in the pits of their stomachs. "She'll be fine," Nagisa spoke quietly, hand tightening in her husband's grip.

He glanced down at her, pulling his hand away from hers and instead wrapping his arm about her shoulders, holding her close and resting his head atop hers, "She'll be fine."

Ushio ran, a smile bright and wide on her face as she did. She wasn't late or any of the sort but she wanted to get there early, wanted to finally become a high school student, wanting to finally see what her parents saw so many years ago; the magic of young romance. She giggled with a blush on her cheeks. Could such a thing happen to me as well? she thought, anxiety and excitement filling her entire being to the brim.

She saw the gates, saw the students walking in or hanging about with smiles and cheers of the reunions of old friends. She sped, even more excited. Though, this only caused her to fall and plummet to the ground face-first as one of her feet didn't land on the ground properly. She was a bit of a klutz. She could hear giggles around her trying to be muffled, causing her cheeks to gain a slight pink of embarrassment as well.

Then, there was a laugh above her, "You okay there, slick?"

Her hazel-golden eyes peered up as she straightened herself on her knees, sitting back to get a decent look at the voice that teased her. It was a young man, a tall young man almost six feet tall, with short violet-red hair and yellow green eyes that glistened with his smile, not at all clashing with his tan uniform. "U-Um…" Ushio was a bit off-guard to say the least.

He gave another laugh as he held out a hand, "Need some help?"

Mouth slightly open, Ushio nodded slowly, dumbly, and hesitantly took the teen's hand, giving out a yelp of surprise at the sudden pull to her feet, making him chuckle again.

"Light on your feet I see," he winked, just before his eyes caught something that, to her, appeared to be on the ground. "You're bleeding," he stated, forcing the honey eyes to blink in slight confusion before glancing down and seeing her knees scraped up and bleeding from the asphalt.

"E-Eh?" Ushio gaped, as if it were a mystery as to how her knees became injured in the first place.

The young man sighed with a crooked smile, a hand on his hip as he tugged her towards him, "I'll take you to the nurse's office."

"H-Huh?" the girl's confusion would not die as she was suddenly dragged towards one of the school buildings. She became flustered and tried to pull back her hand, "I-It's okay! They're just scratches so…and I need to be there for the opening ceremony and-!"

"Don't worry, don't worry," he hummed, not seeming fazed in the least as he continued on his journey. "There's plenty of time. Sure, you may look a little funny with bandages on your knees poking out of your skirt, not the best accessory, but I think you'd be even funnier to look at with patches of blood dripping down them. Then again that's just my hunch~"

"U-Um…" Ushio flushed, chewing her bottom lip. "Thank you…" she murmured. "Sorry to be a bother."

"No bother, no bother~!" he laughed heartily. "Everything's fine~! Don't push yourself!"

Shining eyes glanced up at the back the violet-red hair, kept short and clean and seeming to tease the tops of his ears that seemed a bit red. "You're...a rather nice person…"

The young man stopped mid-step, looking over his shoulder with a raised brow, "Hm?"

"Hm?" Ushio blinked several times, matching the same expression as he did, until he turned around completely to face her, smile gentle and him not releasing her hand one bit.

"What's your name?" he asked, voice calm and warm, happy.

"Ah!" Ushio bowed, the best she could with her hand trapped in his in front of her. "My name is Okazaki Ushio! I'm a freshman! Please take care of me!"

The smile grew, "Freshman, huh? Ushio?" A hand went up to stroke his chin as if he were in thought. "Ushio. It's got a ring to it. Could be a stage name."

The brunette slowly, hesitantly, straightened herself, "S-Stage name?"

"Mhmm!" came the nod before the young man himself released her hand in order to swing one arm back and the other across his torso as he performed a deep and low bow. "The name is Kobayashi Fukiko. I am the president of the Drama Club. It is a pleasure to meet you, Ushio."

"U-Ushi-?" she waved her hands in front of her, in a disarray as she shook her head. "No-No! It's fine to just call me Okazaki-san!"

"Oh?" he lifted his head with a smirk. "Where would the fun be in that?" Fukiko snapped up straight as he crossed his arms in front of his chest. "It's not so bad to start off with first names, you know? Screw the Japanese polite society! If we don't start with first names, how could we hope to be friends, ne?"

"R-Right!" Ushio nodded with a thumb's up. Yellow-green eyes looked at the girl curiously as her interesting pose of an extended hand and upright thumb, face serious as though she were just given a mission. He laughed. The brunette quickly snapped herself back reality, "U-Uh, I'm sorry. It's a habit from being around Akii!"

"'Akii'?" Fukiko echoed the name, stroking his chin once more. "Another stage name?"

"No! No! It's my nickname for my grandfather!"

"…Not a stage name?"


Everything fell silent in the hall that two found themselves in. Both pairs of eyes just gazing into one another, perhaps analyzing a strategy, or at least a way to continue on.

"Well then!" the red-haired young man grinned, grabbing Ushio's hand once more before continuing on to the nurse's station. "I'll drop you off then be on my way! I have many things to do today! I need to gather more members for the Drama Club!" He stopped once more, turning around with expectant eyes, "Say! Would you like to join?"

"Join? The Drama Club?" Ushio thought out loud. "I don't think it would be a bad thing."

"It wouldn't! It wouldn't! No way! No way!" He reached into his pocket, pulling out a card and placing it into the hand that he held. "Come here after school, all right? Don't miss my impressive speech!" He gave her a wink and Ushio found herself smiling with a nod. "Well, we're here," he sighed, looking up to see the sigh indicating that they were at the school clinic. Turning back to her, Fukiko bowed once more, raising the girl's hand towards him and he whispered, as he locked eyes with her, "I'll be looking forward to seeing you, Hime-sama." And, with that he placed a kiss on the back of Ushio's hand, stood tall, released it, and left.

A prince?

Classes had started with a bit of excitement, at least for Ushio. She loved hearing what people had to say about themselves as they were introduced. She loved sharing about herself as well, so cheerful as she stood before her peers, so full of pride. She wondered what her parents were like when they did the same. Her father probably didn't say all that much, lackadaisical as he always was when he was young. Her mother was probably nervous, quiet, scared.

And then she wondered how her parents were doing. What were they doing right at that moment? Maybe, since there was no work today, they were being all lovey-dovey since they had the chance to be alone? Ushio snorted to herself. They were always lovey-dovey, but she was getting older now. She knew what adults did. Her parents weren't that old. They were probably enjoying themselves to their full capacity and onwards. Her father was known to take things a little too far here and there, though her mother could be just as bad.

Then, her thoughts passed to her younger brother. She smiled. Mama and Papa looked so happy when they found out he was coming. Even she was happy to hear of a new sibling, even if it was a boy. There was a scare though, much like when Ushio was born. But, Mama was strong and pulled through. I never saw Papa so relieved. And in his arms was a small Aoi. Okazaki Aoi. Just as she was a spitting image of her mother, he was of their father. He was still sleeping when she left. He was going into kindergarten. He'll make a lot of friends, she thought, trying to hide her brightest smile with her hand as she feigned to listen to the teacher. That is, until the bell rang.

The first day.


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