Samantha and Alex looked at each other. The sky was beautiful and the stars shown bright and the Homecoming dance was in full swing.

"It's beautiful tonight isn't it?" Sam said her fingers playing with the purple hairs that rested at the base of Alex's neck. Alex grinned down at her.

"Sure is." he replied. The night was completely amazing there were no Vampires or shape shifters about, no nosey friends that would ask them tons of questions, it was just the two of them as it should rightly be.

Alex brought his mouth to Sam's ear.

"Sam, I love you."

Samantha smiled so brightly and looked up into Alex's eyes.

"I love you too." then Sam got up on her tip toes and kissed Alex under the stars for the first time. It felt like magic, the pair wished the night would never end.

I tried to make this a 100 word drabble but it didn't work so here is what you get from me for now. I am still fairly new to writing fan fiction, however I love this book.