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Ichigo stared in confusion at the boy in front of her before piping up, "Do re mi as in, Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do?" when the teen in front of her didn't respond, she attempted to continue, " Well, I'm no good at music, but hey, if singing will cheer you up, let's do it!" flinging her arms into the air, the red-head put on a grin and mused over song selections. "Which ta sing... What should we sing..." she mumbled, rubbing her chin, "Ahaa!" slamming her fist into her open palm, Ichigo turned back to the confused soccer player. "Do you know 'Nom Nom Nom'?"

"Uhh... yes," the blue-haired boy said slowly, well aware of the amazing internet sensation that is Parry Gripp (who I also don't own). The red-head's grin grew wider.

"Perfect! I'll start us off!" she cleared her throat loudly before letting out a hum. "Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom (this makes a lot more sense if you look it up, trust me.) Nom Nom-"

"Uhmm..." the bewildered teen interjected, "Can I help you or... something?" Ichigo gave him a blank stare for an awkwardly long moment before realizing what he was asking.

"Oh! No, I'm fine. The question is 'are you'?" She asked seriously, " that's the whole reason I'm here, ya know, to ask if you are okay cuz that coach looked kinda mean and he was all like 'BLAH BLAH BLAH LOOK AT ME I'M SO MEAN GRRRRGRRR DO WHAT I SAY BLAH BLAH TRY HARDER BLAH RUN FASTER BLAH DO THIS DO THAT DO A KABAZILLION PUSHUPS ON ONE KNEE!'" Ichigo's "amazing" impression of his coach along with many exaggerated facial expressions and arm gestures helped a low chuckle slip from his lips, something that rarely happened now days.

"Thanks... I'm good, now anyways. I've just got one question, Did you seriously come over here just to ask me, a total stranger, if I was okay?"

"Yep," The red-head said happily.

"What would you have done if I wasn't okay?"

"Cheer you up!"


"Jokes, Uhh... Dan...cing? and uhhh... errrr... hmmm..." Ichigo stopped all excess movement as she hunched over and furrowed her brow in thought, "I'd uhhh... convince you to be happy ... and... give you a pony?" The other teen bursts out laughing.

"A po- HA HA! A pony? Fwahahahaha!" He clutched his stomach, more laughter falling from his mouth in this minute than it had in the past year. The pony-giving-girl frowned, puffing her cheeks out.

"It's not that stupid."

"Y- Ha Ha- y-yes, it is. Ha Ha!"

"Hmph! Puu Puurun Puu!" the red-head's signature pout surfaced and the laughter stopped. Freezing, the Blue-black-head stared at the pouting girl in shock and disbelief.

"TETSUYA! I'M TAKING YOU OUT FOR THE FIRST HALF!" Called the coach's loud voice from down the hall to the field, " CALM YOUR NERVES AND GET READY FOR YOUR TURN IN THE SECOND HALF!"

"Anyways," Tetsuya began, recovering slightly from his earlier state, " As the coach said, I'm Tetsuya, Tetsuya Kotake." Now it was Ichigo's turn to stare on in shock.

"Blue-ish hair... Soccer Player... Kotake..." she mmumbled before she burst out laughing.


"I- Ha- It's n-no-nothing ju- Ha ha- just an ex- ha ha ha extremely ha funny co- ha ha coincidence fwa ha ha," she sputtered, reeling from her laughter. (If you don't get this re-read the last chapter) "Anyways, since you still seem to be a little down, wanna hang out with me until it's time for the second half? It'd definately be a good way to *ahem* CALM YOUR NERVES, as your coach said." After a brief moment of silence, Kotake answered.

"Sure, why not?"

"Great!" The red-head grinned widely, " By the way, I'm Ichigo. First, I need you to help me with something..."

"So... this guy is Kotake?" Kiba asked, raising an eyebrow in suspicion. His eyes flickered over the blue-black-head for a moment before returning to Ichigo.

"Yup, I honestly didn't know his school was competing here too!" The red-head replied with a laugh and a huge smile. " Pretty funny coincedence, huh?"

