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Evasion Tactics

She only managed to elude him for half the day.

All in all that was quite an accomplishment, considering his freakishly good instinct for guessing where she was at any given point in time, and the fact he had access to the entire resources of the tech department to track her down with.

Really though, bearing in mind her only method for evading him was to see him first and walk the other way, it wasn't surprising that her luck eventually ran out.

"Annie." Auggie drawled as he halted at her desk. Crap, she had thought he would still be in the Ecuador briefing for at least another ten minutes and had only ducked to her computer to quickly check her emails and today's department memos. Needless to say, sometimes she hated it when he used his ninja skills against her.

She looked up at him for a moment, not quite able to meet his eyes then back down at the pages of memorandums she was nervously shuffling in her hand. "What's up Aug? I'm kinda busy."

Auggie folded his arms across his chest though his voice stayed jovial. "I won't bother you long; just a quick question, are you avoiding me?"

"No." She sort of squeaked, which of course didn't help with the believability of her statement.

Auggie arched an eyebrow at the obvious lie. "Good, because I think we should have a little chat about this morning."

Annie bit her lip and stared without seeing at the missive in her hand. Maybe if she willed herself to disappear hard enough some latent telekinesis would kick in and zap her away. No? Well failing to dematerialize in a puff of smoke she fell back on the old CIA standby: deny everything. "I don't think I know what you're talking about Auggie." Yeah, that didn't sound like total BS, not at all…

"Now that I find really hard to believe," Auggie replied softly. There was something in his voice, something that might have been a threat or a warning or something else just a little dangerous. Something that against Annie's will made heat coil low in her stomach. Auggie leaned in closer to her, placing his hands on her desk; invading her space, demanding her attention. "Let me refresh your memory," he murmured, tone low and intimate "You slept with me last night and then snuck out this morning without saying a word."

Someone nearby - an eavesdropper - started choking on their coffee. They both whirled as Jai thumped a fist against his lungs, expelling hot liquid from blocked airways. "Excuse me." He croaked out, eyes watering as he spluttered and backed away hastily.

Annie turned back to her best friend, guilt replaced with more than a little annoyance. "Great." She sniped. "Thanks for that."

Auggie rocked back on his heels, straightening as Jai retreated. He grinned, wide and Cheshire-like, his former intensity gone. "You're welcome." Guess he had no problems with Jai getting the wrong end of that particular stick. Men and their rivalries.

Annie sighed, the cat was well and truly out of the bag now, there was really no point in denying it any longer. "In my defense, I didn't even realize you were there till I woke up." And when she had dear god, had that been the shock of the century.

She'd been half conscious, in a haze of sleepy contentment when she became aware of the most delicious warmth behind her; warmth she had tried to burrow back into only to find that she wasn't lying against vinyl and upholstery but a firm, sculpted torso, that the comfortable weight across her own body wasn't her duvet but a masculine arm, corded with muscle.

Her eyes had popped open comically and she had had to restrain herself from bolting upright in alarm.

Slowly she had extricated herself, holding her breath as she lifted his arm and gently slid out from under it. She'd stopped then, heart in throat, checking to make sure she hadn't roused him. When his breathing stayed slow and even she had found herself just staring at him, taking in the twin crescent fans of his inky lashes, the cupid's bow of his sleep softened mouth. Her hand had seemed to move of its own volition as she brushed back the dark, sleep tousled hair at his crown.

Then of course what she had just done hit her like a ton of bricks and she booked it for the door.

"Really, you didn't notice you where snuggle raping your best friend on his couch?" Auggie asked, teasing voice breaking into her reverie.

Annie opened her mouth but no words came out. When he put it like that…

"Hang on a second, snuggle raping? Don't you think you're over reacting a little here?" She said defensively.

Auggie snorted derisively, "Hey, you were the one avoiding me… which, by the way, is an admission of guilt if I ever saw one."

He had a point.

"I'm sorry." Annie pleaded contritely.

Auggie's sightless warm brown eyes rested on her, crinkling with something a lot like tenderness, "You're forgiven."

Annie breathed out a sigh of relief; accidental weirdness with her best friend resolved. The relief disappeared as a horrifying thought struck her. "Wait, how did you even find out? Where you awake the whole time?"

Auggie smirked mischievously at the alarm in her voice. "Relax, I'd taken two Tylenol for a migraine and was out like a log all night." he explained, "Stu gave it away; he was acting weird all morning. Wouldn't fess up about it either till I threatened to hack his record and treble his college debt."

Annie couldn't resist a smile at Auggie's handling of the situation. "You know blackmailing your co-workers is against CIA policy."

"Eh," he shrugged. "Joan would have backed my play." He produced a piece of copy paper and dropped it into her lap

"Besides, considering this memento I confiscated from Stu I think he may have thought of blackmail first." Annie turned the page over and felt her heart rate increase rapidly at the damming quality of the photo on the other side. It looked very… intimate.

"I promise it won't happen again, Auggie." She told him emphatically.

He laughed, making a noise of disbelief. "A woman promising not to sleep with me, now that is a new one." He was shaking his head with amusement as he turned back toward the tech department.

"So we're good?" She called out a little uncertainly.

"We're good." He threw back happily over his shoulder.

Annie gave a relieved sigh as the door of Auggie's office closed behind him. Crisis averted. Auggie was still her best friend, nothing had changed.

She looked down at the photo in her hands and felt her heart give a funny little miss-thump. Nope, nothing had changed at all…


Auggie whistled as he walked to his work desk, Stu was studiously typing away in his corner, probably more than a little scared of him right now. He did feel a tad guilty about that, and that he'd lied to Annie.

Generally telling any falsehood to her went totally against his policy but he didn't think she'd really appreciate the truth in this case. So he had lied, hadn't told her that actually, he had woken up at the sound of Stu's camera phone clicking, or that from that moment to the moment she'd left the circle of his arms he had lain awake, memorizing the sound of her steady breathing, the scent of her shampoo, the light pressure of her hand on top of his.

He also didn't tell her that when she'd finally risen the separation from her had felt physically painful to him or that when he'd felt the brush of her hand on his forehead it had taken every ounce of self-control not to reach up, take that hand and draw her back down to him.

He leaned back in his chair propping his hands behind his head.

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