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Each time her bare feet hit the cold, dew-coated grass Doremi suppressed a small whine as shivers ran down her back. The sharp contrast of her freezing feet to the humidity of the air around the rest of her body left her restless and uncomfortable.

The red-head's amethyst eyes never left the duel on the edge of the clearing. The golden knight's hand was now wrapped firmly around the hilt of the object at his side. Whether it was an actual sword, a plastic sword, or something else entirely was unknown; the partial amnesiac wasn't too keen on sticking around to find out.

Eight more feet…

What if he had a real sword? One that could cut? One that could kill? What could she do?


She was just a sick, amnesic teenager with some minor self-loathing issues, what could she do against some crazed lunatic in an impenetrable suit of armor armed with a huge, sharp blade?


Nothing. That's what.


Her only hope was to get everyone she cared about as far away as possible. That meant Kotake and Momoko… And Sasuke (Sasookay) too… Even that Dainashi Himeko. Doremi couldn't just abandon someone because they had a crush on the same person she did… Although, it might not be a crush on her side anymore…


This meant she had to get to Kotake first and wake him up, out of everyone he was the one person who couldn't run away so he was in the most danger. Not to mention it was her fault that he was incapacitated in the first place.


How she would wake him up, she didn't know. There was no water to splash on his face, yelling would just draw the strange armored figure's attention to her and the unconscious teen, and she wasn't really looking forward to hitting him more. She'd already done more than enough damage with that rock.


Five more feet…

After the blue-black head was awake she'd have to convince him to run away. Though he'd probably argue, the soccer player was injured and in pain, there would be little he could do to help. Once he was gone and safe she'd move on.


The person in the next most danger was Sasuke (Sasookay). He wasn't in the right state of mind and was actually attacking the armed stranger, but he had the ability to run away.


Which was why Doremi was going to Kotake first, not because he was Kotake and she lo-liked him, but because he couldn't run away and was therefore in the most danger. Yup, that's why. Definitely.


Sasuke (Sasookay) would be a little difficult to perturb, it wasn't like the redhead had any experience with those that are mentally unstable, she'd probably have to lie to convince him to run.


Three more feet…

Doremi didn't like lying.


But she had to.


Just two more feet…

Momoko and Himeko should be able to run away even before she got to Kotake; they probably already ran away, which meant that they were safe.


And once everyone was gone and safe, then it'd just be her and the golden knight.





He would cut her down.

And she would die.


But everyone else would be safe.


And that was all she asked for.

Dropping to her knees next to Kotake, the redhead softly cupped his cheeks and began to shake his face back and forth lightly. Whispering his name urgently, she tried pinching his cheeks instead. Nothing.

This wasn't good! The time was ticking and it was only a matter of time till the knight would draw his weapon, two raving lunatics could only have a dramatic stare down for so long!

"Hey," she whispered harshly in his ear, shaking him by his shoulders roughly, "Get up, you idiot!"

Suddenly the partial amnesiac heard the grass beside her crunching. Freezing in fear, Doremi slowly turned her head, coming face to forehead with the famous super idol, Dainashi Himeko, who seemed to be angry.

"He's not an idiot," she spat quietly with a fire engine red blush coating her face, quickly settling down next to the redhead as she joined in the pinching of the unconscious idiot.

"Yes, he is." Whispered another, the two girls looked up shocked to see Momoko sitting down carefully on the other side of Kotake. The blonde didn't hesitate to give a harsh punch to the teen's stomach, which resulted in much better results than anything the other two had done.

Wheezing, the blue-blackhead sat up and clutched his stomach as his face contorted in pain.

"Ow!" He said just a pinch too loudly turning to Momoko, "What the hell was that for?!"

"Long story short: the plans went South, we need to run." The blonde answered quickly grabbing his left arm and beginning to drag him to a standing position.

"Now." The redhead added, grabbing the soccer player's right arm to aid Momoko.

"Who are we running from? Himeko or Sasuke (Sasookay)?" He asked tugging his arm in an attempt to get Momoko to let go as he finally stood again. Kotake made no motion to get out of Doremi's grasp.

"Eh-hem." Finally noticing the short blackette, also to his right, he shrugged in apology. "Neither."

"Then w-" the blue-blackhead was cut off by the scraping of metal on metal, a slow and deliberate sound that struck fear into each of their hearts.

Turning around, the soccer player saw Sasuke (Sasookay) confronting a man decked out in shining golden armor that seemed to reflect light in a way that created a halo around the stranger's body; he brandished a sword with a golden hilt and steel blade. Its sharp edge glittered against the background of the forest as the shining steel seemed to hum with a magical power.


And for once Doremi was too filled with fear to correct him.

A moment passed in silence as an unseasonal cold breeze blew softly through the clearing.

"We have to save Sasuke (Sasookay)," the redhead said quickly, getting over her fear and preparing for the worst as a nervous sweat rolled down her forehead.

Nodding silently, Kotake spared a glance at the girl.

She was truly an angel, willing to risk her life for someone who had become a nuisance to her. But Doremi was sick, he couldn't forget that, a stressful environment was like poison to her health. Was there anything more stressful than being held at sword-point by a psychopath in armor?

The blue-black head couldn't think of anything.

He needed to get the partial amnesiac out of there now, or she'd be in danger even if she somehow survived the knight's attack.

"Stay." The soccer player ordered quietly, stepping forward with caution. Doremi took a step forward, trying to stop him. She knew, she was probably going to die soon anyways! Better her than him!

"Ko-" the partial amnesiac tried, but a strong hand caught her arm and pulled her back. Glancing up at her American friend in confusion, the redhead felt her heart crumple at the sadness in the emerald eyes.

Momoko's message was clear.

No. Not you.

Doremi bit her lip in frustration before resigning herself to the sideline, watching anxiously as Kotake slowly came to stand beside Sasuke (Sasookay).

Growling, Himeko shot after her love. He wasn't going to risk his life for this insane guy! What about their future?! No! She would forcibly drag him away from this fight if needed!

Placing a hesitant hand on his delusional teammate's shoulder, the blue-black head watched as the confused and frustrated brown eyes flickered briefly towards him before returning to the golden stranger. No words were said. His message was clear.

I'm here to help.

The super idol suddenly latched herself onto the soccer star's other arm and let out a small shriek of frustration. Apparently their size difference was making her plans of dragging him away a little too difficult.

Something about the shriek must of off-set the golden knight; He had jumped back in fright and swung his sword by accident.

The blade sliced through nothing but air leaving a strange and mystical trail of golden light in its path, like a comet streaking through the night sky. A sudden blast of golden and white light filled the clearing before slowly dissipating to nothing but a slight shower of sparkles.

The golden knight stood alone in the field.

As one hand slid the sword back into its sheath, the other reached up to open the face plate.

Honey-dew brown eyes stared through the hole at the two columns of light in random places on the island. A soft voice broke the silence.


How's that?

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