"Yeah... really funny..." The black haired teen mumbled, crossing his arms over his chest and squinting at the stranger in front of him. "Listen, If you actually want me to believe you are Ichigo's childhood friend, you'll have to tell me something about her very few people know." Kotake began to panic, what do I know about her... uhhhh... uhhhh... Ahaaa!

" I know she makes a habit out of doing 'Puu, Puruun, Puuu!' when upset or embaressed," He said quickly, imitating the girl's signature move. Kiba's glare faded away and a large asmile grew on his face.

" Yup, you're legit alright. Only people who've known her for at least a year, like me, can imitate her 'Puu, Puruun, Puuu!' so well! Most people just go 'puu, puu, puu', not 'Puu, Puruun, Puuu!'. NIce to meet you, Kotake, I'm Kiba." Spouted the older teen, bowing slightly.

"Nice to meet you too," Kotake replied with a smile, also bowing before starting up a conversation about soccer. Ichigo, however, remained outside of the conversation, confused by Kotake's perfect performance.

'Kiba's right... Most people who've only seen my pout once think it's just 'puu' repeated three times... so how'd Kotake get it perfect so quickly?' The redhead pondered as she stared blankly at her new friend, 'huh... I guess he's just really observant, or something...' she finally decided, brushing the whole mystery off.

"So, Kotake, you don't mind if I just call you Kotake, right?" Kiba asked, "Cuz' honestly, I'm not really good with the whole honorific-thing, One of my parents is Irish, that's why my eyes are green," The teen leaned in using his fingers to pull the eyelids of his right eye back, giving both middle schoolers a lovely view of his eyeball, " My parents met in Ireland and lived there for awhile, but once they graduated from college, which is why they were there in the first place, They both moved here. Thing is my dad, he's the Irish one, did drop his accent, but he didn't like using honorifics, so they were ignored in my household. Earning me my fair share of trouble in school and other places, like this one time, haha, well what happened was I..." The half-Irish boy's story continued as Kotake and Ichigo shared a glance. Nodding, the two began to back away slowly, watching the ranting hotdog vendor carefully.

"We're a good five feet away now," the red-head whispered, "on three, run. One..." muscles in their legs tensed, "two..." the teens spared one last glance at their blabbering friend before nodding, knowing there was no way they could turn back, "three. GO!"

Sprinting, the duo escaped the clutches of the boring nonsense the black-haired guy had been babbling and ducked into the junction leading to the bathrooms, hidden from view.

"GEEEEEEEEHHHH," Ichigo let out a long pant, clutching her knees as she doubled over, gulping down air in as her lungs and legs cried out in pain. The girl shot a quick look at the completely fine, nowhere near exhausted Kotake. "..." she let out a long sigh, plopping onto the concrete as she glared at her physically-fit friend, "stupid athlete..." she mumbled, leaning against the solid gray wall behind her. Another laugh wriggled it's way out of Kotake's lips, a fuzzy warmth growing deep inside his heart.

" So, what should we do now?" the soccer player asked, raising an eyebrow at the still out-of-breath girl. She paused, small pants still escaping her lips.

"How about..." a large devilish grin snuck onto her face, " I know~, it's perfect!" She got up quickly, suddenly bursting with newfound energy. "Follow me!" she shouted, speeding off even faster than before.

"Hey! W-Wait!" the blue-black-haired boy struggled to follow the excited redhead.

"What are we doing?" Kotake whispered as he followed Ichigo quietly down a deserted concrete hall.

" Exploring~!" she replied back, not quite as quiet as she intended to be. Clamping her hand over her own mouth, Her bright pink eyes darted suspiciously up and down the hall, before she let out a sigh of relief. "We're exploring," she whispered seriously.

"Exactly what are we exploring?" the soccer player asked. The devilish grin returned to his friend's face and his heart dropped, " Seriously, what are we doing he-?"

