Nap Time

A small, one shot drabble of possibly the cutest couple of all time... oh and Stu. Hopefully I'll upload more one shots soon.

CA is not mine, I just like to pretend.

Annie yawned, flexed her aching shoulders and rubbed the crick out of her neck. The Washington clock glowed 5:27 am, was that really the time?

She turned to check and saw that the darkness outside Langley's windows was already starting to lighten into a predawn gloom. In the perfect quiet of the empty DPD she could even hear birds beginning to make their morning calls for territory and mates.

She groaned and rubbed at tired eyes, another all-nighter translating the Romanov Manifesto. Six hundred pages sat stacked in her out box, tied up with string because they didn't fit any CIA standard folders. When she thought about the other five same size bundles still waiting to be processed in the DPD filing room her head ached.

It wasn't the translation that was time consuming; it was deciphering Romanov's barely legible chicken scratch that was difficult. Who knew Cyrillic characters could look so much like meaningless squiggles at three in the morning or that vitriolic diatribe and spewed forth anti-western sentiment could turn into blah blah blah blah blah in her usually on-the-ball mind. She kind of wished the underground propagandist had spent less time emulating Tolstoy and more time working on his handwriting.

And now she had reached the time of night/morning when going home would be effectively pointless; Joan would just need her to come straight back and the half an hour drive either way seemed like an impossible burden on an already sleep deprived brain. She thought longingly of a real bed and a few hours of shut-eye, every time she fell asleep in her desk chair she woke up with the most painful neck spasm.

She eyed the door to the tech office. Auggie had a couch tucked away in a corner in there. He probably wouldn't mind if she just tested it for comfortableness… She was a great couch tester.

She yawned again, feeling her eyelids droop and a wave of tiredness envelope her. If she didn't stagger to his office now she was going to fall asleep in the stupid rolly chair and end up having to fork out for a chiropractor.

Annie kicked off the rocking but not very comfy heels she had on and padded bare foot into the domain of the favorite nerd in her life. It was dark in there without the light from the main office but she'd seen her blind co-worker navigate the room a million times without vision. It couldn't be that hard to walk a dozen steps in the dark.

She judged where she thought the desk position began and reached out her hand. Her fingers met cool smooth glass. A little tingle of pride ran through her as she found the curved edge of Auggie's workstation and followed it around. Unfortunately the wall behind his desk and then Stu's computer where a little harder to navigate around and she found herself stumbling over unidentified objects and cursing occasionally under her breath. Finally she made it to the couch, too tired to remain standing any longer and collapsed onto it.

Her sleep befuddled brain didn't register that the couch was lumpier than it should be, or that the warmth she buried her back into technically shouldn't be there. The only movement she made when the strong familiar arm wrapped around her torso was to sigh contently and let sleep drag her under.

Stu slid open the door to the Tech Department and stopped dead for a moment.

August Anderson's desk was empty.

He knew 7:45am was early, but he was never here ahead of Auggie. It was like his boss had some preternatural ability to divine the exact time Stu would get to work and magically turn up five minutes earlier. Most days started with Aug breezing past him, coffee cup in hand saying something along the lines of "You have much to learn, Grasshopper."

Maybe Auggie was sick, or in trouble... Or hiding around a corner waiting to pop out and say "haha, I fooled you again young Padawan." Then again the guy had stayed back late last night working on that cipher they had picked up on an itp address in Ecuador. Maybe the head of DPD tech was human after all and was just sleeping in for once.

Stu grinned, closing the door behind him and walked cheerfully to his workstation. He was so going to give Auggie crap about this when he showed up.

He rounded the corner and stopped dead for a second time. He blinked once, then again, his brain trying to compute what his eyes saw. Curled up together on the office couch was his boss and Annie Walker lying intertwined, breathing softly and sound asleep. Dark chocolate hair co-mingled with flaxen blonde strands and Auggie's arms curled protectively around Annie's smaller frame, her own small hand placed on top of his.

Once he'd gotten over the shock he had to suppress a chortle. Guess the pool on when Annie and Auggie where going to "sleep together" would end today, although if he kept his mouth shut he could probably spin it out a bit longer and put some money down himself.

Quietly, Stu pulled out the CIA encrypted cell phone he kept in his desk, took a shot of the sleeping couple – for posterity or blackmail he wasn't sure yet- and tiptoed back out again.


Accidental Auggie snuggles for the win! I know it's tiny! And there is no dialogue. It's just been so long since I've written anything and I just need to start completing and posting then moving on to the next story.

I love the idea that Auggie quotes Kung Fu to Stu(for those not in the know I am relating Auggie to Master Poe the blind monk). It's cheezy but cool.

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