"Shh! We're here!" whispered the redhead, clamping her hand over his mouth. She pressed her back against the wall, pulling her now silent companion with her. Peeking around the corner, she spied a slighty ajar plain door.
" bingo~"

Galloping down the empty corridor, dragging Kotake along behind, Ichigo flung open the door, scanning the interior. Noting the absence of people, she shoved the confused soccer player into the room before closing the door, and locking it behind her.

It was then the Blue-black head actually took in his surroundings. The room was rather plain: blank white walls and floor, a small table with two microphones sitting on it, and two cheap plastic chairs, each set infront of a microphone.

The redhead walked straight up to the microphone, sat down in the uncomfortable faded blue seat, and cleared her throat, as if to say, ' what are you waiting for?'

Scrambling to his feet, Kotake plopped right into his chair and felt a grin sneak onto his face. It'd been quite a while since the last time he pulled a good prank, not since... then. Smirking, his gaze flickered to Ichigo, a small smile gracing her face in excitement, before he pushed the red button at the base of the microphone.

" Agh-hem, Hello Everyone, welcome to the next match, Kaito Krusaders against the Tokyo Titans (I know those probably aren't soccer team names, but it's more fun this way)!"

"Say Bill," the redhead said into her microphone, disguising her voice, " Which team will dominate this match? I've heard Kaito's got great defense, but Tokyo's offense is devastating,"

" Well, Yuki, I believe though Tokyo may have strong offense, Kaito's got much more determination and morale. Kaito works long and hard everyday, improving their skills to reach the top."

" I wouldn't sell Tokyo short, though, Bill, If I remember correctly they won last year, didn't they?" Ichigo pointed out defensively.

" Ha! Yuki, Yuki, Yuki," responded the blue-black head condescendingly, " Tokyo will fall face flat this year, they only won last year due to sheer luck!" (his words are supposed to be underlined, but no matter what I tried, it wouldn't save the underlining so I'm just doing this)

"Pffft! Someone's getting a little defensive, are you worried Kaito's gonna get creamed?" The amnesiac replied sarcastically. (Her line is also supposed to be underlined)

" As if! Tokyo's gonna get totalled! They barely know how to score a goal!"

"Atleast Tokyo CAN scrore a goal! I swear I've only seen Kaito score five goals the entire season! How'd they even get this far?"

" Due to excellent STRATEGY and TACTICS, Kaito has proved to be one of the very BEST, much better than the Tokyo Titans"

" Well at least Tokyo Titans makes sense! Kaito Krusaders? REALLY? What idiot came up with that one? First off, Krusaders is spelt Crusaders, there is no such thing as a Krusader. Secondly, The Crusades took place in EUROPE, We're in JAPAN you wackos! We had no innvolvement in the Crusades, WHATSOEVER!"(this paragraph is supposed to be underlined)

"No one cares about the names! Names are only used so that propaganda can be more enticing and overall intresting! Hell, I bet more people on this field like Kaito than Tokyo!"

"You Wanna Bet? YOU'RE ON! If You love Tokyo lemme hear you yell!" A chorus of noise surrounded the field.

"Oi! If You think Kaito kicks ass, give a shout!" the cacophony doubled in size as most of the stadium had raised their voice.

" Hey! No cussing little kids are listening!" Ichigo accidentally pointed out, her normal voice echoing through the packed stadium.

" Doesn't matter," Kotake replied, releasing the red button, " Kaito kicks ass, specifically Tokyo's."

Growling the red head tackled her opposition to the ground, " No way! Tokyo rocks!" Struggling, the two wrestled till the soccer player managed to flip them over.

" Ha ha!" He laughed triumphantly, holding her down with his weight.

"Nrrrgggh!" grunted the amnesiac, kicking her feet angrily, "No fair! You weigh more than me!"

" Isn't that supposed to be a good thing?"

" Uhhh..." she paused, silent and thoughtful for a moment before pouting, puu purrun puu style of course.

" Hey! Who's in there?" came a burly sounding voice from behind the door, loud knocks pounded against and shook the fragile door frame.

" Sh-"

"it-zhu," Ichigo finished the cussing soccer player's statement, still disapproving of such language.

" The subject is not dogs, Ichigo," Kotake mumbled lowly, pulling her up from the ground. The two backed against the wall next to the hinges of the door, " listen, when I say go, run." He whispered, pulling her against his chest to help conceal her.

Ichigo didn't quite understand it. The feeling coursing through her veins, not the adrenaline, not the hormones, buy something else, something surprisingly stronger. Maybe it was love considering her heart was fluttering and her cheeks were in full bloom, but maybe it wasn't, because flowers, sparkles, and hearts did not float around him with each secretive glance she took. She knew for a fact that the tingly sensation she had experienced before had been caused by him, in fact she could still feel the nostalgic warmth mixed in with this other sensation, but what was it?

She seemed to be overwhelmed by this feeling, by him. Whenever she was with him, whether they be laughing or arguing, she felt like she was revisiting some past chapter of her life, as if he really was a childhood friend, and they were merely having another fun-filled day. But she knew that wasn't the truth.

She was alone, she can't remember anything before the past year, and constantly has a tremendous weight tugging her shoulders down. Often she wouldn't be able to sleep at night, wondering who she was, where she came from, who her real family was, what kind of person she used to be, etc. It was a never-ending jigsaw puzzle with invisible pieces and no reference picture. Not to mention the lingering brain tumor. If she puts her mind under too much stress, trying to dig into her past, the brain tumor could reactivate, even possibly become malignant (deadly). She was trapped in a cage created by her own mind, and no matter how she may try to find a way out, if she struggles too hard she'll lose it all, including her life.

Most would crack from the unbearable pressure, being trapped in the cage, a knife constantly held to your neck. But Ichigo is terrifyingly optimistic, not to mention stubborn as a mule. Lately, she'd been losing the fight against oncoming depression. Her reasons to persevere were few and her morale had been dwindling, she'd only been fighting so as not to worry those closest to her. But recently she had realized the number of people wasn't even ten. She had felt so alone.

But this boy, this lone soccer playing boy, had changed her mind in an instant. I can't give up, I must keep fighting rang through her mind for no reason at all.

Meanwhile, Kotake's hand had been inching slowly towards the door knob. His fingers slipped around the lock's lever. Undoing the lock, he swung the door open quickly, the beefy guard who''d been pounding on it falling down into the doorway.

"go" whispered the blue-black head, dragging the zoned out girl along as he dashed out the door.

Stumbling along behind him, Ichigo regained her senses and pulled herself upright, focusing on the warmth of his hand, clasped around hers.

They had no clue how they did it, escaping in such a doomed situation, but they did.

They were occupying random seats in field C now, just trying to lay low, stay hidden. It only took a few brief moments of silence between the two for them to both burst out laughing.

It was during their fit of laughter, that Kotake's eyes briefly opened and scanned the girl.

The shining slightly curly ruby red hair, the glittering fluorescent amethyst eyes, She looked just like her. Even acted a lot like her too, except maybe more mischievous. Ichigo was the spitting image of Doremi; Kotake had once heard that there are three people in the world who look exactly like you, but he didn't realize they acted like you too.

After spending all this time with her, he could feel this fuzzy feeling, deep down in himself, positioned just a little higher than the fluttering butterflies in his stomach. This girl had an effect on him only one other ever has, and it was a joyous occasion. The hole in his heart was filling, not that Ichigo could replace his first love, who disappeared all that time ago, but she was another, who he may feel just as strongly for.

" Uhhh... Kotake?" The red head asked, snapping the soccer player out of his daze.

" What?"

"The second half is about to start!" She shouted, pointing to the large clock.


The two ran back to field B, the adrenaline pushing their muscles on.

Swerving right into the player's entrance, the blue-black head shot one last look at the girl behind him.

" Good Luck!" she shouted, stopping before the entrance, watching as he shot down the concrete passage, " I'll be cheering for you!"

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